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Reuniting a Mother and Daughter An HTA Cast Member Does the Ultimate Random Act of Kindness

May 21, 2020

We speak often about “RAKs” at HTA. No doubt, our Cast takes this practice to heart. HTA employees in every city have been generous in ways that stretch beyond what anyone would have asked for in this time of crisis, from dropping meals at each other’s homes (and toilet paper), to volunteering at community non-profits, to simply checking in on each other on a regular basis to remind us all that we are not alone.

Occasionally, however, there is a RAK that goes even further and stretches even wider than anyone could have fathomed.

Here’s a story about one of our Cast Members (from San Diego), who did a RAK that should make us all proud. (The person wants to remain anonymous, so we’ll call her Georgina).

Reuniting a Mother and Daughter
An HTA Cast Member Does the Ultimate Random Act of Kindness

Georgina stopped into a local pharmacy to pick up a few things she needed with the hopes of getting out quickly. While in line to pay, a young woman came to the cashier and asked if she could direct her to a shelter. The cashier answered coarsely that she didn’t know of one.

Georgina watched this interaction and felt compelled to reach out to the woman. She asked her to step outside, hoping that she could give her directions to a shelter. The woman’s name was Naomi. Georgina asked if she could help her and if there was anyone she wanted to call. In fact, she was desperate to get in touch with her mother.

Georgina offered Naomi the use of her phone. She heard Naomi discussing a train ticket get home. When she hung up, they tried to call the bus and train station, but had no luck.

At that point, Georgina could have bid Naomi goodbye, and parted ways, but something made her take a step further to help. Georgina decided to help her get to the bus station. She knew that Naomi was thinking of going to a shelter, but Georgina was compelled to help her get home.

She drove her to the bus station, bought her a ticket, and got her on the bus. More importantly, as Naomi revealed her painful life story in the car ride to the bus station, and described the toll it had on her life, Georgina listened, encouraged her, and showed her compassion without judgement.

“Before she got on the bus, I told her that things will get better, that she just needs to take one day at a time.” The first step was getting her home to a safe place.

Georgina saw her off on the bus, and then called Naomi’s mother to ask that she contact her when her daughter arrived safely at home. At 9:30 p.m. Naomi’s mother called to thank her for getting her daughter safely back into her arms.

Georgina reminds us, “We can’t always do everything and help everybody. But we can do what is right in front of us. For just a few dollars and a few kind words,  I was at least able to reunite a mother and daughter. All I can do is hope Naomi can be one step closer to having the victorious life she was put her on Earth for.”

Thank you, Georgina, for reminding us all what power there is in compassion, and how much we can make a difference.

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