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savannah tallmadge bridge


“The guides really made the tour the best one I’ve ever been on! Thanks!”

D.H., Nashville, TN

“My sister and I recently visited Savannah and decided to try out the Trolley Tour and we are so happy we did! Our tour guide was Mel Bell and she is FABULOUS! Not only did she fill us with more historical facts than we will ever remember but she was so much fun! She was entertaining and kept the ride lively. When she shared she had only moved to Savannah and started driving the trolley 8 months ago we were awestruck. One would think she was a native and had been doing it for years. We highly recommend doing the trolley tour and holding out for Mel Bell if you can!”

E.G., Goderich, Ontario

“We just wanted to make sure you were aware of the exceptional service provided by your trolley tour guide Net on the old town Savannah tour. She was not only knowledgeable, polite, and considerate to all passengers, but she was funny, and interacted with the trolley passengers and kept everyone on board engaged and entertained. She is the perfect example of a high quality, professional tour guide and your company should consider itself fortunate to have her.”

T.C., Sewell, NJ

“We went on your tour today. Our guide was Addison and he was outstanding. We appreciated his knowledge and humor. He is a credit to your company”


“Mel Bell…a fantastic conductor!!! Spoke distinctly, was kind, considerate, funny, wonderful in all ways. If I visit Savannah again, I sure hope I get to ride her trolley again. She made my family and I seem like we were old friends with her in that short time we were riding with her. She deserves the best you have to offer.”

D.J., Haines City, FL

“Just to let your company know that our guide, Tony was awesome! He was knowledgeable about Savannah and you could hear him clearly when he spoke. He was definitely a story teller with a lot of personality! We have been on your other tours in St. Augustine and Nashville and have enjoyed them all. Kudos to Tony for being the best guide we have had so far! Thanks Tony for making our tour great, we appreciate you!”

M.B., Ft. Myers, FL

“Just wanted to say a few words about Phil our tour guide. He is absolutely the best. No one after him compares to his wealth of information as well as his sense of humor. Looking forward to our next visit.”

L.R., Tallahassee, FL

“Hi! My name is Laurie Russell and I took a tour in Savannah on September 16. Terri was the driver/tour guide for the one and a half hour hop on hop off tour. Our guide’s name was Terri and she was the most amazing tour guide I have ever had. I have traveled to many cities and been on many of the hop on hop off tours; however I have never had someone who as so informative and interesting as her. You have a huge asset in this woman!!! Additionally, she was so sweet to make everybody aware of safety coming on and off of the bus. There were several elderly people and she made sure to remind them to hang on and to take their time and to be careful. Terri also was so kind on behalf of your company to thank everyone for using your company and how much you appreciated our business and she hoped to see us again! I suggest you hold onto this employee! Wow!”

C.M., Brookfield, CT

“We toured Savannah today with your tour guide Paul. We left on the 12pm tour from the visitors center. Paul was a FANTASTIC guide and driver. His knowledge of the area was very robust and we learned so many great things about the city. Some of us were first time visitors and others had used your tours on many trips in. Those of us who were first timers, learned great information and saw so many sights and were able to make our “must see list” from all the great information and stories Paul shared. Those who had been many times still learned new information about some of their favorite spots and Savannah’s history. Many thanks to Paul for such a wonderful tour!!!”

L.P., McDonough, GA

“I wanted to send a big shout out to Armando on the Old Town Trolley Tour. It was a rainy day, but Armando made the sun shine with his animated and informative presentation. We had the best time ever on a trolley tour. Please share these comments with Armando so that he will be encouraged to continue the outstanding job we experienced the other day. It was the highlight of our trip!”

D.C., Bozeman, MT

“Hi! Today I had JB and Lillie as tour guides and they were both wonderful. JB started our day, and we spent even more time with Lillie who was so agreeable, kind, informative and sweet. We just adore her. Thanks so much!”

T.S., Charlotte, NC

“Hi. My wife and I made our first trip to Savannah on Thursday. We had discovered your tours on the internet while researching motels, things to do, and places to see. We decided to try your services and on Friday morning we purchased tickets. And are we ever happy we did. The girl at the sales counter was most helpful in our decisions on what to do. We got all day on/off tickets and admissions to two homes and the prohibition museum. We spent all day Friday and half of Saturday in town, getting on and off at different stops. We met at least a half dozen drivers. I must say your staff is top notch. They were the most pleasant, professional people. It is obvious they enjoy their work. Tell them all that they have made a lasting impression on us, and we look forward to seeing you all again.”

A.W., Stillwater, MN

“Great trolley tour in Savannah! Ms. Bean, was one of our tour guides (Stop 3-7) and it was absolutely fantastic to listen to her! In fact, we almost wanted to stay on for the entire ride just to listen to her but had to get off at Stop 7 for the Prohibition Museum. We were hoping maybe by chance we’d get her trolley again when we hopped back on at Stop 7 – we even waited one trolley just in case she was the next one!! Her historical knowledge along with humor was great! Thank you for a great sight-seeing experience in Savannah!”

K.B., Angola, NY

“On Wednesday July 17, my family and I purchased tickets for the trolley tour. The 6 of us hopped on and off multiple times throughout the day, resulting in us having around 5 different tour guides. We felt we would be remiss if we didn’t reach out and notify you about how truly amazing “Holly Jolly on the Trolley” is at her job. Not only is she beyond polite, she is very knowledgeable about the history of the city. She was informative and entertaining. She greeted and thanked every customer who got on or off the trolley. She truly made our ride enjoyable and she deserves to be recognized for how well she achieves her daily objectives. It is very apparent that she enjoys her job and that makes for a wonderful customer experience. She was by far and away the best guide we encountered all day. Thank you Holly Jolly!”

P.A., Louisville, KY

“We bought a two-day pass, our first driver was Ben. We took the whole tour, stops 1-15 with him. He was such a great guide, we delayed going to lunch to stay on his tour. His great humor, his passionate love of history and intimate knowledge of the city actually framed the remainder of our trip. Every suggestion he made, we followed and were never disappointed. We’ve also taken these tours (same company) in St. Augustine, and Ben is far and away the best tour guide we’ve ever had. We went on a food tour, several home tours, a ghost tour, and we wished Ben could have been there for every one of them. He is a credit to your company and a model of what a guide ought to be. JB… was a real gentleman and very kind, a good tour guide, too. Because of Ben, though, we’ll continue to consider OTT services in the other cities we visit.”

J.B., Newark, OH

“Just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed our tour of Savannah. Devon is an EXCELLENT driver and tour guide… very knowledgeable and very personable. Also had a very good experience with Tim at the booth on River Street. We had Captain Phil for a short part of our tour and he was good also. We will definitely recommend Old Trolley Tours to our friends – a great way to see Savannah!”


“To get away from the cold and snow of Michigan, my wife and I recently spent a few weeks meandering through Georgia, Florida and Tennessee. We went to Savannah first and the Visitor Center recommended taking an Old Town Trolley tour. It was the best thing we did as somebody who had never been to this beautiful and historic southern city. The guide was informative and entertaining and helped us see the highlights of Savannah and plan what we wanted to do once we got off the trolley.

Our next stops were St. Augustine and Key West. We enjoyed the experience so much in Savannah that the first thing we did was get on your trolleys in both of these cities. While you are subject to the style and personality of the driver, and some were better than others, but on the whole, mostly good, the idea of seeing the highlights of a town before experiencing it on foot were well worth it each time. Our last stop was Nashville and, again, we learned a lot about the city through an Old Town Trolley before embarking on foot to get up close and personal.

We didn’t plan on going to four cities where Old Town Trolley operates, but after the Savannah experience, we kept getting on your trolleys and can’t say enough about how good they were for setting the stage for an enjoyable experience after getting off. I don’t think we would have embraced each of the cities as much if we hadn’t taken an Old Town Trolley tour first.

I just want to tell you how good we think your tours are and how much we enjoyed them. We will certainly recommend them to any of our friends.”


“We had the pleasure of being on one of your trolleys while visiting Savannah. The tour guide Scott was extremely entertaining, informative and personable. He connected with all of the riders and made it a pleasurable experience. I am recommending your trolley tour to all who visit Savannah. Looking forward to going back for a ghost tour.”

T.S., West Virginia

“Our tour guide Eric was so energetic!!! He made the tour! So knowledgeable about the city of Savannah and its history! He would burst into song on a whim and interacted with everyone. He kept 3 teenagers entertained for 90 minutes. Even offered tourist free bottled water! Much needed on any day in Savannah! Lol. Our family highly recommends this tour and if possible hop on his trolley bus!”

J.V., Greeneville, TN

My mother and I went on the Historic District Savannah, GA tour and had Ben as a tour guide. He was absolutely the BEST!!! We had all intentions of getting off throughout the tour, but did not want to have another guide so we rode straight through the entire trolley tour… Please let him know the two ladies from Tennessee very much enjoyed his tour and it made it totally worth the trip and we are already wanting to plan another.”

J.R., Newnan, GA

“We rode with a few drivers and they all did great, but Dennis was so awesome! He remembered us from the day before and was very polite… Dennis was so into his job and he loved telling the historical facts of Savannah. It really got us interested. It was worth every penny because of him. Thank you, Dennis!”

J.G., Lafayette, IN

“I was not sure what to expect, but I was blown away. It was our 3 year olds birthday and the lady at the visitors booth outside was great in explaining what we were able to do and how the trolley worked. Our guide Emily was AMAZING!! Great personality and very informative. Our son loves police cars and would spot them and Emily was great in spotting some he didn’t see. This really made his day and even kept his attention during the tour. She really made the tour a great experience. We also were privileged to ride for a bit with Ms. V. Again she was great with our kids and really informative. I love how each guide puts their own take/spin on the tour. We will definitely be back to do the ghost tour!”

K.B.D, St. Augustine

“I am writing to thank you for providing Brenda as a tour guide for your company. In our two days of utilizing your wonderful service, we were blessed to come across Brenda several times, and each time her tour was phenomenal. She is a great historian and storyteller, and by far the best tour guide we have had the pleasure to experience.”


“We went to Savannah this weekend and had not planned on taking any tours; however, we did so on the spur of the moment Saturday morning. We joined the tour at stop #2 with Ruben as our tour guide. He was phenomenal! Warm, comfortable inviting and funny. He kept our interest so well, we never got off the trolley until he brought us to the visitor center. His anecdotal comments were great. We lost our comment cards so weren’t able to send those in. I would recommend this tour to anyone. Ruben was fantastic, but, I’m sure other guides are very good. We reviewed Ruben’s profile and we’re pleased to see he was born in Corpus Christi, the location where two of our children were born. Best of luck and continued success to you, Ruben.” 

L.L., Beachwood, NJ

“I wanted to write to you to express how delighted my mom & I were when we took a trolley tour in Savannah, GA on July 10. Both my mom (78 years of age) and I (unable to walk well due to a broken toe) were treated with such compassion from the ticket agent. Then on the trolley, we had tour guide Tony, and he was fabulous! We thoroughly enjoyed the 1 -1/2 hour tour and he was very thorough. I wanted to express my sincere gratitude and shear delight in taking this trolley ride in Savannah. Thank you!” 

C.W., Toronto 

“We took the tour… Denise was our travel guide and she was just excellent. We enjoyed the tour immensely and were so impressed with her knowledge of the area and her helpfulness and she was very personable. She worked so well with her passengers and deserves to be recognized for her excellent service. Thanks so much. ” 

C.L., Winter Haven, FL 

“I just want to let you know that our tour guide is awesome! On the tour right now and have been on a few Savannah tours and we have NEVER had anyone so knowledgeable, friendly and fun! Her name is Cindy (blonde hair and glasses) and we literally got off on a stop and then waited for her to do the entire loop before we would get back on. She’s that good! Just wanted to tell you that. Thanks.” 

L.F., Mesa, AZ

“This is the 4th time I have been to Savannah. We bring new friends each time and always use your trolleys. Today we again brought friends to enjoy the great tours you offer. Our 1st guide Kayla was the best we have ever had; her sense of humor and knowledge made the 1st full ride around hysterical… Our friends that have never been here before were enthralled. We asked Kayla for a recommendation of where she would go if she wanted a great place. She sent us to the Crab Shack on Tybee…. Hands down the best restaurant I have been to in this area and it will bring us back again in the future. Give Kayla a raise, she is the best!!!” 

J.Y., Washington, MO 

“I just wanted to tell you about our tour guides Michael, Nette and there was one other lady but can’t recall her name at this time. They were all really good but Michael was exceptional. I think his being from the UK made his tour more interesting. He had a tremendous sense of humor also. My sister and I enjoyed him so much. The tour was great. We went the whole tour the afternoon we got there and with the map we marked down places we wanted to get off and see the next day. The trolleys were inexpensive and so convenient. Having the tour guides was a plus. Keep up the good work.” 

J.C., Cape Coral, FL

“My wife and I were in St. Augustine yesterday and in Savannah today. Major Tom was our guide throughout the tour at St. Augustine and Denise was our driver/guide at Savannah throughout. Both guides totally made both days an absolute delight! Wonderful personalities,witty, intelligent and so knowledgeable about their cities making this two WONDERFUL days on our vacation. Love Old Town Trolleys!” 

M.C, Savannah, GA

“Rubin was our guide… We have taken the tour many times, and he was the best guide we have had! Full of facts – and full of enthusiasm and love for his job.” 


“We truly enjoyed the tour… but we must stay it was made wonderful by our tour guide. He “narrated” the tour as someone who is reading a story. He was great!!! His tone and friendly manner made his knowledge shine even more. He gave us so much information, entertaining us, that we can’t believe he didn’t grasp for air to continue. Well done tour guide!! This is a tour guide… you don’t want to lose! Thank you!” 


“Just wanted to let you know it was a great tour. I currently live in Italy and came to Savannah to participate with my family in the Riverfront July 4th festivities. The tour and guides were very knowledgeable and made the tour even more exciting for my family of 7. Thank you again! ” 

C.B., Blue Springs, MO

“Very enjoyable and well worth the money. Of the 4 tour guides we listened to, Rubin was the best! He gave the information as if he had experienced the history and was telling his story. He spoke with a passion, not just reciting required information. Excellent way to hear the history and see a large part of Savannah without walking long distances in the heat. I love the easy “on/off” system.” 


“I just wanted to write and say that the tour and your guides are outstanding. Only had two days in Savannah and with the help of your staff got to see and do all I had hope to with NO STRESS!! Kudos to you and your remarkable staff in Savannah. We’ll definitely use your services in the future!!!!” 

 B.F., Germany

“We joined your tour today… We really enjoyed your tour. This was the first city sightseeing tour where we a) understood the guide b) enjoyed what the guide was speaking c) learned really a lot about the city. This tour guide was really excellent and outstanding; Thanks a lot !!! The guys from Germany!” 

T.F, Jacksonville, FL

“My wife and I live in Jacksonville, FL. We recently took a trip to Savannah with relatives from MN. We took a tour on the trolley with the intention of getting off and on multiple times. Our tour guide was so amazing and knowledgeable, that we stayed on the entire 90 min tour. Our guide was a gentleman named Will. He deserves to be recognized for his great attitude, knowledge, representation of the Old Town Trolley company and his presentation skills. We will take this tour again, possibly in St. Augustine next time. Hope to get a tour guide as wonderful as Will!! Thanks!” 

K.B., Holly Ridge, NC

“I spear-headed a trip for 8 of my friends to Savanna Ga. Our group of 9 all agreed our tour guide, Kayla, was the absolute best tour guide ever ! She was very impressive with her information and most of all, just how she presented the information. It was obvious she was a skilled driver and tour guide who knew how to deliver! Please give kudos to this employee as she represents your company in a very positive way.” 

C.N., Dawson Springs, KY

“We took the tour and just wanted to let you know that it is a very good tour; we had three different drivers and I have to say the best one was a gentleman named Reuben; he was very passionate about his story and told it well; when we found him it was at the end of the day but would have liked to have heard the whole tour from him; you are very lucky to have him as one of your guides” 

R.S., Tobaccoville, NC

“…I drive a tour bus and have been doing so for 40 years. I have had Tour Guides / Drivers in the past but this trip was the best I have ever had. Our Driver (Wayne) is definitely an asset to your company. He was very personable and well versed about what he was doing. It’s hard to find people that really enjoy what they do in life. I believe Wayne is one of those. This trip was just me and my wife. Feel assured that I will spread the word about our experience. Thanks again for the good time we were shown.” 

J.D., Poolesville, MD

“Ruben was our conductor and I just had to write in to compliment his work. He was enthusiastic and gave a terrifically entertaining tour of lovely Savannah. No one wanted to get off at any of the stops…” 

W.R., Flagler Beach, FL

“Hi, We recently visited Savannah, GA, to see the beautiful city and its many sights! Searching the websites before the trip, we found Old Town Trolley and we thought it would be a good idea to jump on their bus to get an overview of the City! And what a good idea this was! Not only that the tour is very interesting, also the tour guides/bus drivers (we jumped on a second turn, on and off) were really well informed about the history of Savannah, friendly, funny! It was a great pleasure to ride with you and we certainly will recommend it to our friends! We’ll also keep OTT in mind when visiting other Cities! Thanks and keep up the good work!”

E.K., Lewes, DE

“We took the Savannah tour today. Lillie Belle was an exceptional guide so we felt compelled to let you know. She is a very warm person and exudes with an aura of knowledge of the city, culture and history. Her presentation skills provide a very clear idea of this fantastic place.” 

N.F., Scottsburg, Indiana

“We had the pleasure of visiting your beautiful city. This is not our first trip to Savannah, but it is the third time we have ridden the trolley. All were good experiences, but this time we had a young lady, “Cheri!” She was not only informative, but so sweet and fun. What a pretty, smart and kind representative of your beautiful city. My hat goes off to Cheri!!!! Thank you so much for your tour…” 


“On July 7, my friend and I had the BEST tour EVER with Diva as our guide. She tells stories beautifully, weaving facts and local flavor together as if she’d been in Savannah for decades. She was so entertaining and informative that we stayed on the entire tour with her instead of getting off along the way, so we had to go back again to catch the stops. We also had a great time with Dale and with Lillie, but Diva was the star of the day. Thanks for a great tour of a beautiful city!” 


“I was in Savannah, GA for a leisure trip this past weekend and I decided to take one of your tours. I loved being able to get on and off the trolley at different stops. This allowed me time to explore the city on my own, while also providing valuable insights about the city. I was particularly fortunate enough to have Cindy as one of my tour guides. She was funny, pleasant, insightful, and especially warm and welcoming! … I would recommend Old Town Trolley Tours to others visiting Savannah.” 

J.H., Toronto

“My parents and I drove to Savannah this summer from Toronto. My dad and I love history and we always wanted to go to Savannah. We were not disappointed. We didn’t know where to stay so we went to the information center and there we met the person that made our trip so wonderful. Wanda was extremely helpful and it is because of the time she took with us that our trip was so enjoyable. She was the first person we met in Savannah and wow what a great person to meet. Thanks to Wanda and Trolley Tours. I definitely plan to come back with my husband.”  

 J.E., Mooresville, NC

“I visited Savannah for the first time over Memorial Day weekend. I really enjoyed all of your drivers, they were so kind to everyone. The most outstanding had to be HOLLYWOOD. He was very entertaining and was a great people person. I will recommend your trolley service to everyone I know. I witnessed your staff on several instances go above and beyond for riders. They made sure they got to see all the sites they had tickets for and call HQ to make sure someone picked them up even though it was close to the end of the day. Thanks so much for a wonderful experience & tour of Savannah.” 

J.S., Fort Worth, TX

“My friends and I visited Savannah this past weekend and had the pleasure of riding on Cindy’s Trolley. Since we only had 2 days in Savannah, we had to use our time wisely. Cindy was an absolute delight. She was funny, charismatic, knowledgeable and entertaining. Our group all agreed that our time spent on the trolley with Cindy was the highlight of our trip… Please pass on our gratitude to Cindy, as you made our trip to Savannah a memorable and comforting experience.”  

D.B., Abingdon, VA

“Just visited Savannah for first time on our honeymoon. We had Denise as one of our drivers and we absolutely loved her. She was very informative and hilarious. She truly exemplified southern hospitality and culture and we hope to visit again soon and hope to find Denise on the trolley. Please pass along our compliments for a job well done!  Thanks!!!”  

C.S., Greene, NY

“My husband and I took the Savannah tour which picked us up at our hotel. We were going to drive into the city and make our own way around when we saw the brochure at the front desk. We are so glad we took Old Town- it was fantastic- we learned so much about the city and then we were able to get on and off the bus at the places we really wanted to see more of. It is the only way to see a city for the first time. I will use Old Town wherever they are. Great Job. Thanks.” 


“We got on our tour at the Bohemian with Paul. When we reached the visitor center, we were instructed that Paul’s tour was ending and we just needed to walk over and board Hollywood’s bus. What a stoke of luck. Hollywood was so full of personality. He made the tour so great that we didn’t even want to get off his trolley… Kudos to Hollywood for a job VERY well done!”   

D.Y., Canandaigua, NY

“I recently had a long layover at the Savannah Airport so I took the opportunity to wander around. I did the right thing by taking the trolley tour first. Cindy was our conductor and no one wanted to leave! She was FUNNY and informative. The accent just made it all better as she told us about the ‘winders’ in the buildings. Great fun.”  


“I couldn’t miss the opportunity to tell you how much my parents and I enjoyed ourSavannah tour with Denise. She is great! She knew everything about Savannah and also threw in some comedy. I hope you realize what a great employee you have. I also hope she is also well rewarded for the service she is providing to your customers.”  

J.B., North York, ON

“My grandson and I took the trolley tour and our first and last conductor was Cindy. She was FABULOUS!!!…my grandson was actually excited when we got on the last bus. He said, “Look, it’s Cindy.” She knew every nook and cranny and had so many stories to tell about the areas that we saw. We totally enjoyed our tour and will definitely do another one when we return to your beautiful city!! Thanks again for a great day!!” 

P. & S.W., San Antonio, TX

“I just wanted to let someone know what a wonderful experience we had because of your great people in Savannah. Col. Robert Hunter really went out of his way for us. All of the tour guides we saw over the two days were outstanding and very informative. I rarely would comment to a company about service, but your staff and Col. Hunter are exceptional …Thanks again for a wonderful two-day experience in this beautiful city.”

B.B., New York, NY

“My husband and I just had the pleasure of taking the trolley tour around Savannah. Our tour guide was a terrific woman named Angel.We think she should be complimented for her skill, knowledge and general upbeat and thoughtful nature… She will be the reason that we will seek to book your tours in other cities where you are located.” 

 C.H., Heyworth, IL 

“I organized a week vacation for myself and 5 friends and the days we spent in Savannah were great and most of that was due to the tours we took with your firm. We loved all of the information on the ‘HOP ON-HOP OFF’ ride and the Ghosts and Gravestones tour was fabulous. Have told everyone we know how much fun we had.” 

 J.C., Guelph, Ontario

“I would really like to commend Jerome and Sue! Jerome picked me up at my hotel and we had a great conversation on the way to the tour start. I met up with Jerome again when I reboarded on River St.. The next time I was to reboard, I waited for Jerome. He has a great sense of humor and is very informative about Savannah. I met Sue on my way back to my hotel. She was a complete delight!! Not only was she informative but she was interested in her passengers’ stories. I would highly recommend Old Town Trolley to everyone that comes to Savannah!” 

 C.K., Kingsland, GA

“Hi, my wife, my daughter and I took the tour with your company and we got onto Netra’s trolley expecting to get off at an early stop and check out the sites, however we were unable to because of Netra. Not because she wouldn’t let us off, but because she was SOOOO AMAZINGLY entertaining, informative, personable and hilarious that we wanted to stay on it thru the entire tour!! I run a retail store and I know how hard it is to find truly exceptional people who not only enjoy their job but make the customer enjoy their experience and I felt I had to express to you that she is definitely an exceptional tour guide! I’ve told all my friends and relatives since we got back about how funny she was and how much we enjoyed her guided tour! We recommended your company to numerous of our friends and said if they get the chance to take her tour…DO IT!!”

J.F., Rockville, MD

“My husband and friends of ours traveled to Savannah for the 4th of July holiday.  We decided to purchase a package for a two-day tour and the evening ghost tour (for Friday and Saturday) after remembering that we had taken one of our tours in Key West last summer and loved it. I wanted to compliment you on another wonderful experience and specifically note three individuals who we felt made the experience that much better. Cindy was our guide on the first day – she was so helpful (gave us lots of tips for getting around the city and additional places to visit on the route) and kept us so entertained and informed during the tour. Viola was really helpful when our friends had an issue with their ticket for the ghost tour – she helped them get on the 10 p.m. trolley that they had intended to take (their tickets showed at 10:30 p.m. trip) and was a pleasure to speak with. Phinneaus was hilarious (and loveably creepy) on the ghost tour – I wasn’t feeling well and wasn’t in the mood to take the tour when I boarded, but he definitely lightened the mood and entertained us with the stories about haunted Savannah. Your employees should be commended for personifying the Southern hospitality and kindness that we were looking for in our vacation away from the DC area. Can’t wait to take another tour with your organization! Kind Regards” 

 S.D., Mokena, IL 

“We recently visited Savannah, GA and did most of our touring with Old Town Trolley. I knew you were a great company because I used you last year in Key West as well. In Savannah, we were so LUCKY to get Brian “Mojo” for our tour guide. He was by far the funniest and most entertaining tour guide. He not only gave interesting information about Savannah, he also had a fabulous sense of humor. We are coming back next year and if we have to wait, we will wait through five trolleys for Mojo to do our tour! He’s that good!” 

L.R., Somerset, KY

 “I recently visited Savannah and took a tour with one of your trolleys.  It was wonderful.  Our tour guide was fantastic. She was very helpful to others and had a great sense of humor.  If anyone I know visits Savannah I will recommend them to take the tour with Old Town Trolleys.  It was great!!!” 

 D.W., Tallapoosa, GA

“It could not have been a better experience” 

L.M., Thomasboro, IL

“We just left Savannah,GA and had two tremendous tour guides. Denise during the day made Savannah come to life for us. Miss Violet during the Ghost tour made Savannah’s dead more appreciated. Both of these ladies are great. I had the opportunity to hear guides other than Denise, and let me say, she is the best!” 

A. B., Alexandria, VA

“Denise was fabulous. I’ve been in the travel business for over 35 years, and she is the best guide I have ever experienced!” 

D.N., Granby, CT

 “This is a great way to see this city. The flexibility to get on and off gives you the ability to linger where you like.” 

L.B., Warne Robbins, GA

“My Girl Scout troop and parents all thoroughly enjoyed our tour with Angela. We got a good deal of info about the city and the girls were amazed at what all they remembered. Parents also enjoyed the on/off shopping option! We loved it!!” 

R.D., Brooksville, FL

“Our tour of Savannah was guided by Paul. He was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. We took a wheeled walker with us for my husband and Paul helped us on and off, and stored it for us during the tour. We have used Old Town Trolley in other cities and continue to enjoy them. We suggest the tours to anyone we find will be visiting one of the cities where they are offered. ” 

N.A., St. Charles, MO

“Fantastic! ‘Savannah Cindy’ was awesome! Fun, entertaining – Love the southern accent!” 

“(David was a) great guide. Great tour. Brought all my guests and will continue to do so!”

M & B.L., St. Louis, MO

“Denise is what made the tour so wonderful. She brought Savannah alive with her knowledge and personality.” 

 Y.R., Candler, NC

“Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful time we had.  The conductors were so informative, helpful and had a sense of humor. We were shown a lot of sites and told the history of them. The ladies that sold us the tickets were just as sweet as could be. We will tell our friends and family about you.” 

W.M. – Huntsville, AL

I had the opportunity to travel to Savannah last week with my husband, staying at the Marriott. On Monday, a group of our ladies started the day by purchasing a tour pass. Our first guide for the day was Netra. Netra mentioned that she was new and of course we were thinking “oh great”. Well let me tell you how wrong we were. She truly made us feel at home while giving us a great tour of your city. We introduced ourselves during the drive. The next day we decided to try and walk and ran up on her in town where she stopped to pick up people. We waved and she remembered our names! Do you know how special that made us feel? On and off throughout the week we rode with her and other guides who were just as knowledgeable as Netra but I felt like I needed to let you know how well she did and as time goes on, she will be even a better example of what “right looks like” for your other employees…We hope to travel to Savannah again and will look for Netra first thing. 

S.B., Alliance, OH

I just wanted to email you about the great tour guide we had this past Thursday in Savannah. He had brought back a wallet to the Pirate House when we got on his trolley.  That is about all I know.  Anyhow we have been talking about him and that tour ever since.  We got back to Hilton Head and suggested the tour to several other families that went.  I hope you can find out who he is and let his supervisor know what a fun guy he was.  He really made the day more enjoyable.  He played a tape about the comment cards and made the joke to write “awesome” in the comment line as his last name or whatnot, obviously a joke, but we never did get his first name and forgot to ask. Thanks again. We will be back next year!!!!  Please let me know if you find out who he is or if I can call a number to a direct supervisor to comment on him. 

S.S., Bordentown, NJ

“My mom and I enjoyed our trolley experience tremendously! It went off without a hitch! The guides were all very informative and really added to the sightseeing experience. We were able to see and do so much more because of the trolley. We were also pleased to see that you have wheelchair accessible options, as next time we will be traveling with a wheelchair user. We have already recommended you to several people. Old Town Trolley Tours really made our whole trip!”  

M.G., Jamison, PA

“You have one of the Best websites we have encountered. It is easy to navigate and is not “clogged” with non-related information.” 

T.J., Columbia, SC

“Recently visited Savannah, GA and wanted to say that the two guides we had, Lisa and Wayne, were EXCELLENT. We were traveling with 1-year-old twins and started not to take the trolley tour due to having them with us; however, we are glad that we did. They made us feel comfortable and we did not have to rush getting on and off the trolley. THANK YOU LISA and Wayne for making us feel like we did not have to rush and we got a chance to enjoy the tour. Thanks guys.” 

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