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An Ultimate Guide to Nashville’s Cultural Festivals

Nashville Festivals

Explore the ultimate guide to Nashville’s cultural festivals, a vibrant and diverse showcase of arts, food, music, and tradition that transforms the city into a lively cultural hub. Renowned for its history in music, an array of festivals in Nashville celebrates its heritage while also shining a spotlight on culture. This guide aims to navigate you through Nashville’s most celebrated cultural festivals, immersing you in the captivating charm and dynamic spirit of Nashville.

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Nashville Spring Festivals

Earth Day Festival

The Earth Day Festival is one of Nashville’s remarkable events where it celebrates the spirit of Earth Day, held annually in April. The festival’s eco-conscious vendors offer a range of products that embody the ethos of environmental stewardship while educational booths provide invaluable insights into environmentally friendly practices, fostering a deeper understanding among attendees. Engaging workshops and enlightening talks by expert speakers further reinforce the festival’s commitment to environmental protection. A vivacious lineup of live entertainment ensures a spirited and enjoyable atmosphere, while an array of activities are designed specifically for children, instilling in them a sense of respect and responsibility toward our environment from an early age. Local food vendors serve up a delightful assortment of meals, emphasizing locally sourced, sustainable ingredients. Admission to this festival in Nashville is free, and it warmly welcomes families and pets, fostering a community spirit in the shared pursuit of environmental protection. This celebration truly encapsulates the essence of Earth Day, serving as a testament to Nashville’s dedication to promoting environmental awareness and sustainability.

Franklin Main Street Festival

The Franklin Main Street Festival is another gem in the crown of Nashville’s festival scene, inviting more than 120,000 visitors each year to the historic downtown of Franklin. Known for its eclectic mix of arts and crafts vendors, this festival in Nashville is a paradise for art enthusiasts and collectors. A stroll through this Nashville cultural festival will introduce you to a variety of unique creations, each telling a story of craftsmanship and creativity. The energy of the festival is further amplified with captivating performances spanning music, dance, and spoken word, displaying the city’s culture. Food and drink offerings at the festival are plentiful and diverse, catering to a multitude of tastes and preferences. The Franklin Main Street Festival is an immersive experience that brings people together, fostering community spirit and celebrating local culture in a unique and engaging way. Moreover, the festival is family-friendly, offering entertainment and activities for all ages, making it a truly inclusive celebration for all.

Easter Festival

Easter FestivalEaster in Nashville is a Nashville cultural festival. The day typically begins with church services, which are among the most attended Sunday services of the year, symbolizing the community’s shared reverence and faith. Post-services, the city transforms into a canvas of Easter egg hunts, attracting families to partake in this age-old tradition. These hunts serve as an opportunity for children, dressed in their finest Easter Sunday outfits, to experience the joy of discovery while parents capture these precious moments.

Nashville Pride Festival

Nashville Pride FestivalThe Nashville Pride Festival is Tennessee’s largest LGBTQIA event, a symbol of unity, acceptance, and pride in diversity. This weekend celebration kicks off with a parade commencing at the heart of Nashville at Broadway and 8th Avenue, offering a visual spectacle of solidarity. Beyond the parade, this festival in Nashville expands into an all-encompassing experience featuring a bustling vendor market that caters to a variety of tastes and preferences. The culinary scene is equally impressive, with an array of food trucks serving up delicious fare to festivalgoers. Through installation art, attendees can engage with thought-provoking pieces, underscoring the festival’s undercurrent of advocacy and awareness. The entertainment roster boasts a diverse lineup of artists, reflecting the community’s eclectic spirit. Moreover, the inclusivity of the Nashville Pride Festival extends to families and children, with dedicated zones offering face painting, carnival games, and other kid-friendly activities. This Nashville cultural festival truly encapsulates the inclusive and active spirit of the Nashville LGBTQIA community.

Nashville Summer Festivals

Nashville July Fourth Celebration

Nashville’s Fourth of July celebration is an unrivaled spectacle, standing out even in a city known for its energetic festival culture. The day marks the nation’s inception, honoring the Declaration of Independence written back in 1776. Every year, Nashville transforms into a beacon of patriotism and festivity, with the Independence Day celebration at Riverfront Park being a major highlight. The event fireworks shower the night sky, illuminating the city and reflecting shimmeringly on the river. This grand display has become a tradition, attracting residents and visitors alike to experience the awe-inspiring spectacle. The Fourth of July in Nashville is not just a celebration of the country’s independence but also a testament to the unity, spirit, and resilience of its people.

Tomato Art Festival

Tomato Art FestivalThe Tomato Art Fest is a unique summer highlight in Nashville, blending an eclectic mix of art, music, food, and creativity in a tomato-themed spectacle. Originating in 2003, this annual festival has gained immense popularity, drawing attendees from diverse backgrounds and ages. The two-day event is free and encourages participation through a variety of engaging activities, including fun-themed art exhibitions, local music performances, and distinctive tomato-inspired contests. Costumes, often relating to the tomato theme, add to the vibrancy and spirit of the festivals in Nashville. One of the iconic features of this festival is the Push, Pull & Wear Parade, marking the beginning of the Tomato weekend with a colorful procession of floats and costumes. The Tomato Art Show and Tomato Art Preview Party, part of the Tomato Art Festival, highlight over 300 tomato-inspired art pieces, illuminating the essence of the festival — a perfect fusion of art, fun, and community.

CMA Music Festival

The CMA Music Festival also known as the Nashville Music Festival, held annually in the city of Nashville, is a four-day spectacle celebrating country music. Originally launched in 1972 under the name Fan Fair, the Nashville Music Festival has grown exponentially, presently attracting more than 400 artists and celebrities each year. These esteemed guests not only perform in a series of concerts but also engage with fans through autograph sessions, creating an intimate and interactive experience. The festival, hosted by the Country Music Association (CMA) every June, is not only an entertainment hub but a philanthropic endeavor as well. Half of the Nashville Music Festival’s proceeds are donated to charitable causes. The remaining amount CMA directs toward advancing country music. This iconic annual event, CMA Fest Nashville, has its blend of music, philanthropy, and community interaction, truly embodying the spirit of Nashville’s festival culture.

Nashville Fall Festivals

Americana Music Festival

The Americana Music Festival comes under the Nashville fall festivals and is popularly known as AmericanaFest. It is a quintessential part of Nashville’s fall festival lineup, manifesting the city’s deep-rooted love for music. Spanning five days, the festival takes over approximately 60 of Nashville’s esteemed venues, hosting over 500 power-packed shows. The core ethos of AmericanaFest lies in its robust blend of entertainment and education, offering music aficionados and industry professionals a platform for networking during the day, while evenings come alive with raw, intimate performances that showcase the authentic spirit of Americana music. The festival, usually held in September, also features a comprehensive conference comprising panels, seminars, and exclusive performances catering to the diverse needs of artists, managers, labels, radio stations, publishers, agents, promoters, retailers, and legal and business affairs executives. The Americana Music Festival stands as a testament to Nashville’s spirited music scene, serving as a dynamic conduit between industry leaders and music lovers.

Nashville Brew Festival

Nashville Brew FestivalThe Nashville Brew Festival, a significant highlight in Nashville’s annual event calendar, pays tribute to the city’s craft beer industry. This gathering of beer aficionados, local breweries, and food vendors, set to take place on the field and throughout First Horizon Park’s concourse in September, offers an immersive experience of tasting, socializing, and enjoyment. This Nashville fall festival will showcase over 50 breweries and 150 different beers, presenting an opportunity for attendees to sample a diverse range of brews while interacting with their creators. Complementing the beer-tasting experience, a selection of food trucks will cater to the palate of festivalgoers, offering a variety of local cuisines. Adding to the festive atmosphere, live music and lawn games will be part of the event, making the Nashville Brew Festival not only a celebration of craft beer but also a community bonding experience.

Pumpkin Festival

Pumpkin FestivalPumpkinfest, a hallmark of Franklin’s autumnal festivities, is a grand celebration that draws thousands to the heart of downtown Franklin, Tennessee, each October. This event pays homage to the annual harvest of pumpkins, encapsulating the essence of the season through a wealth of activities designed for individuals of all ages. This Nashville fall festival’s “KidsZone” area, sponsored by Grace Chapel, is a hub of children’s games, arts, and crafts, providing a playground for young attendees. Food and drink aficionados can revel in the wide array of autumn-inspired culinary delights while the over 150 arts and crafts vendors present a fantastic opportunity for seasonal and specialty gift shopping. Live music echoes throughout the festival, creating a lively ambiance only enhanced by the fun-filled costume contests for pets and families. The Whiskey Lounge provides a refined retreat, adding an adult-centric facet to the festival’s offerings. In essence, Pumpkinfest is a testament to Franklin’s community spirit and love for the season, providing a unique and fun-filled experience for all who attend.

Kidsville Family Festival

The Kidsville Family Festival is an outstanding event in Nashville’s fall festival lineup, embodying the city’s family-friendly ethos and community spirit. This free festival promises a day filled with exciting activities suitable for all ages, from interactive games provided by Bounce It Off Inflatables and lawn fitness activities to sensory play. Adding to the festivities, the Kidsville Family Festival is a food lover’s paradise, featuring a diverse range of food trucks. This festival is held at the scenic Musicians Corner Amphitheater, nestled in the heart of Centennial Park, further amplifying its appeal to families looking for a unique way to enjoy Nashville’s fall season.

Pilgrimage Music & Cultural Festival

The Pilgrimage Music & Cultural Festival, a prominent two-day event launched in 2015, has become an unmissable fixture on Franklin’s cultural calendar. Held annually at the scenic Harlinsdale Farm, it is just a short walk from the heart of downtown Franklin. This Nashville fall festival was born out of a shared passion for music, history, and companionship with the vision to create a truly authentic Nashville music festival experience. Over the years, the Pilgrimage Festival has grown exponentially, now boasting multiple stages and hosting over 60 musicians. The festival’s location in a city that many musicians call home offers a distinct advantage, fostering an environment rife with impromptu guest appearances, acoustic performances, and unique collaborations. Embracing an eclectic mix of genres and musical styles, the Pilgrimage Festival offers an intentionally diverse music experience, ensuring that attendees can enjoy not only their favorite acts but also discover new ones.

Nashville Cultural Festival

The Celebrate Nashville Cultural Festival, an annual event that embodies the city’s cultural diversity, is an integral part of Nashville’s cultural festival scene. It provides a platform where over 50 different cultures converge, manifesting through a diverse array of music, food, art, and interactive exhibits. This Nashville fall festival garners substantial attention each year, drawing in a large crowd eager to partake in the multicultural experience on offer. The festival plays a crucial role in fostering cross-cultural understanding and awareness by encouraging dialogue and interaction between participants from varied cultural backgrounds. By enabling the sharing of unique traditions and experiences, it serves to weave an ever-closer and more understanding community in Nashville, thereby solidifying its status as a beacon of cultural diversity.

Nashville Winter Festivals

Nashville Christmas Parade

The Nashville Christmas Parade, a key event in Middle Tennessee’s holiday festivities, has been a cornerstone of the region’s yuletide celebrations since its inception. Over time, it has seen an array of organizations and entertainers engage in its lively march, spreading the holiday spirit to thousands of spectators annually. This Nashville cultural festival, initially sponsored by the Associated Retailers of Nashville, has always created a captivating spectacle, with its route being revised to traverse down Broadway, up 2nd Avenue North, and across the river, culminating at the base of the Woodland Street Bridge. The grand marshals of the Nashville Christmas Parade are often high-profile entertainers and celebrities, their participation adding further allure to this highly anticipated event.


What festivals are in Nashville?

Nashville, also known as the “Music City,” is renowned for its cultural and musical festival scene. One of the most popular is the CMA Music Festival, a four-day event that draws country music lovers from all over the world.

What is the largest music festival in Nashville?

The largest music festival in Nashville is the CMA Music Festival, which typically takes place annually in June. It is a four-day event that showcases a wide array of country music talent, from established country music stars to up-and-coming artists. This festival attracts hundreds of thousands of country music fans from all over the world, making it a significant event in Nashville’s music scene. Tomato Fest throws a tomato-themed spectacle with live music, food competitions, and fun-themed art exhibitions. And, the Nashville Brew Festival pours a delectable selection of local and regional brews paired with delicious food and live entertainment.

Where do celebrities hang out in Nashville?

Many celebrities in Nashville frequent spots that reflect the city’s vibrant music scene and southern charm. The Bluebird Cafe, a legendary music venue, is a popular spot for seasoned musicians and rising stars alike. Some celebrities may also be spotted at the five-star Hermitage Hotel, especially at its upscale restaurant, the Capitol Grille. For a more casual scene, celebrities often visit Pinewood Social, a dining and social club known for its bowling alley and poolside lounging. Lastly, the trendy 12 South neighborhood is known to attract celebrities with its boutique shopping, gourmet eateries, and charming coffee shops.

How can I stay updated on any changes or cancellations related to these festivals?

Staying updated about any changes or cancellations to festivals in Nashville, such as the CMA Music Festival, can be achieved through various means. One effective way is to follow the official social media pages of these events, where organizers frequently post updates. The websites of these festivals are also reliable sources of information. Subscribing to their newsletters can ensure you receive direct updates in your email. Additionally, local news outlets in Nashville often report significant changes in the city’s major events, so keeping an eye on their broadcasts or websites can also be beneficial.

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