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Sails to Rails at Flagler Station

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Outdoor view of Sails to Rails Museum in Key West, FL

Flagler Station Railway Museum

Relive the time in America when railroads opened up the frontiers of an emerging nation. Railroads meant a connection to commerce, wealth, and politics in the young country. In a sense, the United States of America was built on the foundation of its railroads, and Florida was certainly no exception.

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Key West’s newest museum, takes visitors on a journey through the age of sail, a time when tail ships plied the treacherous waters of the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico from the 1500s to early 1900s and continue into the era of Henry Flagler’s Overseas Railway in the early part of the century. Located in the historic Key West Bight at 901 Caroline Street, this state-of-the-art museum features hands-on exhibits, raw footage, unique artifacts and the only scale model of Fort Jefferson in the Dry Tortugas.


Interior of Sails to Rails Museum in Key West, FL

Museum Highlights:

  • Discover the Age of Sail in the Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico and the Florida Keys.
  • View a diorama of Fort Jefferson National Park.
  • Lift a genuine silver bar, Barreton, from the Spanish Galleon Nuestra Senora de Atocha.
  • Enjoy video presentations on the Over Sea Railroad.
  • Step back in history 500 years Hands-on, immersive activities for children and adults.

Free Exhibit – Get Your Hands on History

Discover the Dry Tortugas National Park, Ft. Jefferson Diorama. In this marvelous display, you’ll be able to gain a unique perspective of this national park. Kids, especially, are drawn to this exhibit that shows views of the island from above. The exhibit also encourages youngsters to protect the sensitive ecosystem within our National Park Jr. Ranger Exhibit. The fun continues with a virtual ride on the Famous East Coast Railway. Utilizing go-pro cameras this miniature version of the railroad Henry Flagler built to connect Key West to mainland Florida comes to life through this highly engaging simulation. You’ll also get to see a scaled model of the 7-mile bridge, the longest bridge in the Florida Keys that provide motorists with unforgettable, awe-inspiring vistas as they make their way to the Southernmost City!

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