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How Our Day Tour Route Works

old town trolley tours how it works

How Washington DC's Old Town Trolley Tour Works

It’s important to remember that there are many things to do and see at each stop on the tour, but it is impossible to do everything in one day. In order to plan your visit and avoid missing any must-sees, look through our map and stops pages. Choose what you would like to do before you board the trolley. We encourage you to tour at your own pace, however, the number of stops you can get on and off at depends on the time of year and the amount of time you have.

Our map and stops pages provide you with information on what there is to do and see at each stop and gives an approximate time to spend there as well. Our CAST members will be pleased to give you walking directions from our trolley stops to any of the attractions.

Our tour has 2 convenient and continuous loops – Orange & Red.

The National Mall and Downtown – Orange Loop

Our Orange line traverses the National Mall with stops at all the Smithsonian Museum buildings, as well as the National Monuments and Memorials – Lincoln, FDR, Washington, Jefferson and the United States Capitol and Supreme Court buildings.

The Arlington National Cemetery Shuttle** – Red Loop (10-15 minute ride)

Our Arlington Cemetery line shuttles between the Lincoln Memorial and Arlington Cemetery.

Start your tour at any one of our 14 stops located throughout our 2 loops. Get on and off at any stop as many times as you want.

Free Re-Boarding On & Off All Day At All of Our Stops*

Your Old Town Trolley tour has been designed to provide you with a comprehensive circuit around the city. As you tour the nation’s capital you will have the opportunity to get off the trolley and visit many memorials, museums, and historical points of interest; as well as opportunities for shopping and dining throughout the city. Tour DC at your own pace, trolleys will come by each stop at least every 30 minutes. Your Boarding Pass is your ticket to rejoin the tour at any designated stop*.

How to Transfer Between Loops

You may easily transfer from one loop to another. The transfer point for the red loop – Arlington Cemetery Shuttle is at stop #10 – our Lincoln Memorial stop.

Trolley Schedule

Tours begin daily at 9:00 am and run until our last re-boarding at 5:00 pm. Washington DC is a city of parades, festivals, motorcades and of course, traffic. These events may cause delays in the arrival of a trolley at your stop or result in taking an alternate route.



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