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I have a very small family and I have one sibling. I have 3 very active children. I am just a pretty laid back and friendly person. I never learned how to ride a bike, skate, or swim growing up in a single parent home. My mother is not an outdoors person AT ALL. I have always been into arts and crafts. I spent most of the time in the house growing up so I guess art was the most entertainment I had. I went to Savannah Tech and got my license as a nail tech. I had an interview at Old Town Trolley but didn’t make it because I got COVID. Then, my father passed 1 week later and I learned that he used to work for the company decades ago. The job just kept popping up on Indeed so I said, “God must be trying to tell me something!” I called, set up a new interview, and Bean hired me the same day.

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