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Due to required Conductor training, OTT DC will not begin tours, hotel pickups or shuttle service until 10:00am in November 6th, 7th or 8th. Sales Depots will open as scheduled. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
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2-Day Old Town Trolley Tour

Certificate of Excellence
Spending a few days in the city? Grab our two-day ticket to extend your sightseeing experience! With so much to see and do in DC, it’s a good idea to spread out your itinerary over the course of two days.

Buy Your Tickets Online & Save

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Adults $107.40 $66.95 $40.45
Children (4-12) $66.65 $39.95 $26.70
Children Under 4 FREE FREE

*Ticket does not have to be used on consecutive days

We may not be as old as the monuments, but with over 30 years and 8 million guests, we’re DC’s most experienced sightseeing company. Because of that, we know the quality of your tour doesn’t depend on the mere number of tour stops, so we’ve carefully crafted our tour route, selecting the right stops at the right places to maximize your time in the city. Top that off with the best tour guides and DC’s only 100% money back guarantee and you’ve got the recipe for an unforgettable vacation. Ready to go? Then hop aboard Old Town Trolley, the attraction that takes you to the attractions!

Your 2-Day Old Town Trolley Tour Includes:

  • 2-Day Old Town Trolley Pass*
  • Fully Narrated Tour of Washington DC
  • “One of the 10 best hop-on hop-off tours in the world” - Forbes
  • "Top-rated hop-on hop off tour in DC" - Washington Post
  • More than 100 Points of Interest
  • Hop On & Off at 25 Old Town Trolley Stops
  • Full Tour of Arlington National Cemetery
  • Exclusive Foreign Language Tour App with GPS Tracking
  • Free Full-Color Map of DC
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


Our convenient and continuous tour loop takes you to the BEST of DC, which as the authorized tour company of Arlington National Cemetery, now includes a tour of one of our nation’s most hallowed grounds. We hold all of our tours to the highest of standards, and we’re committed to providing you with the best sightseeing experience possible.


Our tour traverses the National Mall with stops at several Smithsonian Museum buildings. You’ll have a chance to explore the National Monuments and Memorials (Lincoln, FDR, Washington, and Jefferson), as well as the United States Capitol and the Supreme Court buildings. From the Lincoln Memorial, you’ll head over the Potomac River and through Arlington National Cemetery, where you’ll have the opportunity to honor the brave men and women who’ve given their lives defending the ideals of our great nation. Witness the Changing of the Guard, visit John F. Kennedy’s gravesite, and explore the Memorial Amphitheater and Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.


Arlington National Cemetery requires that we use special tour vehicles to navigate the grounds. Therefore, a transfer of tour vehicles is required for the Arlington portion of our tour. Our red transfer shuttle will pick you up at the Lincoln Memorial (Stop #11) and drop you off at the cemetery (Stop #12) where you’ll then hop aboard our Arlington National Cemetery touring vehicles for your tour of the cemetery grounds. When you’re finished at Arlington, catch the shuttle again and we’ll take you back to the Lincoln Memorial so you can continue your tour of the city.


Your tour includes all-day on-and-off privileges on our tour loop. As you tour the nation’s capital you’ll have the opportunity to get off the trolley and visit many memorials, museums, and historical points of interest; as well as opportunities for shopping and dining throughout the city. Tour DC at your own pace, and trolleys will come by each stop at least every 30 minutes. Hold on to your Boarding Pass, though, because it’s your ticket to rejoin the tour at any designated stop.


Tours begin daily at 9:00 am and run until our last re-boarding at 4:45 pm. Please note that Washington DC is a city of parades, festivals, motorcades and of course, traffic. These events may cause delays in the arrival of a trolley at your stop or result in having to take an alternate route.


Visiting with friends and family that don’t speak English? Our new exclusive foreign language app is here to help! Built with GPS tracking technology, you can now enjoy live narration in 7 different languages – Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese, and Japanese. Once you purchase your ticket, we’ll provide you with instructions on how to download the app. Then sit back, relax, and enjoy all the sights and sounds via a fully-narrated tour through our nation’s capital.

* 2-day pass does not need to be used on consecutive days

Old Town Trolley Stops in Washington DC

Hop on and off at any of our 25 convenient stops.

  • 1
    Washington Welcome Center
  • 2
    The White House
  • 3
    National Archives
  • 4
    Union Station
  • 5
    U.S. Capitol
  • 6
    Smithsonian Air and Space Museum
  • 7
    Freer and Sackler Galleries of Art – Smithsonian Castle
  • 8
    Holocaust Memorial Museum
  • 9
    Jefferson Memorial
  • 10
    FDR Memorial
  • 11
    Lincoln Memorial – Transfer for Arlington National Cemetery Shuttle
  • 12
    Arlington National Cemetery
  • 13
    President John F. Kennedy Gravesite
  • 14
    US Coast Guard Memorial
  • 15
    John J. Pershing
  • 16
    The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
  • 17
    Arlington House
  • 18
    US Marine Corps War Memorial Iwo Jima
  • 19
    Arlington Sections 55 and 59
  • 20
    Arlington Niche Wall Columbarium Courts
  • 21
    Arlington Pentagon Group Burial Marker
  • 22
    National Museum of American History
  • 23
    Smithsonian Museum of Natural History
  • 24
  • 25
    National Portrait Gallery

Booth Locations

Stop 1 Welcome Center

Stop 4 Union Station


Old Town Trolley Tours

Trolleys board approximately every 30 minutes.

First Tour of the Day:

Stop #1: Washington Welcome Center: 9:05 am
Stop #2: Willard and White House: 9:10 am
Stop #3: National Archives: 9:15 am
Stop #4: Union Station: 9:00 am
Stop #5: US Capitol: 9:05 am
Stop #6: Air and Space Museum: 9:1o am
Stop #7: Smithsonian: 9:15 am
Stop #8: Holocaust Memorial Museum: 9:15 am
Stop #9: Jefferson Memorial: 9:20 am
Stop #10: FDR / Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorials: 9:25 am
Stop #11: Lincoln Memorial: 9:30 am
Stop #12: Arlington National Cemetery: 8:30 am
Stop #13: John F. Kennedy Grave Site: 8:40 am
Stop #14: Coast Guard Memorial: 8:50 am
Stop #15: Pershing Gravesite: 8:55 am
Stop #16: Tomb of the Unknown Soldier: 9:00 am
Stop #17: Arlington House: 9:10 am
Stop #18: Iwo Jima Memorial: 9:20 am
Stop #19: Sections 55 and 59: 10 am  (weekend stop only)
Stop #20: Columbarium and Niche Wall: 10 am (weekend stop only)
Stop #21: Pentagon Group Burial Marker – 9/11 Memorial: 10 am (weekend stop only)
Stop #22: National Museum of American History: 9:40 am
Stop #23: National Museum of Natural History: 9:45 am
Stop #24: Newseum: 9:50 am
Stop #25: National Portrait Gallery: 9:55 am

Last Full Tour of the Day:
Please note that guests taking this tour will not be able to use the on/off feature.

Stop #1: Washington Welcome Center: 5:05 pm
Stop #2: Willard and White House: 5:10 pm
Stop #3: National Archives: 5:15 pm
Stop #4: Union Station: 5:00 pm
Stop #5: US Capitol: 5:05 pm
Stop #6: Air and Space Museum: 5:1o pm
Stop #7: Smithsonian: 5:15 pm
Stop #8: Holocaust Memorial Museum: 5:15 pm
Stop #9: Jefferson Memorial: 5:20 pm
Stop #10: FDR / Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorials: 5:25 pm
Stop #11: Lincoln Memorial: 5:00 pm
Stop #12: Arlington National Cemetery: Oct.-March: 4:00pm; April-Sept.: 6:00pm
Stop #13: John F. Kennedy Grave Site: Oct.-March: 4:10pm; April-Sept.: 6:10pm
Stop #14: Coast Guard Memorial: Oct.-March: 4:15pm; April-Sept.: 6:15pm
Stop #15: Pershing Gravesite: Oct.-March: 4:20pm; April-Sept.: 6:20pm
Stop #16: Tomb of the Unknown Soldier: Oct.-March: 4:25pm; April-Sept.: 6:25pm
Stop #17: Arlington House: Oct.-March: 4:30pm; April-Sept.: 6:30pm
Stop #18: Iwo Jima Memorial: Oct.-March: 4:35pm; April-Sept.: 6:35pm
Stop #19*: Sections 55 and 59: Oct.-March: 4:00pm; April-Sept.: 6:00pm
Stop #20*: Columbarium and Niche Wall: Oct.-March: 4:00pm; April-Sept.: 6:00pm
Stop #21*: 9/11 Memorial: Oct.-March: 4:00pm; April-Sept.: 6:00pm
Stop #22: National Museum of American History: 5:10pm
Stop #23: National Museum of Natural History: 5:15pm
Stop #24: Newseum: 5:20pm
Stop #25: National Portrait Gallery: 5:25pm

*Stops 19-21 are weekend stops only. 

Arlington Cemetery Shuttle:
Begins at 9:30am from Arlington National Cemetery.
Picks up from stop 11 at 9:45am.
Last pickup at Lincoln Memorial is at 4:30pm.
Last pickup from Arlington National Cemetery is at 5pm.

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