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Potter’s Wax Museum

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Potter's Wax Museum exhibit featuring Benjamin Franklin

Potter’s Wax Museum is located on Orange Avenue in historic St. Augustine and offers visitors a unique opportunity to see some of the world’s most famous people up close. The figures are known for their remarkable likeness to the characters they represent due to the process that’s used to create them. The eyes are handmade in Germany and the hands are sculpted in Belgium.

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Potter’s Wax Museum welcomes groups, schools and adults and children of all ages.


Certified Autism Awareness logoPotter’s Wax Museum, located inside the Old Drugstore in St. Augustine’s historic district, is America’s first and oldest wax museum. It’s a place to have fun while learning about history and culture through the people who made it.

Opened in 1948 by George Potter who was inspired to create his own wax sculptures in America while visiting a museum in London as a child, it is now home to more than 145 wax figures.  The A-list of celebrities, sports stars, dignitaries, politicians, entertainers, musicians, artists, writers, scientists, inventors, royal families, U. S. Presidents and fictional characters is long.

A visit to today’s Potter’s Wax Museum is as fascinating and entertaining as it was when this beloved St. Augustine attraction first opened its doors. You’ll stand next to Harry Potter, his friends Hermione and Ron and his mortal enemy, Voldemort. You’ll see Presidents Abraham Lincoln and George Washington, John Adams and others. Benjamin Franklin, Cleopatra, Ponce de Leon and Elvis are also here – along with Annie Oakley and Davy Crockett. Imagine looking Michael Jordan in the eyes and getting your picture taken next to Henry the VIII and all of his wives. New figures are always joining Potter’s and interactive elements have been added to the engaging experience.

Come with the family, bring your group or come on your own. Be sure to bring your camera – photography is not only allowed, it’s encouraged!


  • 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
  • Self-guided Tour



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