Old Town Trolley Tours will not be running on May 27, 2018 due to Rolling Thunder. Important information. Read More.

On Sunday May 27th, Due to Rolling Thunder, we will be closed for day tour operations. Our night tour operations will function as usual.

On Monday May 28th, Due to the Memorial Day events, Stop 11 The Lincoln Memorial will be closed until 2:00pm. There will also be no Red Loop shuttles or tours of Arlington National Cemetery until 2:00pm. The Red Loop shuttle will begin from the Welcome Center and from The Lincoln Memorial at 2:00pm.

On Monday Stops 22, 23 and 24 will also close at 12:00pm due to the National Memorial Day Parade which begins at 2:00pm and will remain closed throughout the day tour.

All Memorial Day Weekend, please expect reroutes and delays due to these very special events. Thank you for your understanding.

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Educational Tours

children on educational field trip in washington DC


Expose your students to the best of our nation’s capital and all the momentous historical events that helped shape our government. Old Town Trolley Tours is proud to offer our “We the People” Washington DC Educational Tour to 8th grade students attending Washington DC Public Schools.

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We the People: The Living Constitution
An Adventure in history incorporating standards from the National Council for Social Studies

On this special Washington DC Field Trip the students will explore the United States Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

At each stop, our knowledgeable guide will engage them in interesting activities and discussions to help them learn about the many facets to the constitution and how this invaluable document has impacted the lives of every American since its creation.

 They’ll discover many facts and hear interesting anecdotes about how life was during America’s earliest days. How wars, treaties, Presidents and laws were developed, how they influenced our Country, our people and even their own lives.

The “We the People” field trip is a full-day, comprehensive educational excursion that is designed to reinforce classroom history lessons. Students are entertained and enlightened and come away with an excellent understanding of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence in addition to how the branches of our government work.

Old Town Trolley Tours offers “We the People” Washington DC Educational
Tour at no charge to 8th grade students in Washington DC Public Schools.

We work in partnership with the U.S. Capitol Historical Society, The White House Historical Society, the National Park Service’s National Mall and Memorial Parks, United States Federal Courts, the National Archives Foundation and Children’s Concierge, Guest Services to make this extraordinary experience available.

Our educational tour is a hands-on, interactive adventure that will help students learn about America’s most fascinating history.

It’s a day they’ll always remember.

Please contact:
 Old Town Trolley Tours of Washington, DC
(202) 832-9800

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