Important information regarding Stop #20 closure and Ghosts & Gravestones boarding location:
Our Welcome Center, Stop 20, is temporarily closed. The St. Augustine Ghosts & Gravestones boarding location has changed temporarily to the Old Town Trolley Welcome Center at 1305 N. Ponce de Leon Blvd. These changes will remain until the construction of our new Welcome Center at 27 San Marco is complete (Spring 2019).
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Beach Bus Shuttle

16 Stop 16
st augustine beach bus shuttle

Your Old Town Trolley ticket includes complimentary use of the St. Augustine Beach Bus.  Our easy to use shuttle service includes stops at the Alligator Farm, Lighthouse and the beach!

Hop off and enjoy the warm sunshine, search for seashells in the soft sand and cool off in crystal waters.

St. Augustine Beach ranked #9 on Trip Advisor’s “Top 10 Beaches in the US” list.  The Beach Bus also makes hourly stops at most beachside hotels and offers complimentary shuttle service to St. Augustine’s Historic district to begin your trolley tour.

Beach Bus Schedule

Aviles St. (Trolley Stop #16):
8:35am, 9:35am, 10:35am, 11:35am, 12:35pm, 1:35pm, 2:35pm, 3:35pm, 4:35pm.

Alligator Farm:
8:40am, 9:40am, 10:40am, 11:40am, 12:40pm, 1:40pm, 2:40pm, 3:40pm, 4:40pm.

Super 8:
8:42am, 9:42am, 10:42am, 11:42am, 12:42pm, 1:42pm, 2:42pm, 3:42pm.

Hilton Garden Inn:
8:44am, 9:44am, 10:44am, 11:44am, 12:44pm, 1:44pm, 2:44pm, 3:44pm.

Best Western Seaside:
8:46am, 9:46am, 10:46am, 11:46am, 12:46pm, 1:46pm, 2:46pm, 3:46pm.

Courtyard Marriott:
8:48am, 9:48am, 10:48am, 11:48am, 12:48pm, 1:48pm, 2:48pm, 3:48pm.

Quality Inn & Suites:
8:52am, 9:52am, 10:52am, 11:52am, 12:52pm, 1:52pm, 2:52pm, 3:52pm.

Island Inn:
8:55am, 9:55am, 10:55am, 11:55am, 12:55pm, 1:55pm, 2:55pm, 3:55pm.

Holiday Isle Oceanfront Resort:
9:00am, 10:00am, 11:00am, 12:00pm, 1:00pm, 2:00pm, 3:00pm, 4:00pm.

La Fiesta Ocean Inn:
9:03am, 10:03am, 11:03am, 12:03pm, 1:03pm, 2:03pm, 3:03pm, 4:03pm.

Beach Stop (A Street):
9:04am, 10:04am, 11:04am, 12:04pm, 1:04pm, 2:04pm, 3:04pm, 4:04pm.

Castillo Real:
9:06am, 10:06am, 11:06am, 12:06pm, 1:06pm, 2:06pm, 3:06pm, 4:06pm.

Hampton Inn:
9:08am, 10:08am, 11:08am, 12:08pm, 1:08pm, 2:08pm, 3:08pm, 4:08pm.

KOA Campground:
9:12am, 10:12am, 11:12am, 12:12pm, 1:12pm, 2:12pm, 3:12pm, 4:12pm.

Alligator Farm:
9:17am, 10:17am, 11:17am, 12:17pm, 1:17pm, 2:17pm, 3:17pm, 4:17pm.

St. Augustine Lighthouse & Museum:
9:20am, 10:20am, 11:20am, 12:20pm, 1:20pm, 2:20pm, 3:20pm, 4:20pm.

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