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Saturday December 7th is the Savannah Bridge Run and several other events are going on. Due to this Stops #2, #7, and #14 will be closed until about 12:00 pm. Stop #7 will be closed all day. There will be some issues getting to stop #10 towards the end of the day due to the Christmas Parade on River St. which starts at 5:30 pm.
On January 4th through January 17th Ghosts & Gravestones tour stops will be the Davenport House and Perkins & Son’s Ship Chandlery.


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Chatham Artillery Monument

savannah chatham artillery monument

Chatham Artillery Monument

The Chatham Artillery Monument was erected in Emmet Park in 1986 and was inspired by the 101st Airborne Memorial in Arlington Cemetery. A large, gray granite base supports a stunning bronze eagle with its wings spread. Rising to approximately 11 feet, the memorial is a striking sight and among other memorials in Emmet Park.

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