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Ghosts and Gravestones will NOT be running on March 16th, 2019 due to the St. Patrick’s Day events. March 15th and 17th  tours will depart from 214 W. Boundary Street. Tour stops will be the Andrew Low House and the Isaiah Davenport House.
This Saturday February 23rd is the Preservation Run.  This will cause stop #4 to be closed until the race is over approximately at 12:00pm.
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Oglethorpe Bench

savannah oglethorpe bench

Oglethorpe Bench  

 A meaningful reminder of the leader that is responsible for creating the city of Savannah, the Oglethorpe Bench is located on Bay Street. The Bench was built in 1906 and is said to be situated on the very spot where General James Edward Oglethorpe pitched a tent and rested on the first night he spent in Georgia. The curved granite bench is a lovely site, with curved steps leading up to it. A stone mosaic decorates the top step making it an interesting and beautiful complement.

Tourists enjoy seeing the bench which marks the spot, a historic moment in time captured for all to treasure.

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