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Truman Little White House


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Truman Little White House

Visit Florida's only presidential museum & winter White House for this country's 33rd president, Harry S. Truman.

Visit Florida’s only presidential museum & winter White House for this country’s 33rd president, Harry S. Truman.

Your Truman Little White House Includes:

  • See the home Harry S. Truman came to relax and rest
  • Visit where Eisenhower recuperated from his heart attack in 1956
  • Thomas Edison resided here during World War I
  • Here history tellers tell fascinating stories of the most important man of his time
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

The house was built on the waterfront of the harbor of Key West. In the beginning of the 20th century, the home was converted into a single family dwelling to house the base commandant.

The house has been host to many distinguished guests. Thomas Edison resided in the house during World War I, while working on depth charge research for the U.S. Navy.

In 1946, Harry Truman began visiting Key West for rest and relaxation and returned for 175 days during his presidency. Quarters A was the Winter White House.

President Dwight Eisenhower used the home while recuperating from a heart attack in 1956. In 1961, the Little White House played host to President John F. Kennedy and British Prime Minister Harold MacMillan during the Bay of Pigs incident. The house remained a living quarters for the commanding officers of the base until Truman Naval Station was closed in 1974. In 1996, President Jimmy Carter and his family, visited the home while on holiday and celebrated New Year’s Eve here with family and friends. In April of 2000 the Joint Chiefs of Staff for the U.S., Great Britain, Germany, and France along with their wives had a private dinner at the Little White House.

Our history tellers relate a fascinating & personal glimpse of the most important man of his time.

Truman Little White House

9:30am to 4:30pm.

365 days a year.

Reservation Notes:
Reservations are NOT needed or accepted.

Duration: 1 hour.

Booth Location:
Truman Annex, 111 Front Street.

Nearest Intersection:
Front Street and Caroline Street.

Please check in with booth agent for next available house tour. For more information call: 305-294-9911.

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