Join us aboard the Old Town Trolley starting June 4. Please note: Sails to Rails Museum is temporarily unavailable with your trolley ticket. Read about our tour updates & safety information.

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Key West Ghost Tours with Ghosts & Gravestones

ghost and gravestones key west shipwreck

Do You Dare Board the Trolley of the DOOMED?

Many find Key West strange during the day; but after the sun goes down, the restless souls of the island’s frightful past begin to stir. You will hear their tales that have been all but forgotten as you travel the narrow, dark streets of Old Town – filled with 19th century wooden houses that hold on to the secrets of their former inhabitants. Stories so tragic, so chilling, you’ll see why Key West is one of the top ten most haunted cities in America.

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EXCLUSIVE nighttime entry into one of the island’s haunted Civil War forts

ghost and gravestones key west inside shipwreck Once quarantine barracks for suffering soldiers left to die from yellow fever; now home to an eerie doll that can play tricks on you if you don’t play nicely. Our Ghost Host will add a pinch of humor to Key West’s dark side with tales of deathly love, tragic endings, scores to settle, wrongs to right and ghastly folk – some so strange it will be hard to believe they’re true.

Reservations are required.

Space is limited for this very popular excursion, so DON’T DELAY! For more information, go to our official Key West Ghost Tours website.

Call 305-29-GHOST (305-294-4678) to reserve space for you and your loved ones.

“Exclusive! Visit with Robert the Doll”

Length of tour: 1 hour and 30 minutes.
This tour may not be suitable for children under 13 years of age.

5 Reasons to Take a Ghost Tour in Key West


Visit Robert the Doll, a toy you don’t want to play with. At the East Martello Fort, you’re likely to encounter numerous spirits; some appear as orbs of light and others as shadowy figures.


Hear about Captain Tony’s Saloon - Legendary for its spirits, in more ways than one, Captain Tony’s Saloon is a Key West icon where Ernest Hemingway, Tennessee Williams and many other famous folks frequented.


Hurricane of 1846 – the Great Havana Hurricane. With its 200 mph winds and immense storm surge, the storm flattened many of the island’s homes and businesses, including the lighthouse.


Hear about The Key West Cemetery - home to thousands of lost souls. A cemetery that is the final resting place of approximately 100,000 people, the Key West Cemetery abounds with lost souls that suffered a tragic demise.


Ghost Hosts - a frightful friend on your adventure. The guides, our Ghost Hosts, are not just experts on Key West’s most haunted places, they’re the restless souls of many of the island’s most disturbed departed - costumed and ready to share the stories of the dead and the undead with you.

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