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Old Town Trolley Tours, Monuments by Moonlight, Arlington Cemetery Tours and the Washington Welcome Center beginning Tuesday, March 17 we will closed. We plan to re-open on Saturday, March 28, 2020.
Arlington National Cemetery requires a 100% ID Check with no exceptions:All US guest must provide a State or Government Issued picture ID. Visitors 16 and 17 may present a valid school ID.All foreign guest must present a PASSPORT. Foreign ID Cards will not be accepted. If you ride the Shuttle over from the Lincoln Memorial without proper ID, you will be denied entry into the Cemetery and you must provide your own transportation back to the Lincoln Memorial.For security reasons, we will not be allowed to pick you back up on Memorial Drive.We apologize for any inconvenience. These changes and requirements are beyond our control.
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National Law Enforcement Museum

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national law enforcement museum exhibit featuring a police car in the center with a door open and the words 'Indiana State Police' and in the background, glass case with a truck mounted on the top

Visitors will explore the history and many facets of American law enforcement in an experience you won’t find anywhere else!

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national law enforcement museum exhibit featuring a helicopter hanging from the ceiling with the words 'US Park Police' painted on the side of helicopter Some more noteworthy exhibits are Eagle One, the U.S. Park Police helicopter that rescued survivors from an airline crash in the Potomac River, The Untouchables‘ Eliot Ness’ police credentials, an exact replica of a prison cell from nearby Lorton, VA, and immersive forensics and evidence gathering interactives.

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