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A view of the exterior of the Country Music Hall of Fame meant to emulate a piano keyboard
About Us

Meet Our Conductors


Our Conductors

Nashville PRIDE

Here at Old Town Trolley Tours of Nashville, we pride ourselves on having the most highly trained, historically accurate, knowledgeable, entertaining, professional, and safe group of tour conductors ever assembled under one orange and green roof. Who are these fascinating people who become “ambassadors of Nashville” for the thousands of guests who visit our beautiful city each year?


There is no designated career path that one takes to becoming an Old Town Trolley Tour conductor. One doesn’t start off as a youth driving a VW Beetle, talking about their neighborhood, then graduate to a mini-van explaining Nashville’s history to their relatives, until they are finally ready to drive a 36-passenger sightseeing trolley and share the deep history of our city. Our Tour Conductors are a diverse and eclectic group, and come to us from a wide range of professional backgrounds. They range from our early 20s aged Rock-a-Billy singer/songwriter to our semi-retired former corporate VP, and everything in between. What they do share is a passion for history, a love of Nashville, and the unique ability to tell a story in such a way that people are riveted to their every word. Most conductors seek Old Town Trolley out as an occupation, not the other way around.


We do help them along with our extensive, six-week training program that teaches the conductors to safely navigate a large tour vehicle around Nashville. The program includes safety training, interpersonal hospitality skills, performance elements (such as playing sound effects), and of course a wealth of information about Nashville’s history, architecture, and lore. We teach the conductors how to keep our guests safe and sound while being a historian, an entertainer, and a city concierge, all rolled into one.

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