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Explore St. Augustine’s Best Galleries for Creative Inspiration!

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Welcome to the creative world of St. Augustine’s art galleries. Each gallery in this historic city is a treasure trove of artistic expression, presenting a wide range of artistic styles and mediums. Visiting these galleries immerses you in the local culture and gives you a deep appreciation for the artistic heritage of St. Augustine. From the evocative pieces at the Lightner Museum to the mesmerizing exhibits of the St. Augustine Art Association, each art gallery in St. Augustine offers a unique journey of creative exploration and inspiration. So, why visit these art galleries in St. Augustine? Because they offer not just a visual feast but a reflection of the city’s soul, its history, and its vibrant artistic community.

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Popular Art Galleries To Visit in St. Augustine

First Friday Art Walk

First Friday Art WalkThe First Friday Art Walk in St. Augustine stands as a testament to the city’s thriving art scene and its community’s appreciation for creativity. This monthly event, held on the first Friday of each month, is a must-visit attraction for both locals and visitors. Art galleries throughout St. Augustine open their doors in the evening, creating an inviting atmosphere for all to explore a diverse array of art exhibits.

Walking through this open-air gallery, you are likely to come across a multitude of artistic styles and mediums — from contemporary art, abstract paintings, and sculptures to photography and crafts. The experience is made even more engaging with live music performances and the possibility of meeting the artists themselves. This gallery walk is not just about viewing art; it’s about immersing yourself in the local creative community and embracing the spirit of St. Augustine. The First Friday Art Walk is a mirror of the city’s artistic diversity and dynamism and presents an unforgettable cultural experience.

Crisp-Ellert Art Museum

Situated within the beautiful campus of Flagler College, the Crisp-Ellert Art Museum is another jewel in the crown of St. Augustine’s thriving art scene. This contemporary art museum is an essential stop for art enthusiasts thanks to its fascinating blend of local and national art exhibits. The museum is highly regarded for its innovative curation, spotlighting both emerging and established artists. As you walk through the museum, you’ll be treated to an eclectic mix of exhibits, varying from captivating installations and multimedia presentations to traditional paintings and prints. This art gallery in St. Augustine is more than just a display space; it’s a dynamic platform for artists and viewers to engage in a visual dialogue. The museum also hosts artist talks, workshops, and educational programs, fostering an environment of learning and creative engagement. A visit to the Crisp-Ellert is a deep dive into the heart of contemporary art.

Aviles Gallery

Tucked away on the oldest street in the U.S., Aviles Street, the Aviles Gallery beckons art lovers from around the world. As a hub of creativity in St. Augustine, this gallery is a dynamic showcase of local and international talent. The art displayed at the gallery is as diverse as it is captivating, with a wide spectrum of styles and mediums to appreciate, including paintings, ceramics, photography, and jewelry. The gallery holds a special draw for those interested in local art, as they frequently feature works by St. Augustine’s artists, reflecting the city’s culture. The gallery is also renowned for its friendly and welcoming atmosphere, where visitors are encouraged to interact with the art and learn more about the artists and their creative process. This art gallery in St. Augustine is more than just a place to view art; it’s a place to experience the heart and soul of St. Augustine’s art community. No visit to the city would be complete without immersing yourself in the creative world that the Aviles Gallery embodies.

Georgia Nick Gallery

Nestled in the heart of St. Augustine, the Georgia Nick Gallery is a haven for art enthusiasts and a veritable celebration of artistic expression. This gallery offers a truly immersive exploration of the city’s art scene, proudly showcasing the works of multiple local artists. Explore an array of captivating art forms showcased, including enchanting paintings, intricate sculptures, stunning photography, and unique crafts. One particular highlight is the gallery’s collection of plein-air artwork, capturing the natural beauty of St. Augustine and the surrounding area in beautiful detail. The gallery owes its name to Georgia Nick, a renowned local artist whose inspiring creations set the tone for the breathtaking artistic journey that awaits inside. Visitors are often struck by the welcoming atmosphere of the Georgia Nick Gallery, where there’s a genuine sense of passion for art and culture. In this art gallery in St. Augustine, art goes beyond mere display; it weaves stories through each piece, offering glimpses into the rich and varied artistic heritage of the city.

Plum Contemporary Gallery

The Plum Contemporary Gallery holds a significant place in the city’s flourishing art scene. This gallery is known for its stunning collection of contemporary art that is both visually stimulating and thought-provoking. The Plum Gallery represents a hand-picked selection of both emerging and established artists, providing them with a platform to showcase their talent. As you explore the gallery, you will be taken on a visual journey through a diverse range of art forms, including paintings, sculptures, ceramics, and mixed media. What sets this St. Augustine art gallery apart is its dedication to contemporary art that challenges conventions and compels viewers to reflect and engage. The gallery’s tranquil yet invigorating atmosphere provides the perfect setting to appreciate the nuanced layers of contemporary art. A visit to the Plum Contemporary Gallery is not only a feast for the eyes but also an exploration into the depths of creativity and innovation that define the essence of contemporary art.

Metalartz Gallery

An undeniable gem in St. Augustine’s art galleries, the Metalartz Gallery is a true celebration of creativity and aesthetic exploration. Located in the heart of the city’s Historic District, this unique gallery is a must-visit attraction for art lovers and casual visitors alike. Metalartz is renowned for its eclectic collection, featuring an array of mediums from stunning metal sculptures and mixed-media pieces to exquisite glasswork and captivating paintings.

The gallery showcases the artwork of artists from both local and international backgrounds, providing viewers with an immersive exploration of a variety of artistic perspectives. The gallery’s distinctive focus on metal-based artworks sets it apart, capturing the transformative power of this versatile material in strikingly creative ways. Visitors to Metalartz Gallery are often captivated by the engaging atmosphere, where every piece of art tells a story and invites you to delve deeper into the creative process. The inclusive and welcoming nature of the gallery makes it a space where everyone can appreciate the beauty and complexity of art. A visit to the Metalartz Gallery is not just about viewing art; it’s about experiencing the lively pulse of St. Augustine’s thriving art community.

Plum Pop-Up Gallery

The dynamic and ever-evolving Plum Pop-Up Gallery is an essential stop in St. Augustine’s artistic landscape. This eclectic gallery is a creative chameleon, showcasing a revolving array of exhibits that spotlight both new and seasoned artists. This ever-changing nature makes each visit to the gallery a unique experience, offering fresh perspectives and novel artistic directions. Exhibits span multiple mediums — from thought-provoking paintings and sculptures to innovative mixed media — each echoing the vibrant creative energy that defines St. Augustine’s art galleries. The gallery’s name, “Pop-Up,” is a testament to its commitment to embracing change, spontaneity, and the unexpected, mirroring the dynamic essence of the art world itself. Each exhibit tells a different story, and each artist offers a different perspective of the world, making the gallery a must-visit attraction for both art aficionados and casual visitors. The gallery’s inspiring atmosphere and its role in showcasing St. Augustine’s thriving artistic creativity underline its significance in the city’s cultural offerings.

Gallery One Forty Four

Gallery One Forty FourLocated on one of the city’s most charming streets, Gallery One Forty Four is a treasure trove of artistic brilliance that leaves visitors captivated. This art gallery in St. Augustine presents a wide range of artistic expressions, featuring captivating paintings, sculptures, ceramics, and avant-garde mixed-media installations. Its unique collection represents both local and international artists, offering an expansive look at the evolving global art scene. What sets the gallery apart is its focus on featuring pieces that offer profound social commentary, encouraging visitors to engage in thoughtful reflection and conversation. The serene, welcoming atmosphere of Gallery One Forty Four invites people to linger and fully absorb the depth and richness of each art piece. A visit to this gallery is more than a visual delight — it’s an exploration into the depths of human creativity and the power of artistic expression. As such, Gallery One Forty Four promises an enriching, thought-provoking experience that resonates long after the visit.


St. Augustine old town trolley driving past a canopy of oak treesThe Old Town Trolley in St. Augustine is an unparalleled way to explore the city’s unique art galleries. Its hop-on, hop-off service allows passengers the flexibility to visit each gallery at their leisure, immersing themselves in the unique artistry each one has to offer. The trolley route is meticulously designed to ensure easy access to galleries. This means you save time navigating the city and can dedicate more time to appreciating the art. Additionally, the Old Town Trolley offers informative and engaging narratives of the city’s history and cultural scene, enriching your journey between each gallery stop. Therefore, the Old Town Trolley is not just a mode of transportation; it’s an integral part of the St. Augustine art gallery experience.


What type of art is popular in St. Augustine?

St. Augustine, Florida is known for the rich cultural heritage reflected in its art scene. The city’s art leans toward historical and coastal themes, capturing its unique history and beautiful landscapes. Local galleries often feature sculptures, pottery, and paintings from local artisans, illustrating the city’s fusion of traditional and contemporary art forms. Additionally, St. Augustine’s street art scene is gaining recognition, adding a modern twist to its historical charm.

What are the most historic art galleries in St. Augustine?

St. Augustine’s historic art scene is punctuated by iconic events such as the First Friday Art Walk, a monthly event that celebrates local artistry. The Crisp-Ellert Art Museum, situated within Flagler College, hosts an array of innovative exhibits. The Georgia Nick Gallery, a haven for local artists, and Aviles Gallery, the city’s oldest gallery, further contribute to St. Augustine’s art history.

What kind of art can I expect to find on the First Friday Art Walk?

During the First Friday Art Walk in St. Augustine, you’ll discover a wide variety of art forms and styles. Galleries open to showcase new exhibits, offering something for every taste. Expect paintings, sculptures, photography, mixed media, ceramics, and more. The art represents both local and visiting artists, showcasing varied expressions. It’s an excellent chance to explore and appreciate the thriving art scene in St. Augustine.

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