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Roundhouse Railroad Museum

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savannah-roundhouse railroad museum

Savannah Roundhouse Railroad Museum

Originally the site of the Central Georgia Railway Headquarters, the Roundhouse Railroad Museum was considered to be the most up-to-date, revolutionary facility of its time. Handling freight, passengers, maintenance and manufacturing at this single location, the Railway Headquarters was an indispensable site for a number of years.
 After being abandoned in the 1960’s, several local enthusiasts worked to save the buildings from destruction and today the railway is a National Historic Landmark, a “Save America’s Treasures” Site, and Georgia’s State Railroad Museum.

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More than 40,000 visitors each year tour through the historic railroad structures and learn about the story of the railroad industry in Georgia.

Exhibits include a large collection of steam and diesel locomotives, rail cars, steam-powered machinery, model railroads, and a 126-foot brick smokestack. A large model train layout of Savannah, as well as exhibits explaining steam engines and belt-driven machinery are also thrilling to view. The massive operating turntable in the middle of the Roundhouse was restored and is a favorite among guests to the museum.


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