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Saturday December 7th is the Savannah Bridge Run and several other events are going on. Due to this Stops #2, #7, and #14 will be closed until about 12:00 pm. Stop #7 will be closed all day. There will be some issues getting to stop #10 towards the end of the day due to the Christmas Parade on River St. which starts at 5:30 pm.
On January 4th through January 17th Ghosts & Gravestones tour stops will be the Davenport House and Perkins & Son’s Ship Chandlery.


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I’m originally from Alabama. I am married, have four kids and I am a very proud Army wife. I also have two cats and a dog which brings it to a total of nine in my ever growing family! We are a military family – we have had the wonderful opportunity to live in many places across the country. I love animals, all kinds except reptiles. I love camping and being in the mountains; also love college football and have a family full of Auburn fans- WAR EAGLE! I kept meeting people who work for Old Town Trolley and they were always so happy and positive about the company they work for. I really wanted to be a part of that; so that’ what brought me to Old Town Trolley.

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