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Activities for a Rainy Day

All you need to know about rainy days in Nashville

Known as the home of country music, Nashville is a top destination for all things culture and history. Raking in record visitors year after year, it’s no surprise that it’s quickly climbed to the top spot for families, couples and solo travelers alike. It might be a beautiful day in Music City when the sun is shining, but sometimes even more so when it rains. With plenty of activities to do on a rainy day and an abundance of indoor activities in Nashville, you’ll never be at risk of having a bad vacation.

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When you’re searching for what to do in Nashville when it rains, we’ve got you covered — all with the help of Old Town Trolley Nashville. The rainy season comes to Nashville from March to August, giving you many opportunities to explore the indoor things to do in Nashville all summer long.

Excited? Read on to find out all about how you can make the most of this unique climate and find all the best activities for a rainy day in Nashville with Old Town Trolley Nashville by your side.

Places to Visit in Nashville on Rainy Days

Must Visit Country Music Hall of Fame and MuseumThe Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum

When it comes to the best activities for a rainy day in Nashville, there’s only one place that can be at the top of this list: the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. As one of the world’s largest museums and one of our top indoor things to do in Nashville, it doubles as a research center and boasts a rich medley of music and history all in one place. Even when the skies don’t open, it’s easy to get lost in this sprawling museum, which houses several exhibitions — many of these new!

As far as rainy day activities in Nashville go, it’s a surefire way to spend a fun afternoon, whether you’re adventuring with friends, family or on your own. With a visit to the Historic RCA Studio B on Music Row included in your entry ticket, make it the first stop on your Old Town Trolley Nashville tour to kick-start your trip. On your way out, stop by the Hatch Show Print shop for a keepsake to remember your rainy day activities in Nashville.

Know about the Grand Ole OpryTour the Grand Ole Opry + Opry Mills Mall

When people think of country music, their minds first drift to the Grand Ole Opry. Widely considered an American icon, this weekly stage concert started way back in 1925 as a radio broadcast before turning into the pinnacle showcase for both country legends and current stars. With this in mind, it truly is no wonder visitors turn to this as one of their top activities or indoor activities to do on a rainy day in Nashville. Backstage tours are available daily every 15–20 minutes, and you can buy tickets online to secure your reservation in advance.

After your backstage tour, pencil in some time for shopping at Opry Mills, the largest shopping mall in the state of Tennessee, with 200+ retail and outlet stores located right across the street. Grab lunch at Mission BBQ, and buy some new boots to complete your country music rainy day itinerary.

Explore Brushfire Pottery Studio in NashvilleBrushfire Pottery Studio

Feeling creative? A rainy day offers the perfect chance to try one of the best indoor things to do in Nashville. Nestled in the heart of the Green Hills neighborhood is Brushfire Pottery Studio. This creative hub is ideal for when you want to try something different; when it comes to what to do in Nashville when it rains, it’s certainly memorable. Pull on your artistic hat by decorating a range of pottery pieces however you like.

As one of many indoor activities in Nashville that is family-friendly, this is a great time for children to unleash their creative spirits, and for adults to let their inner child run free. With dedicated events for ladies’ nights, Halloween decorating and so much more, Brushfire Pottery Studio is here to fire up your imagination. Before long, it’ll be one of your favorite activities to do on a rainy day — in Nashville or anywhere else!

Get to know about finest jewelry in Nashville Jewelry Making Class at Walker Jewelry

Keep your creative juices flowing with Walker Jewelry. This local’s favorite and one of our top indoor things to do in Nashville, jewelry making at Walker Jewelry is a great way to get an authentic view of the city and all it has to offer. When you’re thinking about what to do in Nashville when it rains, this one is sure to warm you inside and out. Located right outside Nashville, just 20 minutes from Downtown, this hidden gem aims to build a jewelry community in Nashville and teach locals and visitors a new skill.

One of the most unique rainy day activities in Nashville, learn how to make beautiful and dainty stacking rings in this small jeweler’s studio. Not only will you try your hand at something new, but you’ll have a unique memento to take home with you at the end of your trip. Be aware, though: as this is one of the best activities for a rainy day in Nashville, classes fill up quickly. With only four spots available at any given time, be sure to book in advance to secure your place — you won’t regret it.

Do visit Ryman AuditoriumTour the Ryman Auditorium

Figuring out what to do in Nashville when it rains can be tricky, but no visit here is complete without exploring the country music scene fully. One of the indoor things to do in Nashville that will allow you to do this is a visit to the Ryman Auditorium. Formerly the home of the Grand Ole Opry from 1943 to 1974, this 2,362-seat venue is a hotspot for live music performances and is one of the oldest and most renowned country music venues in the world. This makes it one of our top indoor activities in Nashville!

Located downtown, rainy day activities in Nashville will never be the same after a visit here. History buffs can learn all about the history of great country music legends, even more so by booking a tour around the auditorium. To make this one of the best activities for a rainy day in Nashville, though, visit on an evening to catch a live show. Some of the country’s greatest stars often perform here, so check the schedule online to see which ones you might catch when you visit.

Do some fun activities at Pinewood SocialBowling at Pinewood Social

There’s nothing like a little fun on vacation, especially when it comes to what to do in Nashville when it rains. Enter one of the top indoor activities in Nashville: bowling at Pinewood Social. This versatile space is a must-visit spot and is widely considered one of the best activities for a rainy day in Nashville. Located near the banks of the Cumberland River, it not only boasts a brilliant location but also offers a range of activities to do on a rainy day for foodies. From craft cocktails to fabulous food and the best in freshly brewed coffee, it’s somewhere you can spend a whole day and night.

The main attraction, though, is their bowling alley. Rainy day activities in Nashville don’t come much better than this. Come on your own to practice your technique, or better yet, immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere with a group of friends. Come post-brunch, or kick off an afternoon of fun. Whatever you decide, we can guarantee you’ll be back for more. Just hop on and off at your closest Old Town Trolley Nashville stop to visit come rain or shine.

Enjoy sky high sports in NashvilleDefy

Indoor activities in Nashville don’t get much better than Defy. When you’re thinking about what to do in Nashville when it rains, Defy offers several activities to do. Ideal for groups of friends and some family-friendly fun, it’s only a short journey from Downtown Nashville.

As far as rainy day activities in Nashville go, this is sure to make its mark. When you arrive, get ready to defy gravity with trampoline jumping, foam pits, a game of dodgeball, and even basketball. Whatever your preference, there’s something for everyone — even the most stubborn of kids. As one of our best activities for a rainy day in Nashville, don’t be surprised if you end up returning here when bad weather strikes again.


What is the rainiest month in Nashville?

Many people assume Tennessee will have hot weather all year round before they visit — especially visitors from overseas. It boasts hot and humid summers and cool winters that sometimes see snow in the mountains. Those visiting Nashville may want to visit when rainfall is at its lowest, which is during the winter months. For those who wish to brave the rain and experience the vibrant atmosphere of the summer months, knowing the rainiest month is key. While March to August can be considered the rainy summer season, May sees the highest rainfall of any month, with 4.30 inches. Don’t fret, though: as a city used to its humid summers, there is no shortage of activities to do on a rainy day or indoor things to do in Nashville.

What is the best month to visit Nashville?

Nashville is a great city to visit all year round thanks to its abundance of activities to do on a rainy day. Indoor activities in Nashville can make any visit fun, but there is a better month to come in terms of weather. As the month with the lowest rainfall and warm summer temperatures, August is often considered the best one among visitors, especially families who wish to have some time away before school starts back up. To avoid crowds and peak-time prices, though, we recommend visiting in late spring or early fall, before hurricane season begins.

For those who wish to brave the rainier months of May and December, indoor activities in Nashville mean you won’t scrimp on taking in the city’s rich musical history and culture. With the help of Old Town Trolley Nashville, you won’t get one raindrop on you as you explore all the rainy day activities in Nashville.

Does it rain a lot in Nashville, Tennessee?

Nashville isn’t a city known for its rainfall, but compared to other cities across the United States, it does fall on the rainier side. On average, Nashville sees 49 inches of precipitation every year — be it rain, sleet, snow or hail! The average across other cities is 38 inches. However, this makes it a hotspot for the best rainy day activities in Nashville. It also has more sunnier days than other cities, with 208 on average per year compared to 205 on average across other major cities. With only 4 inches of snow a year though, winter is never ruled out of the cards as a possible time to visit.

To prepare for what to do in Nashville when it rains, remember to bring light waterproof layers, some weatherproof footwear and a reliable umbrella. It’s also wise to consider which activities to do on a rainy day and take a look at indoor things to do in Nashville. As you can see, there are luckily lots of options for every kind of traveler to make any trip perfect!

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