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Getting Around Boston On Vacation

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Best Ways To Get Around Boston

When planning your Boston vacation, keep in mind that while the city is compact and easy to get around, driving your own car is not highly recommended. The streets and neighborhoods can be jumbled and difficult to navigate, especially if you’re not familiar with them. Between the many one-way streets and the confusing layout, you could spend lots of your precious vacation time getting lost and turned around. Read on for some of the top options to get around Boston.

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boston trolley state house guests boardingHop On and Off with a Trolley Tour

Your best bet to getting around Boston with ease is to get a seat aboard the Old Town Trolley Tour. The ultimate sightseeing experience in Boston, you’ll be transported to more than 100 different points of interest with unlimited opportunities to hop off and back on. Sights on the tour include all of the most popular attractions and historically important spots, including Faneuil Hall, the Freedom Trail, Boston Common, Paul Revere’s House, the Old North Church, the Massachusetts State House and many more. You can also stretch out your tour over two days if you wish. The tour’s flexibility, the fully narrated ride, and never having to search for a parking spot makes Old Town Trolley Tours the most ideal option for getting around Boston.

Ride like a Local on Public Transportation

Like any big city, Boston has a public transportation system which offers another way to getting around the city. The “T”, which is short for the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, includes buses, subways, trolley cars and boat service. You’ll need a Charlie Card or CharlieTicket to ride, which you can purchase in vending machines at every subway station and in various convenience stores around the city.

Cycle around by renting a Bike

Boston’s Hubway is a bike sharing system that offers visitors and locals the opportunity to ride a bike to local attractions, shopping and other locations. The system has more than 100 stations throughout Boston, Brookline, Cambridge and Somerville and over 1,000 bikes are available. There are different pass options too, like 3-day or 24-hour, so you can choose which one fits your schedule.

Call a Taxi or Use a Rideshare App

Of course, there are always taxis and ride share programs driving around the city to offer you a ride from your hotel to the sights. This option can get pricey, so keep that in mind when making your plans.

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