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We take our devotion to the environment so seriously that we converted 90% of our fleet to run on propane instead of gasoline.

Our Environmental Commitment

Old Town Trolley Tours has been going green since the 1980s. With our use of clean burning propane, we’ve been committed to preserving and protecting the environment since we began delighting guests across the United States with our wonderful brand of Transportainment®.

Propane – The Fuel of our Fleets and the Future

We take our devotion to the environment so seriously that we converted 90% of our fleet to run on propane instead of gasoline. In fact, Old Town Trolley Tours was recently recognized by the Propane Industry with the Propane Exceptional Energy Fleet Award for our use of propane in our orange and green trolleys. Propane is a great alternative to gasoline because it burns cleaner, is safer, more cost effective and all around better for the environment.

“One Trolley = 20 Cars”

One Trolley Means Less is More

You may have noticed on the back of our trolleys the bumper sticker that reads “one trolley = 20 cars”. That’s because our trolleys not only offer people an entertaining, informative way to see cities across the country, they also reduce the amount of cars driving on the roads. And with fewer cars, there’s less pollution, a decrease in fuel consumption and less traffic. All of this makes a valuable impact on the environment.

Today, Tomorrow and Beyond

At Old Town Trolley Tours, we’re determined to do our part as a responsible corporate citizen to ensure the welfare of the environment. And our commitment is unwavering. Today and tomorrow and into the future, we plan on continuing with what we started over years ago. That means that our company will consistently utilize new and innovative ways to improve the world we live in. So keep an eye out for our energy efficient, environmentally friendly trolleys and hop on board – they’re a breath of fresh air.

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Water-Soluble Guest Stickers

trolley water soluble stickerWe’re always looking for ways to be more environmentally friendly and reduce our impact on the communities we serve. That’s why we’re excited to implement water-soluble stickers for identifying our guests at our stops throughout the city. We understand that our guest stickers tend to end up where they don’t belong, so we wanted to invest in a more sustainable solution that aligns with our commitment to the environment. These stickers are not only useful for conductors to keep track of guests, but they also dissolve when exposed to water, preventing litter and keeping our cities green. Small actions like this can make a big difference on the planet, and we’re proud to set an example for all to follow!

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