Please see below for important information
Due to the Fiesta DC Parade on Saturday September 21st stop #14 the American History Museum, stop #15 the Natural History Museum, stop #16 the Newseum, and stop #17 the Portrait Gallery will be closed all day.
On Sunday, September 22nd stop #3 the National Archives, stop #16 the Newseum, and stop #17 the Portrait Gallery will be closed all day due to the Fiesta DC Festival.
We apologize for any inconvenience.
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Hop On Hop Off Washington DC Tours

old town trolley in Washington DC driving past US Capitol building

Welcome to Washington DC!

We may not be as old as the monuments, but with over 30 years and eight million guests, we’re DC’s most experienced sightseeing company. When you join us on one of our tours, you’ll enjoy what we call Transportainment, a delightful combination of transportation and entertainment. It’s the perfect way to experience the city! We’ve carefully crafted our tour route, selecting the right stops at the right places, to maximize your time in the city. We also have the most highly-trained and knowledgeable tour guides and we stand by the quality of our tours with a 100% satisfaction guarantee! So, let’s go adventuring in the Nation’s Capital with Old Town Trolley Tours!

  • Admissions Admissions
  • Entertainment Entertainment


At any of the 17 designated stops located throughout the city, you will have the opportunity to disembark and take as much time as you like exploring attractions found there and others nearby. Once you’re ready to get going again to your next stop, simply pick up the next scheduled trolley, hop back on and away you go!

We are 100% owned and operated in the United States so you can be sure that we know all the history and latest information about Washington DC better than anyone. All of our tours are conducted in real time with live narration without the use of any pre-recorded messaging and we are proud to be the only tour operator in the city authorized to enter the grounds of one of DC’s most visited places, Arlington National Cemetery (Gold and Platinum Passes only.)

“One of the 10 best hop-on hop-off tours in the world”

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“Top-rated hop-on hop off tour in DC”

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interior of trolley showings guests looking out large windows showing US capitolOur fleet of state-of-the-art stadium trolleys provides a comfortable and relaxing environment from which to enjoy your Washington DC adventure! Because of the chassis’ unique design, there isn’t a seat that doesn’t offer up clear, unobstructed views of the things you want to see. Not only do you get to enjoy the best sight lines of any tour in DC, but all the seats are padded for extra comfort. All trolleys come outfitted with WiFi capabilities as well as flat-screen monitors displaying images for a more immersive experience. Finally, our fleet is ALL WEATHER proof and does its job rain or shine.


Whether you’re just breezing through or enjoying an extended stay, we’ve got several options to choose from to help you maximize your time in DC and still see the best first!


  • 1 Day of Free Unlimited Re-Boarding
  • National Mall, Downtown and Waterfront Loop
  • Shuttle to Arlington National Cemetery
  • Uptown Loop (hotel shuttle)


  • 1 Day of Free Unlimited Re-Boarding
  • National Mall, Downtown and Waterfront Loop
  • Shuttle to Arlington National Cemetery
  • Uptown Loop (hotel shuttle)
  • Arlington National Cemetery Loop*
  • Round-trip boat cruise to Georgetown, Alexandria Marina or National Harbor**


  • 2 Consecutive Days of Free Unlimited Re-Boarding
  • National Mall, Downtown and Waterfront Loop
  • Shuttle to Arlington National Cemetery
  • Uptown Loop (hotel shuttle)
  • Arlington National Cemetery Loop*
  • Round-trip boat cruise to Georgetown, Alexandria Marina or National Harbor**

old town trolley tour stop at the Jefferson memorialTOUR ROUTES

This is the primary loop comprised of 17 different stops of the area’s most popular attractions. It traverses the National Mall with stops at several Smithsonian Museum buildings and National Monuments and Memorials (Lincoln, FDR, Washington, and Jefferson). Some other stops include The White House, Capitol Building, National Archives, Smithsonian Air & Space Museum and many more!

picture of arlington national cemetery vehicle driving past arlington house and tombstones in foregroundWe are proud to be the only tour operator in the city authorized to enter the grounds of one of DC’s most visited places, Arlington National Cemetery. You’ll head over the Potomac River and through Arlington National Cemetery where you’ll have the opportunity to honor the brave men and women who’ve given their lives defending the ideals of our great nation. Witness the Changing of the Guard, visit John F. Kennedy’s gravesite, and explore the Memorial Amphitheatre and Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Available with your Gold or Platinum Pass only.


Arlington National Cemetery Shuttle driving past tombstones Arlington National Cemetery requires that we use special tour vehicles to navigate the grounds. Therefore, a transfer of tour vehicles is required for the Arlington portion of our tour. Our red transfer shuttle will pick you up at the Lincoln Memorial (Stop #13) and drop you off at the cemetery where you’ll then hop aboard our Arlington National Cemetery touring vehicles for your tour of the cemetery grounds. When you’re finished at Arlington, catch the shuttle again and we’ll take you back to the Lincoln Memorial so you can continue your tour of the city. The first Arlington Shuttle departs the Lincoln Memorial daily at 9:45 am. The last shuttle to complete the Arlington National Cemetery portion of your tour departs at 3:00 pm.


Once you get to our Nation’s Capital, everything you’ll need to help you plan your way through the city can be mapped out right here. Figure out where you’d like to pick up the tour, what you can expect to see upon arriving at any of the stops and what might be of interest to you off the beaten path or the surrounding neighborhoods.

Round-trip boat cruise to Georgetown, Alexandria Marina or National Harbor (Gold & Platinum Passes only; March-December)**

Boarding for Water Taxi Boat Cruise is at trolley stop #8.


father and son guests riding inside the Washington DC trolley looking out the window at monumentsAlthough we make every intention to strictly adhere to our schedule (9am daily with a final re-boarding at 4:4pm), Washington DC is a very densely packed area that often hosts parades, public gatherings, negotiates motorcades and all manner of large scale events that may, on occasion delay our timetable. Please visit our schedule tab for a complete list of dates when we are not operating or expecting delays.


Visiting with friends and family who don’t speak English? Our visitors come from all over the world and our new exclusive foreign language app is here to help! All trolleys come outfitted with WiFi capabilities so you can now enjoy narration in seven different languages – Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese, and Japanese. We’ll provide you with instructions on how to download the app. Then sit back, relax, and enjoy all the sights and sounds via a fully-narrated tour through our nation’s capital. Headphones not included.

*Arlington Cemetery Loop and Water Taxi Boat Cruise valid for two consecutive days from date of purchase. Water Taxi and Blue Loop inclusions have no value and cannot be sold or transferred. **Available March -December. Guests allowed one round-trip water taxi ticket. Return ticket issued at time of initial redemption and back to starting location. Redemption locations: National Harbor, Georgetown and Old Town Alexandria. Tickets are based on availability and are good for next available cruise.

Check out our other tours available:

picture of arlington national cemetery tours vehicle driving past rows of tombstonesARLINGTON NATIONAL CEMETERY

The hallowed grounds of this place continue to resonate with a special power that attracts over three million visitors a year. There are over 400,000 buried here to date with some 25-30 funerals taking place every day. A ride with Arlington National Cemetery Tours is essential to capture the full breadth of this place. As the official and only tour operator authorized to give guided tours of the cemetery grounds, your tour runs on a continuous loop for up to an hour and makes between 7 and 10 stops, depending on the day of the week you visit. Highlights include the gravesite of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, General John J. Pershing, and the Arlington House.


dc ducks potomac riverExplore DC on Land & by River with a Duck tour. Forget what you think you know about DC Ducks and get ready for a look at Washington DC only we can give you! You will be granted special access to this city thanks to a fully restored DUKW vehicle that can seamlessly go from tour bus to boat – giving you a perspective on this magnificent city that you can only get on a DC Ducks tour. DC is a city like no other and we want to show you as many of the most popular and important memorials and landmarks as we can so you walk away feeling that you’ve seen the best this city has to offer.

Safety First, Courtesy A Close Second

Since 1995, over one million visitors have discovered America’s Capital City in the comfort and safety of our highly-maintained fleet of Coast Guard Certified amphibious vehicles.

Here’s Why:

  • logo with stars and stripes in background and in the foreground, the words 'United States Coast Guard Approved'Impeccable safety record
  • Compliant with strict U.S. Coast Guard & DOT regulations
  • Highly-trained, certified Master Captains
  • The waters of the Potomac River are shallow and calm and we are never far from shore
  • Vehicle design is first in class
  • All vehicles furnished with the latest in safety equipment


monuments by moonlight lincoln memorialDiscover why Monuments by Moonlight is rated one of DC’s Top 20 Best Kept Secrets. All the cherished monuments you’ve read about in books, seen in movies, and learned about in school, exude a life of their own on this moonlit tour. The glowing dome and grand columns of the Capitol Building, the thought-provoking Lincoln Memorial and so much more await you on this enchanted excursion through past and present.


washington dc brochureDownload an Old Town Trolley Washington DC Brochure

13 Reasons why Old Town Trolley is the best tour company in town:


Riding around the Beltway for over 30 years as DC’s longest-running city tour!


All our tours are 100% live in real time - No pre-recorded narration


The finest, most highly-trained and knowledgeable guides


Unlimited hop-on & hop-off as often as you like all day long


Proudly owned and operated in the United States


The only tour authorized to enter the grounds of Arlington National Cemetery (Gold and Platinum passes only)


Exclusive foreign language tour app offered in 7 languages


Best view! State-of-the-art stadium trolleys


Every seat is the best seat!


All-weather trolleys - rain or shine! Our vehicles get the job done


Onboard monitors display historical imagery


Comfortable padded seats for a pleasant tour


Free WiFi

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