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Museum of the American Indian

6 Stop 6 open 10am-5:30pm Free
museum american indian in washington dc

The Museum of the American Indian is the newest among the Smithsonian Museums in Washington DC and is the only museum solely dedicated to the history, study and preservation of the American Indians. You’ll be instantly captivated by its masterful architecture. The curved limestone building appears to be a natural rock formation facing towards the sun and is surrounded by acres of authentic crops of the American Indian. Its very design stands out among the many granite and marble neoclassical structures in the National Mall. Once inside, you’ll be treated to an up-close look at the life, languages, history, art and traditions of the Native Americans.

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Through live performances and hands-on demonstrations, their heritage and culture comes to life. Concerts, tours, lectures, craft demonstrations and special programs are also held at the museum throughout the year. And when you get hungry, sample the culinary delights of the Native Americans at the Mitsitam Native Foods Café. Since the Museum opened in 2004, it has rapidly become one of the most visited spots in DC.

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