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Old Town Trolley Tour


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Old Town Trolley Tours Nashville

Hop aboard the Old Town Trolley. More than just a sightseeing tour, it is a fun and educational adventure as your trolley conductor provides an entertaining narration that includes little known facts and behind-the-scenes tips.

The “Home of Country Music”, Nashville hosts the Grand Ole Opry, Ryman Auditorium and the Blue Bird Café. The capital of Tennessee is also famous for The District, a downtown area featuring shopping, dining and entertainment. To view these and other popular attractions like the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, the Parthenon and Bicentennial Capitol Mall, hop aboard the Old Town Trolley.

Your Old Town Trolley Tour Includes:

  • Choose 1 day or upgrade to 2 consecutive days and save more!
  • Unlimited free re-boarding at 13 stops
  • BEST VIEW! Tallest vehicles allowed by law with stadium seating
  • Our trolleys are all weather - rain or shine, we got you covered
  • Comfortable padded seats
  • 100% live narration (no pre-recorded tours)
  • Most Frequent Pickup Service
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Nashville Old Town Trolley Tours

The very mention of Nashville often conjures up the image of a stage full of ornate boot and cowboy hat clad, banjo picking entertainers performing in front of star-struck concert-goers keeping time to the rhythm and dreaming of one day gracing that stage themselves.

While that’s a fairly common scenario, we’re going to show you that Nashville is so much more than that. Long before Nashville got its name, it was a promised land for pioneers and idealists of varying genre – A place for talented, hard-working, passionate folks to stake their fortunes not only in music and the arts, but medicine, high tech, academia and even candy!

From the hunter-gatherers making their home along the Cumberland and the lone French fur trader establishing a trading post, to the initial hearty settlers of Fort Nashborough and the first musician to step off a bus onto Broadway with nothing but a guitar and dream—Nashville has been the hook on which the brave and entrepreneurial have hung their hopes and aspirations.

Their success inspires others to hone their chops and journey to Music City in search of their own big hit. As we weave our way through this rich and vibrant city learning about, and paying tribute to its legends and pioneers, you won’t help but feel inspired, too!

Old Town Trolley Stops in Nashville

Hop on and off at any of our convenient stops.

  • 1
    201 Broadway
  • 2
    Ryman Auditorium
  • 3
    Legislative Plaza
  • 4
    Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum
  • 5
    Farmers’ Market
  • 6
    Capitol View
  • 7
    Marathon Motor Works
  • 8
    Centennial Park
  • 9
    Hot Chicken
  • 10
    Belmont Mansion
  • 11
    The Gulch
  • 12
    Frist Art Museum
  • 13
    Country Music Hall of Fame

Booth Locations

Downtown Nashville - Trolley Stop #1 201 Broadway, Nashville, TN  37201

Country Music Hall of Fame Area - Trolley Stop #13 1 Symphony Place, Nashville, TN  37201


Old Town Trolley Tours

9:30am – 4:00pm

Length of tour: 1 hour and 30 minutes.

First Tour of the Day:

Stop #1: 201 Broadway: 9:30am

Stop #2: Ryman Auditorium: 9:40 am

Stop #3: Legislative Plaza: 9:45am

Stop #4: Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum: 9:50am

Stop #5: Farmers’ Market: 10:00am

Stop #6: Capitol View: 10:05am

Stop #7: Marathon Village: 9:30am

Stop #8: Centennial Park: 9:40am

Stop #9: Hot Chicken: 9:30am

Stop #10: Belmont Mansion: 9:40am

Stop #11: The Gulch: 9:30am

Stop #12: Union Station Hotel / FRIST Art Museum: 9:35am

Stop #13: Country Music Hall of Fame: 9:40am

Last Full Tour of the Day: 4:00 pm
Guests taking this tour will not be able to use the on/off feature.
 (Re-board time is the last trolley that will pick up at that stop for the day and will complete the tour through Stop 1.)

Stop #1: 201 Broadway:
4:00 pm (Last Full Tour and Re-board time)

Stop #2: Ryman Auditorium:
2:10pm (Last re-board time: 4:10pm)

Stop #3: Legislative Plaza:
2:15pm (Last re-board time: 4:15pm)

Stop #4: Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum:
2:20pm (Last re-board time: 4:20pm)

Stop #5: Farmers’ Market:
2:30pm (Last re-board time: 4:30pm)

Stop #6: Capitol View:
2:35pm (Last re-board time: 4:35pm)

Stop #7: Marathon Village:
2:40pm (Last re-board time: 4:40pm)

Stop #8: Centennial Park:
2:50pm (Last re-board time: 4:50pm)

Stop #9: Hot Chicken:
3:00pm (Last re-board time: 5:00pm)

Stop #10: Belmont Mansion:
3:10pm (Last re-board time: 5:10pm)

Stop #11: The Gulch:
3:20pm (Last re-board time: 5:20pm)

Stop #12: Union Station Hotel/FRIST Art Museum:
3:25pm (Last re-board time: 5:25pm)

Stop #13: Country Music Hall of Fame:
3:30pm (Last re-board time: 5:30pm)


Only a reservation date is required. Times are not listed or needed.

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