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Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum

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boston tea party ships museum

Located on the Congress Street Bridge, the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum is an interactive, high tech, floating museum. Unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before, this unique museum sits on a barge in the water, includes tours on restored tea ships and a stunning, interactive documentary that immerses you into the events that led up to the American Revolution. Touch, feel, see and hear what the patriots felt when their passions and angers flared at the injustice of taxation without representation. Participate in multi-sensory exhibits, witness dramatic reenactments by professional actors and historians and discover the true story behind the Boston Tea Party.

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The Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum is an educational, entertaining and enlightening adventure you just can’t miss while in Boston.

You’ll journey back in time to December 16, 1773, when the colonists marched onboard the tea ships docked in Griffin’s Wharf. You’ll come face-to-face with these patriots—and even get the chance to dump tea overboard with them!

About Your Tour

Your tour of the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum will last approximately one hour (or one hour and 15 minutes during high season) and will take you through a variety of virtual exhibits, authentically restored tea ships as well as traditional Boston Museum Exhibits that are all interconnected. The tour is designed to give you the opportunity to participate, explore and learn about the people, events and consequences that led up to the American Revolution in the order in which they actually occurred more than 230 years ago .

6 Reasons to Visit Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum


The Meeting House - Join along with our actors as you bring the historical events of 1773 to life!


The Tea Party Ships - Explore our two authentically restored tea ships, the Eleanor & the Beaver.


Griffin's Wharf - You’ll feel as if you are on a Boston street in 1773.


1773 Tea Chest - The Robinson Tea Chest is one of the oldest Boston museum artifacts.


Minuteman Theatre - The American Revolution comes to life.


Abigail's Tea Room & Terrace - Your adventure isn’t complete without a spot of tea and a savory or sweet snack.

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