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St. Augustine Museums

Local’s Guide to Visiting St. Augustine

St. Augustine is a one-of-a-kind historic city perched on the northeast coast of Florida. Set out for your adventures with this St. Augustine travel guide close by for the highlights of the Nation’s Oldest City. Whether or not you’ve called the St. Augustine area home or not, you’ll know every corner of the city in no time.

Riding with Old Town Trolley – St. Augustine is like knowing a local who has long experienced St. Augustine tourism. Many of our knowledgeable conductors are from the area, while others have called St. Augustine home for years. They enjoy sharing some of their personal favorites with visitors and, of course, know all about the stops you see along the way during your tour. To plan your St. Augustine stay like a true local with all the best activities, including some of our stops, check out this St. Augustine travel guide.

Local’s Guide to Visiting St. Augustine - More Info

First-Time Visitor’s Guide to St. Augustine

Your first time traveling to a new destination is always a trip to remember. There’s something about exploring a new city and experiencing its culture with fresh eyes that’s truly special.

An unforgettable first-time trip to St. Augustine starts with Old Town Trolley – St. Augustine. With various stops, our seasoned conductors take you to and from the famous must-sees of St. Augustine tourism. Hop on and hop off at renowned attractions such as the rustic Old Jail, the iconic Lightner Museum, the historic Castillo de San Marcos and more.

From its architecture unique to the Spanish Renaissance and authentic historic landmarks, the city turns heads. As you tour with Old Town Trolley – St. Augustine, you’ll hear the stories of each stop and other unique facts along the way. Take it from us, for your first experience as a St. Augustine visitor, it helps to have a friend who knows all the best spots in town.

First-Time Visitor’s Guide to St. Augustine - More Info

Rainy Day Activities in St. Augustine

While Florida residents know its weather well, some vacationers are surprised to learn that even the Sunshine State has its fair share of showers. St. Augustine is no different. Because the “Ancient City” sees an average of 50 inches of rainfall per year, you’ll want to keep a few fun things to do in St. Augustine in mind for when it rains.

If you’re planning a weekend getaway, it’s best to have things to do in St. Augustine on a rainy day in your back pocket. Old Town Trolley – St. Augustine is key to helping you put together the ultimate rainy day activity roster. With its unique history museums, tours and attractions, you’ll have your pick of the best activities in St. Augustine. So even if you get caught in the storm, there’s no rain on your parade.

Rainy Day Activities in St. Augustine - More Info

Things to Do in St. Augustine at Night

As the oldest city in the United States, St. Augustine is a northern Floridian vacation destination. Filled with centuries-old history, 40-plus miles of spectacular beaches and nightlife options, this city has been entertaining visitors through the ages. Dating back to 1565, the city of St. Augustine has been featured in family albums across the world. Showcasing history, architecture and outdoor fun through its landmarks, restaurants and historic heritage, visitors from around the globe put St. Augustine on their vacation list annually.

Things to Do in St. Augustine at Night - More Info


Over the past 450 years, St. Augustine has grown from a fledgling European settlement and military outpost ridden with violence and turmoil to Henry Flagler’s Gilded Age in the late 1800s. Today, the historic city lays claim to one of Florida’s up-and-coming cultural hubs with a vibrant art and music scene.

History - More Info

Labor Day Events

Old Town Trolley Tours of St. Augustine has provided vacation guests and locals with more than 20 years of historic tours, news, and events. Each month the Trolley Team publishes upcoming events in St. Augustine for visitors and residents to enjoy. If you’re visiting during the St Augustine Labor Day Weekend, don’t forget to include the Old Town Trolley Tour in your itinerary.

Labor Day Events - More Info

4th of July in St. Augustine

We created this page to help guests plan a great celebration while visiting the Oldest City in America. Old Town Trolley of St. Augustine will be open on the 4th of July operating until 3pm. We hope you take advantage of our top-rated sightseeing tour to see the best attractions and enjoy all the Independence Day decorations in St. Augustine.

4th of July in St. Augustine - More Info

Things to Do in the Winter

Escape to St. Augustine during the winter for fun in the sun and an abundance of activities, events and attractions. The nation’s oldest city, situated right on Florida’s east coast, tends to have very mild temperatures while the rest of the country experiences snow. Here are some of the top things to do in St. Augustine during winter.


Things to Do in the Winter - More Info

Things to Do in the Spring

Springtime is one of the best times to visit America’s oldest city. The summer heat hasn’t arrived and there’s a lightness in the air. St. Augustine is home to many unique sights, pristine beaches and historical points of interest. Here are some of the best things to do in spring in St. Augustine.

Things to Do in the Spring - More Info

Lightner Museum

10 Stop 10

Elegance and history, grace and sophistication all come together in the glorious rooms, walkways and exhibits at the Lightner Museum. Originally The Hotel Alcazar, the building was built by railroad tycoon and hotel developer Henry Flagler and is a magnificent example of Spanish Renaissance architecture. Browse through costumes, furnishings, mechanical musical instruments and collections that bring back the grand Gilded Age, a marvelous period in the 19th century. See beautiful works of cut glass, Victorian art glass and the celebrated work of Louis Comfort Tiffany. Tour the museum and take a historical journey that will not soon be forgotten.

Lightner Museum - More Info

Villa Zorayda Museum

9 Stop 9

When visiting Villa Zorayda, make sure to leave yourself a good hour to explore this architectural and cultural gem. It’s been added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places and houses one of the most unique collections of antiquities in America. Such rarities on display include the “Sacred Cat Rug,” which is over 2,400 years old and said to be made from the hairs of ancient cats that roamed the Nile River. You can also see hand-carved tropical hardwood furniture and impressive interior details like the flooring and windows.

Villa Zorayda Museum - More Info

Mission of Nombre de Dios

20 Stop 20

Peaceful and serene, the Mission of Nombre de Dios is a place where everyone can feel at home. Shrines and statues are surrounded by lush greenery and trees and welcome visitors from every corner of the earth. It is here that the Great Cross was erected in 1965 to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the first parish Catholic Mass. The chapel, which is dedicated to Our Lady of La Leche, is a shrine which houses an exquisitely detailed carved statue of Mary nursing the baby Jesus.

Mission of Nombre de Dios - More Info

Pirate & Treasure Museum

5 Stop 5

An incredible adventure for kids and adults of all ages, the Pirate & Treasure Museum offers visitors a chance to journey back to the era of the Golden Age of Piracy. This unique museum showcases one of the largest collections of rare pirate artifacts in the world including Captain Thomas Tew’s 17th Century Treasure Chest and the Journal of Captain Kidd’s Final Voyage in 1699.

Pirate & Treasure Museum - More Info

Ripleys Believe It Or Not

18 Stop 18

Walk in amazement and wonder as you see more than 800 exhibits at Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum. Everything from the weird and unusual to the exotic is on display and ready to excite and entertain people of all ages. The museum is the original Ripley’s Believe it or Not, opening in 1950 just a few months after Robert Ripley’s death. Here, people can explore and interact, witness incredible illusions and see for themselves what Ripley collected from his travels around the world—many too outlandish to believe.

Ripleys Believe It Or Not - More Info

St. Augustine Lighthouse

Like so many other sites in St. Augustine, the Lighthouse is a cherished landmark from another era. It’s significant for two main reasons—first because of its role as a vital watchtower that led ships safely into the St. Augustine port for more than a hundred years and second because of its longstanding survival as an architectural icon to the city. The original lighthouse was closed in 1874 on the same day that the new one was completed.

St. Augustine Lighthouse - More Info

Spanish Military Hospital Museum

14 Stop 14

The Spanish Military Hospital Museum offers visitors a look into how healthcare operated during the Spanish Colonial Period. The building that the museum is housed in is a reconstruction of a Military Hospital that was on the same site in the late 1700s. As you tour the museum, you’ll be given an inside look into how patients were treated here. From the ward beds to the surgeon’s tools and even the mourning room where patient’s last rites were given by Priests, the museum is an interesting and unique spot to see.

Spanish Military Hospital Museum - More Info

Government House


The Government House has long been the home to many administrative and political offices. Throughout its many centuries of existence (the earliest records date back to the late 16th century), it has been a residence for Governors, a courthouse, a post office, government offices and more. Following the plans of the royal decree from Spain, it along with other major buildings in town, faces the central plaza. Visitors of all ages benefit from the many exhibits and learning activities available in the museum.

Government House - More Info

Potter’s Wax Museum

3 Stop 3

Potter’s Wax Museum is located on Orange Avenue in historic St. Augustine and offers visitors a unique opportunity to see some of the world’s most famous people up close. The figures are known for their remarkable likeness to the characters they represent due to the process that’s used to create them. The eyes are handmade in Germany and the hands are sculpted in Belgium.

Potter’s Wax Museum - More Info

St. Augustine History Museum

1 Stop 1

Henry Flagler was a powerhouse and catalyst for change in the real estate and transportation industries. His contributions to Florida are documented and displayed throughout the St. Augustine History Museum. As you tour through, you’ll also see authentic artifacts, unpublished photographs and learn about the evolution of St. Augustine and Florida under Spanish and British rule.

St. Augustine History Museum - More Info
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