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14 Stop 14 open 9am - 5pm Daily
newseum in Washington DC

Have you heard the news? Now you can see, hear and report it at one of Washington DC’s most exciting new museums. The Newseum on Pennsylvania Avenue offers visitors a look at news like never before—significant, defining moments that span 5 centuries, through the past, present and up to the second. Throughout the 250,000 square foot, high-tech structure are seven different levels of galleries, demonstrations and interactive exhibits. Learn about the many different publications, people and technologies that bring the news to life in the News Corporation News History Gallery.

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See artifacts, historic newspapers and magazines, videos and more that demonstrate the timeline of news.

Find out what it takes to put a newscast together in the NBC Interactive Newsroom—then grab a microphone, sit in front of a camera and report it yourself, just like the pros do. See the Berlin Wall and the September 11 exhibits—and gain an understanding of the monumental task journalists faced when covering these events that changed our lives. At the Newseum, people of all ages are enlightened, entertained and educated.

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