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Emmet Park

savannah emmet park

Emmet Park

 A beloved spot to many Irish residents and local Savannahians, Emmet Park was originally known as the Strand and the Irish Green. It’s located near a neighborhood that was home to many Irish Savannahians. In 1902, it was renamed Emmet Park as a tribute to Robert Emmet, an Irish patriot, who was considered to be a hero to Savannah’s Irish community. Several blocks long, Emmet Park is known for its thriving landscape which provides a beautiful shady setting. The park is historically significant to Savannah because of the variety of monuments and memorials. The Old City Exchange Bell is kept here and is all that is left from the City Exchange building which was destroyed by a hurricane.

The Harbor Light, a gas powered light that was used to navigate ships in the Savannah River is also on display in the park and another important sight to see while visiting.

Today, Emmet Park is used to commemorate various Irish Holidays and other activities and events.

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