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What’s Open in Savannah During Summer Holiday Weekends

old town trolley savannah vehicle in front of kehoe house in savannah

What’s Open in Savannah During Summer Holiday Weekends

Enjoy the warm southern hospitality that Savannah is famous for – but do it while beating the summer heat. There are so many cool things to do in Georgia’s first city, including exquisite architecture, historic points of interest, attractions and tons of natural beauty. You can see many of the city’s most popular places while staying cool this summer. Read on and find out what’s open with our list of what’s open during summer holidays in Savannah.

What’s Open Memorial Day Weekend in Savannah

Old Town Trolley

Open on Memorial Day weekend, only Old Town Trolley Tours can offer you the most comprehensive Savannah sightseeing experience. This fully narrated tour takes you to more than 100 different points of interest in the city and shares the fascinating stories of the people and places in Savannah’s history. The orange and green trolley will make stops at the Telfair Museum of Art, the Jepson Center for the Arts, River Street, the Sorrel-Weed House, the Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace, Colonial Park Cemetery and much more. You’ll have the opportunity to get off and back on as often as you wish throughout the tour and spend as much time as you’d like at any of the stops. Dig into real southern cooking at Mrs. Wilkes Boarding House, do some shopping on Broughton and view the Victorian houses at your leisure. There are trolleys coming and going all day long.

Old Town Trolley offers Memorial Day Promotions, visit the site to learn more.

American Prohibition Museum

Located in Savannah’s popular City Market, the American Prohibition Museum is open this Memorial Day weekend. The first and only museum in the United States dedicated to the history of Prohibition. Highlighting an era of gangsters, rum runners, and flappers, the museum brings the Roaring Twenties to life with over 20 intoxicating exhibits and an authentic speakeasy.

American Prohibition Museum offers Memorial Day Promotions, visit the site to learn more.

Image of a maroon colored vintage 1920s era automobile next to three guests and a man in a period accurate blue 3-piece suit laughing with a cigar in his hand in the American Prohibition Museum in Savannah,GA

Congress Street Up Speakeasy

Visit the Congress Street Up Speakeasy this Memorial Day weekend. Congress Street Up has been designed to embody an authentic 1920s speakeasy bar. Complete with tin punch ceiling and parquet floors, our speakeasy consists of wooden and brick back bars, period music and costumed bartenders.

Congress Street Up Speakeasy offers Memorial Day Promotions, visit the site to learn more.

rows of liquor bottles sitting on glass shelves

Ghosts & Gravestones

All weekend explore the haunted past of Savannah, open Memorial Day. Savannah is known for its friendly folks, great southern cooking and gorgeous architecture—but there’s another side to this coastal city that’s full of intrigue and thrills, the haunted side! Considered by paranormal experts and ghost hunters around the country as America’s Most Haunted City, Savannah has its share of dark history and supernatural activity and if you’re even the least bit curious about whether or not ghosts really do exist, the Ghosts & Gravestones Tour is your ticket to erie entertainment.

Ghosts & Gravestones offers Memorial Day Promotions, visit the site to learn more.

savannah ghost tours

What’s Open 4th of July Weekend in Savannah

Old Town Trolley

Open 4th of July weekend, Old Town Trolley has been entertaining visitors to Savannah for over 30 years, and while you’re aboard their open-air trolley, the breezes keep you cool. Plus, you’re not driving around in your car, looking for parking and getting in and out of your car at dozens of different attractions. The tour is one of the most comprehensive sightseeing excursions available, showing you more than 100 of Savannah’s best points of interest including the Andrew Low House, the Cathedral of St. John, the Kehoe House, Forsyth Park, River Street and more.

Old Town Trolley offers 4th of July Promotions, visit the site to learn more.

Savannah Restaurants

American Prohibition Museum

Visit the American Prohibition Museum this 4th of July weekend. Featuring 21st century technology and immersive displays, the museum takes guests on a journey through the past to the early 1900s when anti-alcohol rallies swept the nation and America’s struggle with alcohol was brought to light.

American Prohibition Museum offers 4th of July Promotions, visit the site to learn more.

A smiling family of four standing in front of the American Prohibition Museum in Savannah flanked by a man and woman in Prohibition era clothing

Congress Street Up Speakeasy

This 4th of July weekend, slip into our Speakeasy to enjoy authentic craft cocktails. Zagat rated Congress Street Up Speakeasy “One Of The Hottest Bars In Savannah.”

Congress Street Up Speakeasy offers 4th of July Promotions, visit the site to learn more.

an alcoholic beverage and flowers on a table

Ghosts & Gravestones

Don’t be fooled by the quaint neighborhoods and cobblestone streets of Savannah. This southern city is home to eerie occurrences and infamous ghosts. Let the Hostess City of the South share its darker side with you aboard a Ghosts & Gravestones tour during the 4th of July weekend. Your Ghost Hosts will lead you through the city’s most haunted sites, including the Andrew Low House and the Perkin’s & Son’s Ship Chandlery. Along the way, learn the menacing stories that have plagued River Street for hundreds of years. This is one history lesson unlike the others.

Ghosts & Gravestones offers 4th of July Promotions, visit the site to learn more.

What’s Open Labor Day Weekend in Savannah

Old Town Trolley

There’s no better way to see all the best of Savannah this Labor Day than on the Old Town Trolley. The onboard guides are funny and knowledgeable so you learn a lot about the city’s history while being entertained. The tour also allows you to get off and on and linger at any of its 16 stops as long and as much as you want.

Old Town Trolley offers Labor Day Promotions, visit the site to learn more.

savannah trolley driving past kehoe house made of bricks with many trees on the left

American Prohibition Museum

While here this Labor day weekend, guests will travel back in time to the early 1900s, as anti-alcohol rallies swept the nation and the “booze problem” was pushed to the fore-front of American politics. The true story of America’s struggle with the liquor question, the passing of the 18th Amendment, its impact on the nation, and the far-reaching consequences of the thirteen years of Prohibition all come to life within the walls of the American Prohibition Museum.

American Prohibition Museum offers Labor day Promotions, visit the site to learn more.

picture showing wood and brick wall, a door with the word 'saloon' above it, two boards blocking door and a sign that reads 'closed for violation of national prohibition act by order of United States District Court'

Congress Street Up Speakeasy

If your idea of a night out on the town is about getting gussied up in your smartest duds with a top-shelf cocktail sitting snugly in your hands, you need to stop by for a visit this Labor day weekend! As Savannah’s only speakeasy, Congress Street Up, located inside the American Prohibition Museum in the city’s Riverfront District, is an elegant cocktail bar that exudes the 1920s, Art-Deco charm that Zagat rates as one of the hottest bars in the city. From artfully prepared custom cocktails, authentic atmosphere, and live music every Thursday night, this throwback vibe is well worth revisiting.

Congress Street Up Speakeasy offers Labor day Promotions, visit the site to learn more.

picture showing a bartender in suit and tie fixing an alcoholic beverage with rows on liquor bottles on glass shelves on display behind him

Ghosts & Gravestones

Known as America’s most haunted city, Savannah’s history is both rich and mysterious. Aboard the Ghosts & Gravestones night-time tour, your costumed Ghost Host will transport you to some of the city’s most haunted sights. Travel through the historic district this Labor day weekend on a ghostly historical adventure you won’t soon forget. For those who are curious about the existence of spirits or just plain ready for a spooky adventure, book a ride on the Trolley of the Doomed.

Ghosts & Gravestones offers Labor day Promotions, visit the site to learn more.

Savannah Ghost Town Trolley

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