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Starting this Tuesday night, the St. Augustine Ghosts and Gravestones boarding location will be changed to the OTT Welcome Center at 1305 N. Ponce de Leon Blvd.  This change will be remain until the construction of our new Welcome Center at 27 San Marco is completed sometime during the beginning of next year.
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Flagler Memorial Presbyterian Church

st augustine flagler memorial presbyterian church

Flagler’s masterpiece

Visually exquisite, the Flagler Memorial Presbyterian Church was built by Henry Flagler in 1889. It is one of his most significant projects, because it was constructed as a memorial to Flagler’s only daughter, Jenny. The mausoleum adjacent to the church is where Flagler, his daughter, granddaughter and first wife are buried.

At first sight, many are awed by the church’s grand Venetian Renaissance-style architecture.

Inside and out, every detail was attended to and as is evident, money was no object at the time of its design.

Flagler’s masterpiece features hand-carved Santo Domino mahogany, detailed terra cotta frieze work by Italian artists and a massive copper dome. Tours of the church are available daily and offer guests a personal look at this touching memorial and historic site.



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