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Flagler Station Railway Museum

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Flagler Station Railway Museum

Come celebrate the triumph of Henry Flagler and his determination to connect Key West with the rest of the U.S. by train at the Flagler Station Over-Sea Railway Historeum. The Railroad was completed on January 22, 1912 after seven years of hard labor, torrential weather and mosquito infestations.

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When Flagler announced his intentions of building a railroad extension that would go 130 miles out to sea, most believed it was impossible. Yet thanks to his vision and steadfast determination, the railway station was constructed and today serves as an everlasting tribute to Henry Flagler and his crew who made it a reality.

The museum offers visitors a chance to walk through an actual railroad car, see artifacts, photographs and memorabilia and hear stories about the railroad from historytellers.

There’s also a moving film, The Day The Train Arrived, which showcases the tremendous celebrations that took place when Henry Flagler and his third wife arrived on the train from New York on that historic day.

The museum is an exciting place offering guests of every age a look back at local and National History and the legendary career of the man that made it all possible.


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