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What’s Open Memorial Day in Savannah

Old Town Trolley sightseeing throughout Savannah

What's Open Memorial Day in Savannah

Enjoy Memorial Day Weekend with the warm southern hospitality that Savannah is famous for. There are so many cool things to do in Georgia’s first city, including exquisite architecture, historic points of interest, attractions and tons of natural beauty. You can see many of the city’s most popular places while on your Memorial Day vacation. Read on and find out what’s open Memorial Day weekend with our list of what’s open Memorial Day in Savannah.

Attractions Open Memorial Day Weekend

Old Town Trolley Savannah

Open on Memorial Day weekend, this attraction will help you visit and experience other well known Savannah attractions during your Memorial Day Holiday. Old Town Trolley has been entertaining visitors to Savannah for over 30 years, and while you’re aboard their open-air trolley, the breezes keep you cool. Plus, you’re not driving around in your car, looking for parking and getting in and out of your car at dozens of different attractions. The tour is one of the most comprehensive sightseeing excursions available, showing you more than 100 of Savannah’s best points of interest including the Andrew Low House, the Cathedral of St. John, the Kehoe House, Forsyth Park, River Street and more.

The onboard guides are funny and knowledgeable so you learn a lot about the city’s history while being entertained. The tour also allows you to get off and on and linger at any of its 16 stops as long and as much as you want.

American Prohibition Museum

Located in Savannah’s popular City Market, the American Prohibition Museum is the first and only museum in the United States dedicated to the history of Prohibition and is open Memorial Day weekend. Highlighting an era of gangsters, rum runners, and flappers, the museum brings the Roaring Twenties to life with over 20 intoxicating exhibits and an authentic speakeasy. Featuring 21st century technology and immersive displays, the museum takes guests on a journey through the past to the early 1900s when anti-alcohol rallies swept the nation and America’s struggle with alcohol was brought to light.

A smiling family of four standing in front of the American Prohibition Museum in Savannah flanked by a man and woman in Prohibition era clothing


Situated in the heart of the city, Riverwalk in Savannah is one of the area’s most popular attractions for visitors & locals alike and is the perfect spot to enjoy your Memorial Day vacation. Cobblestone streets lead to exceptional dining experiences, unique shops and a variety of entertainment. Be sure to check out Factors Walk and the Cotton Exchange as well as the many other historic buildings in the area. Of course, take some time to gaze out at the river – a gorgeous sight at any time of the year.

Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum

Housed inside the William Scarbrough House and Gardens, the Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum is a unique collection of ship models, paintings and maritime antiques that date back to the trade era between England and America in the 18th and 19th centuries. The house itself, a sophisticated home that was built in 1819 for one of the principal owners of the Savannah, the first steamship to cross the Atlantic Ocean, is also something you shouldn’t miss.

Fort Jackson

Open Memorial Day weekend, Load up the convoy and head over to historic Fort Jackson. Old Fort Jackson was named after James Jackson, one-time governor of Georgia and promises an afternoon of adventure for the whole family. Located along the Savannah River, this massive structure was built between 1808 and 1812 and is the oldest brick fort still standing in Georgia. The kids get a real kick out of the cannon-firings and touring this National Historic Landmark. Amazing views of the riverfront skyline are a beautiful bonus.

Ghosts & Gravestones

Savannah is known for its friendly folks, great southern cooking and gorgeous architecture—but there’s another side to this coastal city that’s full of intrigue and thrills, the haunted side! Considered by paranormal experts and ghost hunters around the country as America’s Most Haunted City, Savannah has its share of dark history and supernatural activity and if you’re even the least bit curious about whether or not ghosts really do exist, the Ghosts & Gravestones Tour is your ticket to erie entertainment this Memorial Day weekend. Aboard these Savannah ghost tours, you’ll roam the city in search of spirits and visit some of the most haunted places including the Andrew Low House and the Perkins and Sons Ship Chandlery. Your Ghost Host will share many spooky stories about the places you visit and the most well-known spirits in Savannah.

Restaurants and Places to Eat Open Memorial Day Weekend

Congress Street Up Speakeasy

Speakeasy-style cocktail bar serving upscale Prohibition-era classics inside a history museum, open this Memorial Day weekend. Congress Street Up has been designed to embody an authentic 1920s speakeasy bar. Complete with tin punch ceiling and parquet floors, our speakeasy consists of wooden and brick back bars, period music and costumed bartenders.

rows of liquor bottles sitting on glass shelves

Mrs. Wilkes Boarding House

For a true taste of Savannah, stop in at Mrs. Wilkes Boarding House this Memorial Day weekend. Set in an old brick building that dates back to 1870, this is one of Savannah’s legendary spots. Mrs. Wilkes passed away in 2003 and although she had not taken in any boarders in around 40 years, her hometown cooking and hospitality continue on. The famous dining room is so popular that although the sign is not visible from the road, hungry tourists and locals alike begin lining up before the restaurant even opens every morning. Serving up family-style meals at large tables, Mrs. Wilkes Boarding House delights guests with traditional down home fried chicken, gumbo, creamed corn, Savannah red rice, biscuits and more. Come hungry and ready to dine alongside of folks you may not know; because at Mrs. Wilkes, everyone is family and is seated together at large 10-top tables.

Clary’s Restaurant

If you have ever visited Clary’s Café, then you know that they’re about far more than the food. Open Memorial Day weekend, it is a place full of nostalgia and intriguing characters. It is a colorful mosaic of times and people and the bonds that have formed throughout the years. The feelings of home and family are evident when you walk through the door. As you look around at all of the knickknacks, paintings, family pictures and memorabilia that form its décor, you may wonder how a drugstore could have evolved into what you see now… World Famous Clary’s Café. Remember, We serve breakfast all day!

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