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Bay Street/Factors Walk

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savannah bay street factors walk

Bay Street / Factors Walk

In 1817, Factor’s Walk was the original site for the Cotton Exchange. The area got its name because this is where the men, called factors, walked back and forth through several stories of buildings in this center of commercial activity. It was their job to factor how much cotton came in to be sold and to make things more productive; a network of iron and concrete walkways connected the buildings. In those days, and for over a century, Savannah played a big role in the cotton industry and Factors Walk was at the heart of it. The historic area runs east to west above the river with iron steps and bridges linking the old cotton warehouses on the river with the streets on a higher level.

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Now, the ancient buildings house shops, restaurants, bars and the River Street Inn. Those who wish to experience the rich history of the cotton exchange and its impact on Savannah can walk Factors Walk, and cobblestone ramps make the journey even more enjoyable and lead guests right down to historic River Street. Tourists love the experience and especially seeing the Cotton Exchange Building which dates back to 1886.

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