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Art @830 gallery

In Key West, Florida, artistic vibrancy comes to life; diverse art forms are showcased within its many galleries. Renowned for marine art and tropical landscapes, the local scene has thrived since the mid-20th century. These historic Key West galleries, some opening decades ago, embody the community’s enduring passion for art, weaving the island’s charm into every stroke. Whether you’re an art enthusiast or a casual observer, stepping into these Key West art galleries is not just an artistic journey but also a glimpse into the island’s rich cultural history.

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Popular Art Galleries To Visit

Alan S. Maltz Gallery

A central pillar in Key West’s art landscape, the Alan S. Maltz Gallery provides a panoramic view of the Florida Keys’ stunning beauty. Here, Maltz, who has been recognized as the “Official Wildlife and Fine Art Photographer for the State of Florida” by the Wildlife Foundation of Florida, displays his artistic interpretation of the state’s pristine splendor. Maltz’s fine art photography captures the luminescent spirit of the islands — from the vivid colors of its local flora and fauna to the captivating seascape. Visitors can admire these masterpieces in various forms, such as prints, enlightening books, mesmerizing light catchers, and striking glass prints. A visit here promises an enriching experience, immersing one in the unique allure of the Keys.

Gallery on Greene

The Gallery on Greene is a pivotal part of Key West’s lively cultural milieu. It exhibits works by 37 prominent artists, including Pulitzer Prize laureates Jeff MacNelly and Annie Dillard, and local gems Mario Sanchez and Tennessee Williams. It provides a broad spectrum of artistic styles across various mediums, making it a visual feast for art lovers. Here, visitors can delve into an array of sculptures, paintings, and ceramics, each piece reflecting a unique aspect of Key West’s rich cultural heritage.

Gingerbread Square Gallery

Tucked away amid the lush foliage and historic structures on the refined upper end of Duval Street, Gingerbread Square Gallery, Key West’s oldest private art gallery, welcomes visitors. Founded in 1974 by former Key West Mayor Richard Heyman, the gallery is nestled inside a picturesque Victorian building featuring clapboard siding and shutters, exhibiting an array of original paintings, limited edition prints, sculptures, and art glass. Among the represented artists is the much-loved local, Sal Salinero, known for his breathtaking rainforest paintings. The gallery and its surroundings, an unspoiled neighborhood bustling with coffee shops, boutiques, and upscale restaurants, offer an immersive cultural experience.

7 Artists & Friends

7 Artists & Friends Gallery in Key West is a beacon of creativity, nurtured by the city’s supportive arts community and inspirational tropical setting. The gallery started as a cooperative venture of seven esteemed artists, each excelling in their respective medium, eventually growing to represent many of Key West’s favorite artists, including Martha de Poo and David Scott Meier. The gallery’s curation includes photorealism, abstract art, watercolor, photography, and glass sculptures, with a special corner for local jewelry designer Jennifer Badry. This thrilling mix of artwork and the gallery’s dedication to fostering local talent makes it a must-see for art enthusiasts.

Guild Hall Gallery

Guild Hall Gallery, located centrally in Key West, is praised for its wide array of creative styles. This dynamic venue houses stunning works from regional artists, including Priscilla Coote’s exquisite watercolors and Brent Malone’s powerful digital imagery. A stroll through the gallery is an immersion into the vibrant local art scene, each piece providing unique glimpses into Key West’s cultural fabric. The permanent collection is a diverse representation of various mediums, from sculptures and ceramics to photography and printmaking. Guild Hall Gallery is a testament to the diversity and richness of the Key West art scene, promising an unforgettable artistic journey.

Key West Art Center & Gallery

Since 1960, the Key West Art Center & Gallery, a nonprofit organization, has been a beacon for local artists, providing an exhibition space and hosting significant art events. The gallery showcases over 50 artists from the Florida Keys, capturing the essence of Key West through a variety of mediums, including paintings, sculptures, ceramics, fine jewelry, and crafts. The center, financially supported by membership dues and sales commissions, is more than an exhibition space; it’s a marketplace for local talent. Whether you’re seeking a unique souvenir or a deeper understanding of Key West’s vibrant art scene, you’ll find it here.

Art @830

Art@830, nestled in the heart of Key West’s historic Caroline Street, is a vibrant haven for art lovers. This two-story gallery showcases a diverse array of locally sourced masterpieces, from shimmering glass sculptures and captivating watercolors to handcrafted jewelry and functional art. Founded by Tony Gregory and Christine Scarsella, it exudes a welcoming atmosphere, inviting you to lose yourself in the intricate details of each piece. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or simply seeking a unique souvenir, Art@830 promises an enriching experience, where you can connect with both the island’s artistic spirit and the passionate creators who bring it to life. So, step inside, browse the treasures, and discover the artistic pulse of Key West at Art@830.

Collections Key West Gallery

Located in the quaint Safe Harbor Marina on Stock Island, Collections Key West houses an eclectic blend of art and antiquities. It’s akin to stepping into a time capsule, with stunning figurative paintings, dynamic kinetic sculptures, and exquisite antique pieces. Noteworthy is the gallery’s collection of fine custom furniture, intricately crafted from locally milled hardwoods. It offers a unique blend of artistic heritage and local craftsmanship. Don’t miss the marina’s tranquil view while you’re there, adding to the gallery’s overall charm.

How To See the Best Art Galleries With Old Town Trolley

visitors boarding old town trolley key westThe optimal way to delve into the lively Key West art scene is by taking a ride on the Old Town Trolley. The trolley’s route has been thoughtfully designed to guide you through the core of Key West’s artistic energy, ensuring you don’t miss any galleries that house the island’s most distinguished art. It’s a smooth unforgettable journey into a world bursting with vivid hues and creative expressions that truly embody the spirit of Key West.


What famous artists have lived in Key West?

Ernest Hemingway, a renowned American author, is perhaps the most famous artist who resided in Key West. His legacy permeates the island with his once home, now a museum, favored bars, generations of six-toed cats, and a deep-rooted passion for fishing, all commemorated annually each July on Hemingway Day.

Where is the most famous art gallery in Key West?

One of the most famous art galleries in Key West is the Gingerbread Square Gallery, located on Duval Street. Housed in a Victorian building, this gallery has been a significant part of the local art scene for almost four decades. Another notable gallery is the Key West Art Center, fostering local talent since 1960 with exhibitions, festivals, and shows.

Who are the most well-known local artists in Key West?

Key West is home to a number of renowned local artists. These include marine artist Wyland, known for his Whaling murals, and folk artist Mario Sanchez, celebrated for his intricate wood carvings depicting island life. Other notable artists are Sal Salinero, a floral painter, and abstract expressionist Susan Sugar.

What is the Gallery on Greene famous for?

The Gallery on Greene, located in Old Town Key West, is renowned for its leadership in figurative island art. The gallery excels in showcasing representational fine art, reproductions, and sculptures all inspired by Key West and the Florida Keys.

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