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Best Nighttime Photo Spots in Nashville

scenic view of nashville broadway street at night

Music City is one of the fastest growing, cultural hubs in the southern United States and it rocks as hard as the music that has brought it into prominence.

There are tons to do here from checking out the very first guitar The Man in Black recorded with at the Johnny Cash Museum to melting your face as you sink your teeth into a piece of hot chicken. There are many parks and public areas, museums, restaurants for every palette and boy, does it ever dazzle when the sun goes down. Here are the best views in Nashville to enjoy a sunset and the evening that follows!

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You can’t see this view of Nashville and not ‘get in the mood’; so if you’ve got a date you want to impress, this is the place! The park is a nice little getaway in the middle of an urban area, located near Vanderbilt between Natchez Trace and West End, and the scenic view is enhanced by the natural beauty of the trees contrasted with the luminescent Nashville skyline. From this overlook, you can also see the home of country music singer-songwriter John Rich! Hint: It’s the really big one. Besides romance, this spot is also a preferred staging area for a great Fourth of July hoe-down!

A view of downtown Nashville at night from the Shelby Street Pedestrian BridgeJOHN SEIGENTHALER PEDESTRIAN BRIDGE

A truly gorgeous walkway over the Cumberland River when crossing between East Nashville and Downtown Nashville, you may encounter a couple on an engagement photo shoot and plenty of folks like yourself looking for the most creative way to capture the skyline. ABC’s “Nashville” featured this bridge against a radiant sunset in a previous episode. The iconic Batman building (AT&T building) looms prominently from this vantage point. It is the perfect location for your next Instagram photo. If you’re coming from downtown, take a pit-stop at Crema and get a cup of Joe to add a pep to your step.


As grandiose and marvelous as the best-selling country music giant it’s named after, this is a next-level rooftop bar experience. If it’s spacious you’re looking for, it’s hard to beat this venue for sheer size alone. Of course, if there’s a party going on and a live band in full swing, the square footage has been known to decrease somewhat. Besides the great entertainment and grub, you’ll enjoy unobstructed views of the Cumberland River, Nissan Park where the Tennessee Titans NFL football team plays, virtually all of downtown, the “Ghost Ballet for the East Machineworks” art sculpture on the river, and Riverfront Park. If you want to feel engulfed by Music City, you can hardly find a better place.

aerial view of nashville riverboat lit up at nightRIVERBOAT CRUISES

For something a little different that harkens back to Victorian Nashville, this impressive showboat, complete with an old-timey paddle wheel, is a wonderful way to experience the magnificence of this river-bound city. You’ll cruise down the mighty Cumberland River affording you many different looks at the nearby skyline as you take in the night air. For a taste of the Old South, this will definitely float your boat.

nashville lower broadwayLOWER BROADWAY

“They say the neon lights are bright on Broadway.” The lyrics to that song were intended to describe New York City’s Broadway but the same applies for that famous stretch of road known as the Honky-Tonk Highway. This is the nerve center of the live music scene in Nashville and it really pops with energy and color at night. Neon is king out here and the signs for AJ’s Good Time Bar, Robert’s Western World, and The Stage are among the most recognizable signs that you are in the heart of Music City, Lower Broadway!

nashville country music hall of fameCOUNTRY MUSIC HALL OF FAME

Featuring over 350,000 square feet of state-of-the-art galleries, retail stores, education classrooms, archival storage, and special event space, you will be immersed in the history and sounds of country music as you walk around the famed Country Music Hall of Fame.
There are elements built into the architecture that remind one of musical instruments such as the curvaceous exterior wall made to look like a piano’s keyboard. At night, it’s quite the sight to behold!

Old Town Trolley Tour packed with people waving and smiling down Lower Broadway in Nashville, TNOLD TOWN TROLLEY’S SOUL OF MUSIC CITY TOUR!

The pulse of a city that lives and breathes music is present in every honky-tonk, every bar and in the warm breeze coming off the Tennessee River. Experience the true heart of Nashville aboard our Soul of Music City Tour! It’s an evening filled with music, history and fun and a close-up view of some of the most legendary spots in town.
There is an opportunity to walk across the previously mentioned Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge on this tour for breathtaking views of the city.
You’ll soak up all the sights and sounds of Lower Broadway as well, and the George Jones Rooftop Bar is only a block away from the Johnny Cash Museum.

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