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Colonial Park Cemetery

14 Stop 14
savannah colonial park cemetery

Colonial Park Cemetery - North Entrance

The Colonial Park Cemetery has been a part of Savannah history for more than two centuries. From 1750 until 1853, most residents who died in the area were buried in this shaded, moss-draped cemetery. Among them are various prominent people including Revolutionary War Soldiers. When visitors walk through they can see some of the oldest gravestones in the Southern United States. And they can experience the history that lives within these grounds.

It is said that Union Soldiers were encamped in the cemetery and vandalized the graves, breaking and removing headstones. Although there is no concrete proof, it is clear that many of the close to 10,000 headstones are missing. Several broken headstones are cemented to the rear wall. Historical plaques mark graves of important early colonists, including Button Gwinnett, a signer of the Declaration of Independence. There’s also a historical marker that recounts the duel that caused Gwinnett to loose his life. Take your time to read some of the headstones, most tell a story about the person who’s buried and some recount events that occurred during that era. It’s an amazing, intriguing walk that takes you back in time.

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