Please be aware of route changes.
Stop #3 is closed due to construction. The Johnny cash Museum, Patsy Cline Museum, and Goo Goo Store are open and only 1.5 blocks from Stop #1 (201 Broadway)
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Trolley and Grand Ole Opry Show Tour Package

Certificate of Excellence
Old Town Trolley Tours: Hop aboard the Old Town Trolley. More than just a sightseeing tour, it is a fun and educational adventure as your trolley conductor provides an entertaining narration that includes little known facts and behind-the-scenes tips. Grand Ole Opry: Hear several bands perform live at Nashville's premier country music venue.

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Attraction tickets do not have to be used on the same day.

Old Town Trolley Tours: The "Home of Country Music", Nashville hosts the Grand Ole Opry, Ryman Auditorium and the Blue Bird Café. The capital of Tennessee is also famous for The District, a downtown area featuring shopping, dining and entertainment. To view these and other popular attractions like the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, the Parthenon and Bicentennial Capitol Mall, hop aboard the Old Town Trolley. Grand Ole Opry: See artists perform live on country music's most famous stage. It's a bucket-list item for not only fans of country music, but music lovers in general.

Your Trolley and Grand Ole Opry Show Tour Package Includes:

  • Hop On & Off at 15 Old Town Trolley Stops
  • Fully Narrated Tour of Nashville
  • Most Frequent Pickup Service
  • Unlimited Re-Boarding; Step off and Re-Board at Your Leisure
  • More than 100 Points of Interest
  • See the Music Hall Where Many Country Musicians Launched Successful Careers
  • Hear Several Bands Perform Live at Nashville's Premier Country Music Venue
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Attraction tickets do not have to be used on the same day

Nashville Old Town Trolley Tours

The very mention of Nashville often conjures up the image of a stage full of ornate boot and cowboy hat clad, banjo picking entertainers performing in front of star-struck concert-goers keeping time to the rhythm and dreaming of one day gracing that stage themselves.

While that’s a fairly common scenario, we’re going to show you that Nashville is so much more than that. Long before Nashville got its name, it was a promised land for pioneers and idealists of varying genre – A place for talented, hard-working, passionate folks to stake their fortunes not only in music and the arts, but medicine, high tech, academia and even candy!

From the hunter-gatherers making their home along the Cumberland and the lone French fur trader establishing a trading post, to the initial hearty settlers of Fort Nashborough and the first musician to step off a bus onto Broadway with nothing but a guitar and dream—Nashville has been the hook on which the brave and entrepreneurial have hung their hopes and aspirations.

Their success inspires others to hone their chops and journey to Music City in search of their own big hit. As we weave our way through this rich and vibrant city learning about, and paying tribute to its legends and pioneers, you won’t help but feel inspired, too!

Grand Ole Opry

The show that made country music famous is also country’s most famous stage. Experience this unique and celebrated stage performance, featuring six to eight bands or artists from a wide spectrum of musicians. Some of the superstars that have performed here in the past include Patsy Cline, Vince Gill, Alison Krauss, Willie Nelson and Carrie Underwood, to name only a handful.

Old Town Trolley Stops in Nashville

Hop on and off at any of our 15 convenient stops.

  • 1
    201 Broadway
  • 2
    Country Music Hall of Fame
  • 3
    Johnny Cash Museum
  • 4
    Ryman Auditorium
  • 5
    Legislative Plaza
  • 6
    Musicians Hall of Fame
  • 7
    Farmers’ Market
  • 8
    Marathon Motor Works
  • 9
    Centennial Park
  • 10
    Vanderbilt University
  • 11
    Hot Chicken
  • 12
    Belmont Mansion
  • 13
    Bobby’s Idle Hour
  • 14
    The Gulch
  • 15
    Frist Center

Booth Locations

Downtown Nashville - Trolley Stop #1 201 Broadway, Nashville, TN  37201

Ryman Auditorium / Puckett’s Grocery Area - Trolley Stop #4 138 5th Avenue N., Nashville, TN  37219

Schermerhorn Symphony / Johnny Cash Museum / Country Music Hall of Fame Area - Trolley Stop #2 or Stop #3 1 Symphony Place, Nashville, TN  37201

Nashville Welcome Center (We provide shuttle service from this location to stop #1) 1223 Broadway


Old Town Trolley Tours

February 27 – November 26:
Departs at 9:00am with last re-boarding at 4:40pm.
November 27 – February 26:
Departs at 9:00am with last re-boarding leaving Broadway (stop #1) at 4:00pm.

Trolleys come by each stop approximately every 30 minutes.

First Tour of the Day:

Stop #1: 201 Broadway: 9:00am

Stop #2: Country Music Hall of Fame: 9:10am

Stop #3: Johnny Cash Museum & Goo Goo Shop: 9:15am

Stop #4: Ryman Auditorium: 9:20am

Stop #5: Legislative Plaza: 9:25am

Stop #6: Musicians Hall of Fame: 9:30am

Stop #7: Farmer’s Market: 9:35am

Stop #8: Marathon Motor Works: 9:00am

Stop #9: Centennial Park: 9:10am

Stop #10: Vanderbilt University: 9:15am

Stop #11: Hot Chicken: 9:20am

Stop #12: Belmont Mansion: 9:30am

Stop #13: Bobby’s Idle Hour: 9:35am

Stop #14: The Gulch: 9:40am

Stop #15: The FRIST Center: 9:45am

Last Full Tour of the Day:
Guests taking this tour will not be able to use the on/off feature.
(Re-board time is the last trolley that will pick up at that stop for the day and will complete the tour through Stop 1.)

Stop #1: 201 Broadway:
February 27 – November 26: 5:00 pm
November 27 – February 26: 4:00 pm

Stop #2: Country Music Hall of Fame:
February 27 – November 26: 3:07pm (Last re-board time – 5:07pm)
November 27 – February 26: 2:07pm (Last re-board time – 4:07pm)

Stop #3: Johnny Cash Museum & Goo Goo Shop:
February 27 – November 26: 3:11pm (Last re-board time – 5:11pm)
November 27 – February 26: 2:11pm (Last re-board time – 4:11pm)

Stop #4: Ryman Auditorium:
February 27 – November 26: 3:16pm (Last re-board time – 5:16pm)
November 27 – February 26: 2:16pm (Last re-board time – 4:16pm)

Stop #5: Legislative Plaza:
February 27 – November 26: 3:20pm (Last re-board time – 5:20pm)
November 27 – February 26: 2:20pm (Last re-board time – 4:20pm)

Stop #6: Musicians Hall of Fame:
February 27 – November 26: 3:22pm (Last re-board time – 5:22pm)
November 27 – February 26: 2:22pm (Last re-board time – 4:22pm)

Stop #7: Farmer’s Market:
February 27 – November 26: 3:30pm (Last re-board time – 5:30pm)
November 27 – February 26: 2:30pm (Last re-board time – 4:30pm)

Stop #8: Marathon Motor Works:
February 27 – November 26: 3:36pm (Last re-board time – 5:36pm)
November 27 – February 26: 2:36pm (Last re-board time – 4:36pm)

Stop #9: Centennial Park:
February 27 – November 26: 3:49pm (Last re-board time – 5:49pm)
November 27 – February 26: 2:49pm (Last re-board time – 4:49pm)

Stop #10: Vanderbilt University:
February 27 – November 26: 4:00pm (Last re-board time – 6:00pm)
November 27 – February 26: 3:00pm (Last re-board time – 5:00pm)

Stop #11: Hot Chicken:
February 27 – November 26: 4:03pm (Last re-board time – 6:03pm)
November 27 – February 26: 3:03pm (Last re-board time – 5:03pm)

Stop #12: Belmont Mansion:
February 27 – November 26: 4:14pm (Last re-board time – 6:14pm)
November 27 – February 26: 3:14pm (Last re-board time – 5:14pm)

Stop #13: Bobby’s Idle Hour:
February 27 – November 26: 4:21pm (Last re-board time – 6:21pm)
November 27 – February 26: 3:21pm (Last re-board time – 5:21pm)

Stop #14: The Gulch:
February 27 – November 26: 4:26pm (Last re-board time – 6:26pm)
November 27 – February 26: 3:26pm (Last re-board time – 5:26pm)

Stop #15: The FRIST Center:
February 27 – November 26: 4:30pm (Last re-board time – 6:30pm)
November 27 – February 26: 3:30pm (Last re-board time – 5:30pm)

Grand Ole Opry

Grand Ole Opry Show Tour is available year round.

Friday and Saturday evenings: 7:00pm.
February 16 – December 13: Tuesday evening shows.
June 15 – August 10: Wednesday evening shows.

All times are Central Time Zone.

Reservations are required. E-Ticket will contain complete details regarding this tour.

Artists are subject to change without notice. Reservations are non refundable.

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