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Tenn South Distillery – Big Machine Vodka (This stop is permanently closed)

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night time picture showing a neon sign that reads 'Big Machine Store, the Tenn South Distillery'

Tenn South Distillery began as a partnership between an entrepreneur music executive and a master spirits distiller.

With a long-held reputation as a producer of the finest bourbons and whiskeys in the world, Tenn South is now looking to revolutionize a spirit whose origins can be traced to Eastern Europe.

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Big Machine Platinum Filtered Premium Vodka is a highly refined product that undergoes a 25-times distillation process and other state-of-the-art methods to ensure that the result is of the highest standards.

When in Nashville, pay them a visit and enjoy cocktails, live music, karaoke, and pick up something in their gift shop. You can also arrange for a 30-minute tour of the facility and a tasting.

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