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Lucas Theatre

savannah lucas theatre

Lucas Theatre

Arthur Lucas was a brilliant marketer. After the opening of his namesake theater in Savannah in 1921, he kept track of the wedding, birth and birthday announcements that appeared in the paper. Then, he sent free tickets to residents on their birthdays, anniversaries and as wedding and congratulations gifts. For more than 40 years, people from all across the city came to the Lucas Theater to see the various films, shows and concerts. After closing in 1976, the historic theater was threatened with destruction on several occasions.

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Luckily, a small group of local Savannah history buffs bought the building in 1986 and began making plans to rejuvenate and reopen the movie palace. Today, the Lucas Theater for the Arts, after a multi-million dollar restoration, is a lively, vibrant center for opera, orchestras, country music concerts and film festivals. More than 1,000 people each week come to enjoy entertainment at the theater while countless others stop in to get a good look at the splendid architecture and mastery that this building represents.

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