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Independent Presbyterian Church

Savannah Independent Presbyterian Church Information Guide

Founded in 1755, the Independent Presbyterian Church was originally called The Presbyterian Church and is considered to be the mother of Georgia Presbyterianism. With more than 250 years of history and authentic beauty, the church offers a special experience to people of all faiths. When a hurricane damaged the church in the 1800’s, plans were made to reconstruct it to its original condition. It is said that the rebuilding was so costly that pews were sold to the public to help cover the expenses. The average price of a family pew was $1,140.

Today, guests to the church can see the marble baptism font which was hauled in wagons pulled by oxen from New Jersey and the rich mahogany pulpit that was used to preach many meaningful sermons—both original items that survived various destructive events. And if you happen to notice, the Independent Presbyterian Church can also be seen in the movie Forrest Gump, when a white feather floats across the tall steeple. A moment in history and an uplifting experience, a visit to the church is not soon forgotten.

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