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Oldest Wooden School House

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st augustine oldest wooden school house

Made completely by hand, the Oldest Wooden Schoolhouse is an architectural and historical icon in St. Augustine. Dating back to the early 18th century, a visit to the Oldest Wooden Schoolhouse is an inspiring experience.

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Located near the City Gates, the Oldest Wooden School House is a surviving expression of another time.  Built over 200 years ago, while Florida was under the rule of Imperial Spain, it was constructed of red cedar and cypress and put together with wooden pegs and handmade nails. 

Originally the building had no electricity, no running water, no kitchen or bathroom. There is an old pecan tree that has been there for 250 years – a magnificent site. The schoolmaster and his wife lived upstairs, above the small classroom. Their kitchen was separated from the main building because of the threat of fire and to spare the house of any excess heat during the long summers.  Several of the cooking utensils used in those days are displayed here for visitors to see. In the schoolhouse, related artifacts and copies of books that pupils studied are exhibited. Browse through the one-room schoolhouse and see the schoolmaster and students, and listen as they tell the story of what they did each day. Take a walk through the kitchen and see the garden.

For people of all ages, the Oldest Wooden Schoolhouse provides a wonderful way to look back at the lives of our American ancestors.

Fun Facts

Original Wooden House:  Records date back to 1740, during the 1st Spanish Period.
Minorcan Homestead:  Established in the 1770s by Juan Genoply during the British Occupation.
School House:  The Genoply family transformed the living quarters to a classroom and began teaching Minorcan children in the 1800s, during the 2nd Spanish Period
Last Class: Graduated in 1864


  • 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
  • Self-guided tour


  • Adults: $5:00
  • Children 6-12: $4.00
  • Military: $4.00 – ID Required


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