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On Saturday, Oct 19th, Due to the Race for Every Child and the Race for Remembrance, Stop # 3, the National Archives, Stop # 7, the Air & Space Museum, Stop # 16, the Newseum and Stop # 17, the Portrait Gallery will be closed until 11:00am.  Stop # 11, the Jefferson Memorial and Stop # 12, The FDR and MLK Memorials will be closed until 10:00am.
Sunday October 27th, due to the Marine Corp Marathon, Old Town Trolley’s day tour & the DC Duck’s tour operations will be suspended. We will have normal night tour hotel pickups and night tours.
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National Cathedral

national cathedral in Washington DC

National Cathedral History

The National Cathedral welcomes people of all faiths from around the world to worship in its exquisite ambiance. It’s the sixth largest cathedral in the world and offers a dramatic spectacle to all who visit. The cathedral’s English Gothic architecture is complemented by wood carvings, gargoyles, mosaics and more than 200 stained glass windows. A listed monument on the National Register of Historic Places, the cathedral is also the designated House of Prayer of the United States.

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Throughout the years, the National Cathedral has hosted many national memorial services, celebrations and funerals, including the funerals of two presidents, Dwight Eisenhower and Ronald Reagan. Worship services are offered and available to the public every day at the Cathedral and special events including choir performances, musical concerts and organ recitals take place throughout the year.

Self-­tours and guided tours are available and give visitors the opportunity to truly see and appreciate the grandeur and history of the National Cathedral, its gardens, greenhouse and gift shops.


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