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San Antonio’s Festivals Guide

Day of the Dead

Whether you’re an admirer of art, a food enthusiast, or a music lover, San Antonio’s festivals and fiestas cater to all tastes and interests, promising unforgettable experiences. This guide aims to shed light on these must-visit celebrations, helping visitors and locals alike plan their calendars to ensure they don’t miss out on the city’s most exciting events.

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San Antonio Spring Festivals

Fiesta San Antonio

Fiesta San Antonio plays a crucial role as a citywide celebration honoring the heroes of the Alamo and San Jacinto battles, a tradition that dates back to 1891. The festival has grown significantly over its 130-year history, with the Battle of Flowers Parade becoming the second largest in the U.S., making Fiesta San Antonio the city’s grandest festivity. Signature events of Fiesta San Antonio include the Battle of Flowers, Texas Cavaliers River Parade, Fiesta Flambeau, NIOSA (Night in Old San Antonio), Oyster Bake, and King William Fair.

Prominent Fiesta personalities include El Rey Feo, a figure dating back to 1947, often referred to as the “people’s king.” The title is earned by raising $250,000 in scholarship funds for local students. The royal court further comprises Miss Fiesta, King Antonio, and El Rey Fido, a title bestowed upon San Antonio’s top fundraising canine for the Humane Society. Fiesta medals, once exclusive to royalty, have evolved into a local industry due to Charles G. Orsinger’s innovation of punching holes in Fiesta coins during his reign as King Antonio in 1971.

The Fiesta is also a culinary extravaganza, serving up iconic dishes such as chicken on a stick, corn in a cup, beer and sausage, and gorditas, as well as unique oyster-based delicacies like oyster shots and crawfish.

San Antonio Book Festival

San Antonio Book FestivalHeld at the Central Library and Southwest School of Art, the festival underlines the profound connection between literary expression and artistic creativity. In line with the spirit of inclusivity, the festival is open to everyone free of charge, making literary events accessible to the public irrespective of their socioeconomic background.

Manifesting as a multidimensional experience, the festival presents a range of activities, from author presentations and panel discussions to cooking demonstrations and book signings, ensuring there’s something for everyone. The presence of food trucks adds a savory dimension to the festival, making it an irresistible blend of culinary and literary arts.

Interactive experiences for children of all ages are a crucial part of the festival, fostering a family-friendly atmosphere and instilling an early appreciation for literature in young minds. The Festival Marketplace provides a buzzing space for attendees to purchase books, arts and crafts, and literary merchandise, thereby supporting local artists and authors while promoting the city’s rich literary culture.

More than a celebration of books, the festival spotlights libraries, ideas, and the overall literary culture, serving as a tribute to the transformative power of literature. By challenging stereotypes associated with book lovers, the festival aims to break down barriers and promote a wider appreciation for literature. The ethos of the festival is encapsulated in the phrase “reading makes you a better human being,” implying the festival’s belief in the empowering potential of reading and the significant impact literature can have on individuals.

San Antonio Flower Show

The San Antonio Flower Show beautifully showcases the diverse array of flora indigenous to the area, serving as a vivid canvas of colors, textures, and fragrances. The show is much more than a feast for the senses; it is a platform for horticultural education, offering workshops and plant sales for attendees. These interactive sessions, led by local botany and gardening experts, enlighten visitors about native plant species, sustainable gardening practices, and innovative landscaping ideas. Whether you’re a novice gardener looking to cultivate a green thumb, or an experienced horticulturist seeking new inspiration, the San Antonio Flower Show provides unique learning opportunities.

Tejano Conjunto Festival

In addition to the vibrant pageantry, diverse cultural experiences, and culinary delights, Fiesta San Antonio also pays homage to the city’s rich Tejano music heritage. The Tejano Conjunto Festival is a major highlight of the Fiesta, featuring performances from top Conjunto musicians who masterfully blend various musical styles, including polka, country, and rock. These performances not only entertain the attendees but also educate them about the cultural significance and historical evolution of Tejano music. The energy and rhythm of the Conjunto music create a lively and engaging atmosphere, encouraging attendees to participate in impromptu dance sessions, thereby making them an intrinsic part of the musical experience. This celebration of Tejano music heritage serves as a testament to the city’s multicultural roots and its commitment to cherishing and showcasing all facets of its cultural legacy.

King William Fair

As dawn breaks, the historic King William District comes alive with the commencement of the annual fair, a long-standing tradition that has become a cornerstone of community engagement. The heart of this lively event, attracting over 35,000 fairgoers, is the “best little parade in Texas,” a charming and unique spectacle that marks the beginning of a day filled with tradition and festivity.

More than just a celebration, the fair transforms the district into a bustling hub of creativity, featuring around 200 art and craft vendors who present an impressive array of original handcrafted items. From stained glass and wind chimes to paintings, photography, ceramics, apparel, homemade foods, and home accessories, the fair offers a diverse range of products for attendees to admire and purchase. It serves as a vibrant platform for local artisans to showcase their talent and ingenuity.

For the younger attendees, the fair provides a dedicated area known as Kid’s Kingdom, where a mix of children’s activities awaits, including crafts, basketball games, rides, and a thrilling rock-wall climbing experience. All of this takes place within a serene tree-shaded park setting, ensuring an enjoyable and engaging experience for families.

Embedded in the fair’s mission is a commitment to supporting arts, education, and community improvements, all while delivering family-friendly entertainment. Recognized as an official Fiesta event, the fair seamlessly integrates into the larger Fiesta celebration in San Antonio, amplifying the festive spirit of the city. Not only does the King William Fair preserve the historical significance of the district, but it also revitalizes and enlivens San Antonio’s cultural heritage, solidifying its role as a vital hub of community engagement and celebration.

San Antonio Summer Festivals

San Antonio Summer Art & Jazz Festival

San Antonio Summer Art & Jazz FestivalThe annual jazz festival has evolved into a cherished tradition, consistently attracting diverse crowds with its unique theme each year. Beyond entertainment, the festival serves as a cultural cornerstone, showcasing a commitment to community outreach and social impact. Free jazz workshops invite enthusiasts to explore musical instruments and the jazz industry, while a dynamic lineup featuring acts like the United States Army Jazz Band Groove Therapy, and Guillermo Serpas from El Salvador adds a vibrant, diverse flair.

Embracing musical diversity and community engagement, the festival enriches San Antonio’s cultural landscape. With its sustained success, inclusive workshops, and a lineup that spans styles and artists, including California’s Dan Siegel, the festival firmly holds its place as a beloved fixture in the city’s cultural calendar, providing an annual celebration that captivates jazz lovers and art enthusiasts alike.

Texas Folklife Festival

As an annual event hosted by the esteemed Institute of Texan Cultures (ITC), the festival transcends the typical spectator experience. Instead of passively receiving information, festivalgoers are warmly encouraged to immerse themselves in the multitude of cultural experiences on offer. The festival’s ethos is rooted in active engagement and experiential learning, adding depth to each visitor’s understanding of Texan culture.

The ITC’s role as the host institution underscores its commitment to preserving and promoting the cultural fabric of Texas. The institute’s sprawling grounds come alive during the festival, echoing with the sounds of traditional music, the sights of vibrant folk dances, and the enticing aroma of regional cuisines.

From cowboy poetry recitations and Native American storytelling sessions to Czech polka dances and African drumming workshops, the festival offers a panoply of sensory experiences. The ITC, through the Texas Folklife Festival, encapsulates the diverse narratives and shared heritage of Texas, promoting cultural understanding and fostering community unity. This commitment to cultural preservation and celebration reaffirms the Texas Folklife Festival, and the ITC by extension, as a vital beacon of Texan identity.

San Antonio Film Festival

Originally starting as a modest video festival, SAFILM has since evolved into an annual, not-for-profit event that offers a platform for cinematic artists. Its mission centers around bringing the beauty and diversity of cinematic culture to a wide audience. The festival’s inaugural year showcased a dozen films, with the best picture winners receiving low-rider bikes, a nod to its unique grassroots origins.

SAFILM’s growth from an informal event into a significant cinematic event can be attributed to the vision of Adam Rocha, who was inspired to create the festival after his short film was screened at the San Diego Latino Film Festival. The influence and encouragement of Fredrick Weiss, the founder of the Texas Music Coalition, also played a crucial role in transforming SAFILM into the influential event it is today.

In 2016, the festival recognized Marcia Nasatir, a native of San Antonio and the first woman to be appointed Vice President of Production at a major motion picture studio. SAFILM’s Lifetime Achievement Award was bestowed upon her, acknowledging her groundbreaking work in the film industry.

SAFILM’s commitment to the local community is evident in its collaborations with local institutions such as the Historic Instituto Cultural de México and the Historic Pearl, which serve as venues for festival events. Moreover, SAFILM’s educational outreach program extends its influence beyond the festival period itself. Volunteers visit local high schools throughout the year, delivering guest lectures to inspire students to appreciate the arts and explore careers in filmmaking.

San Antonio Fall Festivals

Día de Los Muertos

Día de Los Muertos, also known as Day of the Dead, stands as a transformative occasion in the cultural timeline of San Antonio, encapsulating the city’s profound Mexican heritage. Acknowledged by UNESCO as an integral part of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, this traditional Mexican observance transcends its geographical origins, striking a chord with individuals of Mexican descent worldwide. Observed from October 31st to November 2nd, the event intertwines with the Christian traditions of Allhallowtide, encompassing All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day.

While debates persist among Mexican academics regarding its origins, the contemporary significance of the celebration is unmistakable, fostering unity among families as they pay tribute to their departed loved ones. At the heart of the festivities lies the iconic image of La Calavera Catrina, a symbol crafted by Mexican lithographer José Guadalupe Posada, now synonymous with Day of the Dead.

Under the leadership of President Lázaro Cárdenas, Day of the Dead deliberately severed ties with the Catholic Church, a shift driven by the influences of both indigenism and anticlerical sentiment. This decision further strengthened the holiday’s unique cultural identity. Consequently, Día de Los Muertos holds a pivotal position in San Antonio, representing not only a tradition of remembrance but also a manifestation of cultural pride and unity.

San Antonio Beer Festival

San Antonio Beer FestivalThe San Antonio Beer Festival, launched in 2005, stands as the original beer festival in the city and proudly upholds its reputation every year. This fun gathering offers attendees a truly eclectic beer experience with its diverse and extensive selection of brews from over 100 global breweries. However, what sets the San Antonio Beer Festival apart are the unique casks and exclusive collaborations, bringing an element of novelty and innovation into the beer-tasting scene. But the festival is much more than merely a beer enthusiast’s paradise. With live music, engaging games, a selection of wines and ciders, food trucks, and food booths complementing the beer offerings, it provides a well-rounded event experience. Further amplifying the festival’s appeal is its support for local vendors, creating an opportunity for community involvement and local business promotion. In a significant move toward social responsibility, the San Antonio Beer Festival aligns with a charitable cause, contributing a portion of the event’s proceeds to the San Antonio Food Bank. This act of giving back further reinforces the festival’s integral role in San Antonio’s community.

San Antonio Winter Festivals

San Antonio Holiday River Parade

San Antonio Holiday River ParadeThis post-Thanksgiving event is renowned for its visual grandeur, with a procession of 28 magnificently illuminated floats meandering through the San Antonio River Walk, adorned with over 100,000 twinkling lights from 2,250 strands. A river lighting ceremony further elevates the mood, casting a festive glow over the River Walk and transforming it into a mesmerizing display of holiday cheer. The parade’s starting point is the Tobin Center, a distinguished performing arts venue in San Antonio. Adding to the inclusivity of the event, the parade is broadcast live from the Arneson River Theater, ensuring that even those unable to attend in person can partake in the holiday merriment. The Ford Holiday River Parade significantly contributes to San Antonio’s rich cultural tapestry, encapsulating the city’s communal spirit and joyous holiday vibe.

Ford Fiesta de las Luminarias

Rooted in centuries-old Spanish village traditions that were prevalent in the early Southwest territories of the United States and New Mexico, the custom of luminarias symbolizes a beacon of light in the darkness. During the event, the San Antonio River Walk is beautifully adorned with more than 2,000 luminarias, casting a tranquil glow on the surroundings. Supplementing the luminarias is a dazzling light show, featuring over 100,000 holiday lights that add a vivid luminescence overhead. This enchanting blend of tranquil luminarias and lights transforms the River Walk into a magical holiday spectacle, reinforcing the Ford Fiesta de las Luminarias as a significant and cherished tradition in San Antonio’s cultural festivities.

San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo

A time-honored event steeped in Western tradition features everything from thrilling rodeo performances to livestock exhibits. For over a week, attendees can immerse themselves in a blend of Western culture, with attractions including a carnival, shopping, live music, and mouthwatering food. A highlight for many is the rodeo, showcasing some of the country’s finest cowboys and cowgirls competing in events such as bull riding, barrel racing, and roping. The Stock Show portion of the event provides an educational platform for young agricultural students to showcase their livestock and potentially earn scholarships.


What are the popular music festivals in San Antonio?

San Antonio’s vibrant festival scene offers diverse tastes, from the legendary Fiesta San Antonio with its flamboyant parades and Tex-Mex flair to the soulful tunes of Jazz’SAlive and the country twang of the South Texas Country Music Festival. Foodies can indulge at the Tasting Texas Wine & Food Festival, while rockers can revel in the energy of River City Rockfest. Don’t miss the Maverick Music Festival’s eclectic mix of indie and emerging artists, or the unique Poteet Strawberry Festival celebrating the region’s sweet bounty. Each year brings new gems like the Cactus Pear Music Festival and the intimate New Music Festival, so keep an eye out for fresh sounds amid the established favorites. With its warm temperatures, lively spirit, and wide-ranging musical offerings, San Antonio is a true festival lover’s paradise.

What is the best season for outdoor festivals in San Antonio?

San Antonio’s festival scene flourishes year-round, but spring reigns supreme! From March to May, mild temperatures, vivid wildflowers, and a festive spirit set the perfect stage for outdoor celebrations. Fiesta San Antonio, the city’s crown jewel, bursts onto the scene in April with its exuberant parades, music, and Tex-Mex flavors. Springtime also welcomes other crowd-pleasers like Culinaria, a foodie haven, and Jazz’SAlive, a soulful serenade. If you crave vibrant energy and warm sunshine, spring in San Antonio guarantees an unforgettable festival experience.

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