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Departing on a Old Town Trolley tour in St. Augustine


What Our Guests are Saying

B.T., Caledonia, MN

“We were a group of 6 that did the tour on New Year’s Eve. We had Summer as our driver and she was AMAZING!! We enjoyed her stories and her attitude very much. We saw her driving a bus around a couple days later and was very kind when we said her name and waved from the sidewalk. We talked about her and her tour our whole trip.”


“We bought a package deal with attractions and trolley. After finishing up the attractions at the trolley station we decided to take the rest of the time to sight see all the stops the trolley offered around town. Our trolley tour guide Preacher was wonderful! He was so polite, friendly, and animated it just made us want to stay on for the whole trip around. That’s exactly what we did. We thought of maybe getting off to one or two more attractions but it was nice and relaxing not to mention entertaining to stay on. Preacher took us on an adventure all around and even as he had to detour for some traffic complications he kept a happy and bright demeanor giving us history and information of everything in sight along the way. Towards the end of the trip it began to drizzle rain and he stopped the trolley to pass out free ponchos to every single guest aboard. To end the evening on a fun note he even took us to see the peacocks at the fountain of youth and we got to watch them come out for some peanut snacks which was quite amazing especially for our little one, she got a kick out of seeing all the beautiful birds! If your hopping on and off or taking the full trip, try to catch a ride with the Preacher! He is the best, you won’t regret it!!”

J.G., Winter Haven, FL

“Just wanted to let you know about two great experiences we had with your guides on March 25. We decided to take the trolley tour during the day, best decision we made all week. We were lucky enough to have Irish as our guide. Excellent guest interaction and extremely safe operation of the vehicle. That very same night, we took the 9pm Ghosts and Gravestones tour with Max as our guide. Another great experience! Max was very personable and gave a great tour! Our driver Will rounded out the experience. We will be back and we will use your services again.”

A.M., Glenside, PA

“We had to write to tell you in everything we did; we had the most amazing tour guides. Birdy brought the jail to life to my surly teenage daughter who wanted to be elsewhere. Preacher and the Ragin Cajun each shared something new as we took the trolley around St. Augustine that made history not quite so boring for family! The Old Jail After Dark with Bill was to die for! Whether our photos show evidence of paranormal activity or not, he made the night come alive for my mother and daughter. But the highlight of our trip was a throw away visit we didn’t intend to enjoy so much. We weren’t sure we would take the Old Store tour, but it was included and we are killing time, so… From the moment we met Molly on the porch until she left us to wander through the store room on our own she had our undivided attention. She brought a smile to my teenage daughter’s face (she hates history and is only here to please her grandmother, but even she LOVED Molly!). If they give awards for vacation saving, Molly deserves two (or to have them named after her!). Rest assured we will look for you in the next city we visit. Thank you again!”

B.R., Moline, IL

“We rode your trolley the weekend before Christmas in St Augustine. We rode during the daytime and Kanga was our driver/guide. To say that she made the tour would be an understatement. She was amazing! The entire tour was really cool, but her narration really made it special. We have returned home, and life is back to normal, but the memories we made down there will always be with us. The trolley tour especially. Rest assured that every chance we get to come back we will, and the trolley will be among our stops. Hopefully we’re able to ride with Kanga again. If there is a spot to give her a rating please give her the highest possible from us. Thanks for a special day.”

K.S., Miami, FL

“I just wanted to leave a note about a fantastic staff, including our driver, Jim. But in specific I want to mention a specific person who truly made our trip extraordinary and one who I will always remember. His name is Charles and he’s from Tennessee. He was just so friendly and nice and gave me great ideas for places to see while on the tour and in the city. He is very knowledgable on all topics and made my 10 minute wait for the trolley some of the most memorable minutes I have spent with someone in a long time. I’m not trying to sound weird, but I mention this because I want you all to know how valuable and genuine Charles is. He is such a pleasant and knowledgeable and passionate person for what he does. If there is anyone who embraces good business and values, and can be a truly illustrious employee of the year-type, a model-employee person, Charles is the man. Please reward him accordingly and make sure he is aware that his ways are noticed.”

M.B., Panama City, FL

“Three adults in my party took the Old Town Trolley Tours and visited the S.A. History Museum. We had an enjoyable good time and have recommend you already. We have about six adult family members visiting in the next 30-45 days. The following comments will reference our tour guide “Summer”. Ms. Summer is the model tour guide. She should be the measurement for evaluation of all the other guides. Ms. Summer was loud enough to be heard, but not too loud. She was clear and concise. Her knowledge and sense of humor is noteworthy. If my family and I decide to do this tour again, and we have talked about it, it will be imperative to seek out Summer again. She is a great asset too your firm. And her name is ding, ding, SUMMER! Loved every moment of it.”

A.C., Kissimmee, FL:

“Wow best money spent on my trip! Talked to the lady at stop 3 and got our tickets and a few added stop tickets. We hit 3 different tour guides Robert the Pirate, Allie Cat, and Summer. All were amazing friendly and informative. I assume they have to memorize things but the way each one spoke and talked was different and made the trolley even better. Thank you and wanted to brag about how great they were and how they helped make our visit even more amazing!!!!!”

D.W., Bayou Vista, TX:

“My husband and I visited St. Augustine recently and your trolley tour was the only reason we were able to experience so much of the town in such a short time. Thank you…”

B.M., Virginia Beach, VA:

“My wife and I recently spent a week in St. Augustine, FL. We wanted to commend your company on an outstanding job!! Every aspect of your operation there was enjoyable. From the trolley rides to the venues that you operated. She and I constantly talked about how TTA should move in to the Williamsburg/Jamestown/Yorktown area of Virginia, It would be a fantastic fit. Thanks again for an awesome week!!!”

S.K., Ocala, FL:

“We had a great time with this tour. From purchasing our tickets to taking the trolley. Troy was our guide. He was wonderful, full of info and was a good driver. Very considerate of his passengers and other drivers. He gets 5 stars from us. Thank you.”

L.D., Dahlonega, GA:

“Oz was amazing! He was so informative and funny – and I loved hearing all that he had to say! He kept talking the whole time and he never sounded like he was tired of giving the info. I could have listened to him all day and loved everything he said. Great job to Oz!!!”

M.R., McDonough, GA:

“We want to thank Scooter.. we arrived here n St. Augustine on Monday and attempted to cross the street from our hotel to welcome center. In our attempt to cross the street, purchased our tickets, and were ready to cross the street again… we met Scooter who offered us a safe ride to our hotel… very much appreciated since the skies opened and torrential rain fell. Tuesday, we started our journey, with a call for a pickup at our hotel to a smiling Scooter! We were thrilled, he is so passionate about his job and history. As we drive to Stop 1, we felt the tour already started.  We walked around stop 1 for about 45 minutes, go to our tour bus… Scooter! We remained on the ride for all the stops and thoroughly enjoyed the tour! Scooter’s insightful historical knowledge and humor made it a wonderful day! As we got off Scooter offered us a ride back to our hotel, on the way we were able to ‘pick his brain’ about restaurants, etc…. Scooter has made our trip enjoyable and look forward to today’s journey.”

N.H., Titusville, FL:

“I just wanted to express how awesome our experience was with Old Town Trolley Tours. Every single tour guide we had (Approximately 6 throughout our time) was awesome! However, I wanted to give a HUGE shout out to Barb! She was amazing, so knowledgeable and friendly. We had just gotten engaged on a horse and carriage ride and were getting on a shuttle from stop 1 to our hotel – She was absolutely wonderful, so personable and congratulated us as she noticed the flowers. The rest of the weekend, every time she saw us – She congratulated and remembered us! We truly felt special. However, it was not only us that she remembered, she remembered other guests and things about them on the trolley as well, all while being SO extremely professional, friendly and knowledgeable on the area. I cannot brag about her enough. The whole trolley experience was wonderful, however it is tour guides, like Barb, that will keep us using your trolley service every time we visit St. Augustine!”


“To get away from the cold and snow of Michigan, my wife and I recently spent a few weeks meandering through Georgia, Florida and Tennessee. We went to Savannah first and the Visitor Center recommended taking an Old Town Trolley tour. It was the best thing we did as somebody who had never been to this beautiful and historic southern city. The guide was informative and entertaining and helped us see the highlights of Savannah and plan what we wanted to do once we got off the trolley.

Our next stops were St. Augustine and Key West. We enjoyed the experience so much in Savannah that the first thing we did was get on your trolleys in both of these cities. While you are subject to the style and personality of the driver, and some were better than others, but on the whole, mostly good, the idea of seeing the highlights of a town before experiencing it on foot were well worth it each time. Our last stop was Nashville and, again, we learned a lot about the city through an Old Town Trolley before embarking on foot to get up close and personal.

We didn’t plan on going to four cities where Old Town Trolley operates, but after the Savannah experience, we kept getting on your trolleys and can’t say enough about how good they were for setting the stage for an enjoyable experience after getting off. I don’t think we would have embraced each of the cities as much if we hadn’t taken an Old Town Trolley tour first.

I just want to tell you how good we think your tours are and how much we enjoyed them. We will certainly recommend them to any of our friends.”

D.B., UK

“My wife and I took the St. Augustine Old Town Trolley Tour today. Our driver/guide was Batman. What a great guide. He kept us enthralled for the 70 minute tour, despite it being bitterly cold today. After the tour we walked the same route, benefiting from the wonderful historical information that Batman had imparted to us. Many thanks for a great service – we always use Trolley Tours to “research” a new US town when we first visit. A great way to get to know it quickly and to find the places worthy if a closer look.”

J.C., Cape Coral, FL

“My wife and I were in St. Augustine yesterday and in Savannah today. Major Tom was our guide throughout the tour at St. Augustine and Denise was our driver/guide at Savannah throughout. Both guides totally made both days an absolute delight! Wonderful personalities,witty, intelligent and so knowledgeable about their cities making this two WONDERFUL days on our vacation. Love Old Town Trolleys!”

T.M, Ebensburg,, PA

“Our group of eight just spent 2 days in St. Augustine… best thing we did was buy 2 day passes for you trolleys. We could not have been more pleased with your services and how helpful and entertaining all of your staff were to us… Well done by all!!! Don’t know what you folks feed these people for Breakfast, but I want some! Thank you all for a very enjoyable trip.”

R.H., New Port Richey, FL

“My family and I went for a weekend trip to St. Augustine and toured many of your local attractions. I have to say that two people stood out. Mr. Ungrie and your “Jail Tour” was terrific and very patient with questions and was a wonderful person and very knowledgeable of his job and surrounding attractions. As well, Rif, your trolley tour driver was excellent and outstanding, as well, in his customer service and knowledge of his job. We had a wonderful time and my 83-year-old mother will be here next month and I assure you we will travel and come back to St. Augustine and use your services once again. Fantastic time… Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making my family’s “quick getaway” a time to remember. Please give a special thank you to Rif and Mr. Ungrie.”

V.A., Jacksonville, FL

“I wanted to pass on my thanks for a job well done by one of your employees. My sister was visiting me from Texas and she wanted to ride the Old Town Trolley to see St. Augustine but due to her handicap she could not step up and board the Trolley. We were at the old gateways to the city where the trolley stops. The attendant for your company by the name of William was very sensitive to our plight. He contacted someone and they came and picked us up and took us to another station where there was a trolley that would accommodate her handicap. The trolley ride was the highlight of her trip thanks to William and how wonderfully he handled our situation. He thinks about his customers and went above and beyond to ensure we had a wonderful experience. Also, Ms. Florida our guide was very good. She was so knowledgeable about the city. I learned so much and I have been coming to St. Augustine for years. I will forever use Old Town when I have out of town guests come to visit. Thanks again for employing such wonder caring people.”

V.K., Wesley Chapel, FL

“It is rare that I take the time to write a comment. However, your staff and service was so outstanding it warrants the effort. After being left standing in the rain by your competitor at the Old Jail, your employees did everything in their power to help us and to get us on the next trolley. There were 14 of us, and it was pouring down rain, so this was no small feat.Then, we originally were just going to ride to the next “indoor” activity, but your driver Jeff made it so much fun to be on the trolley that we figured, “Oh, well, we’re already wet!” and we stayed on for the whole tour of St. Augustine. With us was a fourth grade class with parents, from a small, Christian school in Tampa, and when I asked the students to name their favorite part of the trip, they said, in unison, “Jeff!” and the trolley. Thank you for turning what could have otherwise been a drab, disastrous day into a “last hurrah” before going back to Tampa. They say that attitude reflects leadership, and I must say the attitudes of your employees should make you proud!”

K. & L. P., Port St. Lucie, FL

“Jerry is the best driver and most amazing addition that we have met on your team! He genuinely cares about the people that he transports and makes the time to ask about where they are from, etc, but also cares enough to remember them. Jerry felt like family by the time we were finished with our vacation. Having a team that is as amazing and customer friendly is a blessing, but having a member of that team like Jerry is a true blessing. No matter where we visit in St. Augustine, we will make our way back to the Old Jail parking lot or call and request Jerry to pick us up. Thank you for sharing him with everyone. He is truly an asset.”

K.G., Maryville, TN

“We visited St. Augustine and rode your trolley there many times. Your guides were very knowledgeable, entertaining and helpful. On the last day, we got off the trolley in downtown St. Augustine to see a site and soon realized that it was probably the last one of the day. My wife has knee problems and walking back to our car would have been difficult for her. One of your employees called your dispatcher, and about 20 minutes later a shuttle appeared to take us back to our car. We were really impressed by your service. Thank you so much.”

B.T., Naples, FL

“Our family visited St. Augustine over the weekend. Your tour guides and our ticket agent (at stop 19 I think – next to Ripleys) are definitely to be commended. One great vacation and your company associates were fantastic. I have forgotten the ladies name at the ticket office but our drivers were Mack and Juan. A mark of satisfaction is referrals and repeat business. You got it!”

J.F., Sarasota, FL

“We had the pleasure of visiting St. Augustine and Old Town Trolley Tours was a highlight of our trip. The conductors are wonderful, and their expert narration was a delight. Truly educational AND entertaining. We’d like to give a special shout out to John, our Beach Bus conductor, who is a sweetheart! Thank you OTT …you will see us, again!”

J.C., Hilton head, SC

“Just wanted to thank your courteous staff for making our trip of Saint Augustine memorable. We arrived late on Sunday afternoon and was told by our ticket seller Kevin that we could make the last tour. We were disappointed to find that we had actually missed the last tour when we arrived at the Old Jail. Your nice employee Steve saw to it that we received a private ride and our guide Michael stayed on after his regular shift to give us our tour. We got to see more than the regular tour and enjoyed our question and answer session with your knowledgeable guide Michael. Thank you Michael for staying after hours to make sure we had a good time! We will recommend your company to others and will return. I look forward to taking the paranormal tour that Michael told us about. Thank you for giving us that little extra!”

C.K., Bradenton, FL

“We so enjoyed our visit to your city last week. The fireworks were wonderful and the way we were treated there by your staff was so nice. Of all the places we have visited this summer, the treatment that we received there in St. Augustine was the best. Your staff there made us feel at home. I want to especially thank the following: Gerry for giving us a friendly hello each day when picking us up at our hotel, Steve who made sure we were greeted when we arrived and Michael who gave us a great tour each day and recognized us by waving every time he saw us walking down the sidewalk. These small things may seem small but they made our trip memorable. All there at your company made this memory for us possible. Thank you again for all the special touches!!”

I.H., Sebastian, FL

“Just returned from a weekend in St. Augustine and wanted to thank Old Town Trolley Tours for making our trip such a memorable one. First of all, buying the tickets ahead online was great. The discounts you offer are wonderful. But, it’s the trolley tours staff that will keep us coming back again and again. Everyone we had the pleasure to deal with were knowledgeable, enthusiastic and kind. In particular, we got to have one-on-one time with Pat and Steve. Pat drove our shuttle from our hotel to the Old Jail and back again. He welcomed us to town and answered all our questions. He set the tone for the entire trip. We were also able to have some one-on-one time with Steve, who took us to the beach side on the bus. Not only was he helpful and friendly with us, but with everybody who boarded the bus. Last, but certainly not least was Mitch. We were lucky enough to catch his trolley several times. He is knowledgeable, kind and FUNNY. We really enjoyed being on his route. He has a way of making everyone feel welcome and “part of the experience” (part of the “show”). When you work in customer service, especially in the tourist trade, and you have to answer the same questions over and over again, I’m sure it can get tedious; however, no one on your staff ever makes you feel that way. Everyone is kind, patient and helpful. You feel like you’re the most important person or the only person who ever asked that question. We’ll be back in St. Augustine in December and we will be sure to use Old Town Trolley Tours once again. Thank you for making our experience a pleasurable one and congratulations on a job well done.”

C. & J.B., Roswell, GA

“Michael was very entertaining with stories of Henry Flagler and his wives. He knew many details and was obviously very well read. Comfortable ride with him and he stood out from the rest! We loved his unique touring style!”

K.M., Beaufort, SC

“We were so delighted to be given such nice treatment from your company during our stay. We arrived in the pouring rain last week and we were not in the best of moods. Your conductor Michael changed that very quickly for us. He told us that days like this are always remembered and it was! I do not know how he has learned all of the history that he knows but we were very impressed. We have ridden with your company in Washington, Savannah and in Key West. This guide was exceptional! He even allowed some of your competitor’s riders to ride because he felt sorry for them waiting for their train in the heavy rain. What a gentleman!! I have never experienced southern hospitality as I did in St. Augustine last week. The tropical rain did little to dampen our spirits after riding with Michael and the other guides in St. Augustine. It was a completely wonderful trip, in spite of the driving rain, due to your staff in St. Augustine!”

S.S., Bordentown, NJ

“My mom and I enjoyed our trolley experience tremendously! It went off without a hitch! The guides were all very informative and really added to the sightseeing experience. We were able to see and do so much more because of the trolley. We were also pleased to see that you have wheelchair accessible options, as next time we will be traveling with a wheelchair user. We have already recommended you to several people. Old Town Trolley Tours really made our whole trip!”

D.K., Miami Lakes, FL

“I have never enjoyed myself so much. The Guides were not only very entertaining, but extremely educated on the area. Each one had a little more to add. I left some pictures with the old jail booth from our first trip. Love It. B Back Soon, Thank You.”

S.J. DeBary, FL

“We have ridden the trolleys many times and Gaines was definitely one of the best. He was extremely knowledgeable, easy to understand, humorous, very polite and totally enthusiastic about the positive aspects of the city. His pride of St. Augustine was obvious.”

J & C.C Waterloo, Ontario

“Roni was the best guide we had all day. Polite, very easy to understand, good pronunciation … she knows her stuff. Give her a raise.”

V.R. Inverness, FL

“The historical information that Lt. Donn gave us was great. He was also very friendly and funny. We will be back.”


“We visited St. Augustine in early September and thoroughly enjoyed the tour, especially the ability to hop on and off throughout the day. The knowledge of the guides (we had Bob, Angel and Jay) was better than some other places we have visited … I recommend it if you either have kids with you, or are still a big kid at heart.”

I.P. Indiantown, FL

“Bob was an excellent tour guide. He was clear speaking and very informative. We truly enjoyed our time on the trolley.”

J & L.H. Florence, SC

“Friar Bob was exceptional. We’ve used your tour before and we’ve always enjoyed it. This guide was especially good.”

D.H. Benicia, CA

“Charlie is a wonderful guide. He is very knowledgeable and friendly. It was a delight to ride with him.”

M.M. Palm Springs, FL

“David from Maine was our guide. This man was wonderful. I wish we had employees like him. Don’t ever let him go!!!”

E.C., Charleston, SC

“I never knew that there were so many connections between my city and St. Augustine. This humble guide of yours descends from two of our most distinguished families here in Charleston: the Savages and the Pickneys. You have a real jewel on your staff! We would love to have him back here in Charleston when you are finished! He has become a wonderful ambassador to your city, as he was for ours! We completely enjoyed our three days riding with Michael and learning not only about St. Augustine, but also our own city Charleston.”

“Just want to say how impressed we were with everyone. We were there last week for 3 days. From the moment you arrive at the Old Jail you sense the enthusiasm and love for their job. We had about 6 of your trolley drivers and they were all excellent. It made the trip really special. Great teamwork. God bless them all! ”

M.G., Jamison, PA

“You have one of the Best websites we have encountered. It is easy to navigate and is not “clogged” with non-related information.”

J.J., Mt. Washington, KY

“John A. was the driver of the bus that picked us up at the Hampton Hotel on the beach and he was a great driver; enjoyed him so much; we went on the tours for 3 days… just want you to know he is a very good driver and sure made us glad we took your tours.”

C.W., Sarasota, FL

“Michael is a real GEM! I enjoyed every minute of his tour. I rode the trolley all over town for three days and he was the best guide. Now I want to return to St. Augustine and bring all my friends to ride the trolley.”


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