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boston trolley tour cheers

What Our Guests are Saying

“Every place I wanted to see was part of the tour. For sure we will do this again.”

S.V., Coon Rapids, MN

“We rode with two drivers today, Miss Jackson and Crafty. They are both PHENOMENAL. They made our trips around town outstanding and informative. Thank you so much for hiring the best! Make sure to compensate them above and beyond so that they continue to rep your company and the city of Boston so spectacularly!”

R.A., Toronto, Ontario

Last week I was in Boston with my family visiting the city for a number of events. While there, we took your tour and had a fabulous time learning more about the great historical spots. What made the tour memorable was our conductor, ‘Townie’. Townie made the tour one of the highlights of our trip, and having been on many other operators in various cities, I must applaud him, as they’re the exact type of tour conductor you want on an introduction to the city. I was on with my wife and 2 kids (aged 8 and 12), and Townie not only managed to enlighten with facts about the city, but his sense of humor was on point and fitting for those of all ages. A week later, our family is still citing lines from Townie on our trip. He is a true gem for you to have in your fleet… He may be the reason we again return to Boston!

D.D., Mansfield, MA

“We were fortunate enough to get Miss Jackson as our Tour guide on a departure from “Stop 1″ at noon on Saturday. Miss Jackson is terrific. She is entertaining, knowledgeable about Boston, friendly, well spoken and a great driver. Miss Jackson had us laughing and singing and I can’t imagine a more entertaining and informative Tour Guide. We’ve taken many tours over the years and Miss Jackson is at the top of the list. Thank you Miss Jackson, Drew & Elizabeth.”


“My friend & I traveled on one of your tours in Boston on 12 June and found it informative & a very pleasing experience. We particularly would like to commend our guide, North, for his professionalism, his knowledge of the area, both in regards to its history and culture. He was easy to understand and was extremely warm & polite. We stayed on the bus for the entire trip because we felt we may risk not getting as good a guide on other buses. We subsequently visited the points of interest that appealed to us the most, following The freedom Trail a lot of the way. A fabulous day in Boston, initiated particularly from our wonderful experience on your bus tour & our Guide, North.”


“My very first visit to The Cradle of Liberty was greatly enhanced by our fun and informative Old Town Trolley guide. From the moment we arrived at the first stop we were personally greeted by our driver and guide making us feel welcome and personally cared about. Our driver, Papa Jim, was courteous, professional, and great fun! When I noticed his name tag it made me feel right at home because that is what we call my husband! I told him that and he told me the fun story of how his grandsons helped him come up with the name. After everyone was seated he came to my seat, carrying his Papa Jim sign and asked if I wanted a picture of it to share with my husband. I was so happy because I knew my husband would really love this and as I had been gone for a week, he was really missing me. But we did even better than that, we took a picture together! Such a nice man to go above and beyond in customer service! Papa Jim was full of historical facts and little known whimsical tidbits that kept us all throughly entertained throughout the whole trip! Thank you, Old Town Trolley and Papa Jim for a memorable experience learning about Boston and The Freedom Trail.”


“I REALLY hope this review makes it back to our tour guide, Magoo. We stepped on his trolley after visiting the USS Constitution, and I couldn’t even get off at any other stops because of his enthusiasm and knowledge of the city. There is no better way to learn about such a historic city than from a local. I have never been a history buff, but he kept my attention span!! This man loves his job and his city and is truly passionate about teaching it to others. I’m honored to have had him as my Boston tour guide. Mr. Magoo, again, I hope this review makes it back to you. Thank you and keep smiling.”

M.V., Erie, PA:

“Reagan, our guide in Boston was amazing. He was definitely from the area and was so knowledgeable. We had a wonderful time on his trolley. We actually were going to get off but decided to ride the whole trip around with him because he knew so much. A couple times we got stuck in some traffic so he took shortcuts to get us around and we got to see some extra things. It was a great experience on our first trip to Boston.”


“We spent the past two days on the Boston Trolley tour and of the several tour guides we encountered, Gonzo was the best guide. We really appreciated all the enthusiastic commentary and entertaining demeanor. We rode the same path several times on our trip. Gonzo hit all the key information, but also added additional facts which kept it interesting. He was a great tour guide and we would have loved to ride the entire route with him, but kept getting on at a later stop and had to change at 1. Thanks for a great tour of Boston.”

G.R., Paducah, KY:

“We enjoyed greatly our tour today. Our tour guide, Phoenix, was very knowledgeable, had a good wit, and shared many, many nuggets of information that made the trip interesting and full of energy. Even when we asked about other points of interest we thought he might know about he was able provide name and an interesting nugget about it. He met children’s interests as well as adults. Will definitely tell others about your service and have them look for Phoenix. Thank you all.”

T.O., Torrance, CA:

“We were very happy to have two fantastic tour guides while using your service in Boston. Our first was Misklin, who was not only informative and funny but also helped us figure out our somewhat complicated return trip on a tight schedule. Also kudos to Uncle Steve, who in addition to sharing some very interesting stories about Boston history, went out of his way to help part of our party get back to their hotel after hours. These guys were great! I hope to see them again next time we are in Boston. You should hire more like them!”

S.G., Erie, PA:

“Yesterday was my first time in Boston, and first time using any Hop On Hop Off service. Your driver, Maureen, was by far the most memorable part of our trip. Her enthusiasm and energy lit up the entire trolley. She’s is passionate about her home town, packed full of tons and tons of information, and lovely to make the entire experience a GREAT one. My friends and I cannot wait to visit Boston again soon, and are hoping to have Maureen as our trolley driver. Thank you for a great traveling experience; tell Maureen thank you for us! She is a PERFECT representative for your company. Yay Maureen!!!”

R.H., Dalton, OH:

“I was in Boston 6/21-22 to see U2. I hurt my knee before going & figured it would be easier riding the trolley to see Boston than hobbling. I had a BLAST riding with the trolley! I used a 2-day pass and it also helped me get to the TD Garden, avoiding traffic and high taxi fares, just hopping off on that trolley stop, last of the day. In all, I had 4 trolley drivers/guides. Each was funny, gave interesting and different presentations and WORTH every penny of my ticket and every tip. Gonzo, Captain Matty, Bunker & I think, Mike were excellent. You couldn’t pay me enough to drive in that crazy traffic. I’m a fan & will look forward to doing that again. I hope you can share my comments with them. Thanks.”

S.E., Crete, IL:

“I wish to commend John W. Very long last name. What an amazing asset you have there. A man that never stopped talking the entire trip. Such a wealth of information. You can tell that he has been in Boston all of his life and loves it. Truly made the trip worth while.”

A.H., Oregon, WI:

“My 82-year-old mother, with a walker, and I, used your trolley service the last 2 days to enable us to enjoy Boston. Yesterday we had New York three different times, he was always so careful to hop out with a foot stool and assist my mom up the steps and stow the walker underneath. He was respectful, kind and patient. Today we had Bret for our longest ride. He too was patient, helpful and kind. Additionally, his humor and expert professional presentation was noteworthy. My husband and I used your trolley on our first trip to Boston and were very impressed with the guides. Your service helped us at that point as he had recently broken his ankle. I would recommend your trolley to anyone coming to Boston for the first time, or trying to visit with a mobility limitation. I wanted to recognize Bret as a stand out guide, as his presentation is exceptional. Thank you for a fantastic service.”

J.S., Glen Burnie, MD:

“Today, we did the last tour of the day with Scribe as our tour guide and he was phenomenal! He was knowledgeable, extremely affable and made us feel like family. My husband said it was money well spent and made our trip! Such an asset to your company! Thanks for your service today, Scribe.”

E.L., Glendale, AZ:

“Micheal Angelo was fantastic. He’s very entertaining and knowledgeable. Micheal told us history about Boston we would have never known reading a book. I’d love to take your tour again as long as Micheal Angelo is giving it. Very good.”

M.F., Gilberts, IL:

“Just did a Tour with JD last weekend. He was awesome…… the tour was the best part of our trip to Boston. Not sure if you have a survey….. just wanted you to know he got an A+++ Thank you!!!!”

V.W., Gloucester, MA:

Hi. My friends and I used your services, Friday, June 23. We had the overwhelming pleasure of having Capt. Matty as one of our guides. He was singlehandedly, the most entertaining and interactive guide we had for the day. He truly made our trip into Boston quite a memorable one! I look forward to looking out for him next time in town.”

F.G., The Woodlands, TX:

My husband and I were in Boston after 25 years. We decided last minute to take one of your trolley tours. We had such a wonderful time! I learned more about Boston on that tour than in the seven years I lived there. Our guide Hugo was the BEST! He kept us laughing the whole time. Thank you for making our last day in Boston a happy and memorable one!”

C.W., Dallas, TX:

“Good morning! I wanted to write to say how much we enjoyed our 2 days on the Trolley in Boston last week. You took us everywhere we needed to go to get a full Boston experience. All the drivers were great but our favorite driver by far was Sonny! We laughed so much with him. We loved being able to have a mobile ticket and not fumbling for paper ones all day. Your MIT stop was right by our hotel. Your service was a highlight of our trip. If our travels ever take us from Dallas to Boston again, we will be joining a Trolley Tour. Thank you!”

J.L., Norfolk, VA

“Recently my wife and I enjoyed a two-day tour of Boston on the Hop On and Off Trolley Tours. Our tour guide Greg was absolutely fantastic. His acting background provided for a very enjoyable and whimsical performance that was magnificent. The tour experience was filled with tidbits of information, unusually anecdotes woven with personal experiences from past tour participants and local’s stories relating to the historic sites around town, the people associated with the sites and the town itself. Greg’s pride in his profession and ability to relate to the tour group are rare commodities that should be rewarded.”

L.H., Burlington, ON:

“We were in Boston and booked a tour with your company on October 11. Your tour driver, Hambone, was truly amazing. He provided excellent service and volumes of historical information. We were very impressed and enjoyed the experience and visiting your beautiful city.”

J. W.

“I just wanted to let you know that we enjoyed Hugo immensely! He was hilarious, and he conveyed a great deal of warmth as though your best friend was driving you around the city. I especially loved when he said his grandmother said that something was “Gah-geous! I want to let you know that your “1.5 story trolleys” are wonderful. They are very roomy, and you can see a lot more of the sights as the tour guides point them out to you… Thank you for a wonderful experience!”

K.F., Miami, FL:

“I just wanted to say thank you to all the guides we had during our trip the last couple of days. We had the pleasure of touring with Scribe, Captain Matty (twice), Boston Bob, Ron, Papa, Sonny, Michelangelo and Little Dave. Each one did an amazing job of representing Boston and were very knowledgeable, as well as, helpful with getting around the city at each stop. Our two favorites were Michelangelo & Captain Matty, but we truly enjoyed our time with each person! Thank you for making our first Boston trip so special and entertaining! We can’t wait to come back for another visit and tour!”

K.T., NYC:

“I’m grateful for the hop on/off tours; without them my aging parents would have struggled to see Boston; and they loved hearing the history. Perfect segue: We had several different guides… Book was far/away our favorite. Good storyteller, quick wit, quite helpful. Interesting guy… But seriously, really enjoyed his tour. Cheers.”

A.J., Katy, Texas:

“Giovanni was fantastic! We came to Boston on an impromptu trip! He definitely made it special! He had a great personality and high energy! We tried to get him as many times as possible! Giovanni really knew his stuff!”


“I would like to thank everyone at Old Town Trolley for providing such a wonderful trip to Boston for myself and my family. I cannot thank you enough for giving us such wonderful family memories. I would especially like to thank the greatest tour guides we had: Gianni and Miles. Their friendly disposition, and knowledgeable commentary helped make Boston feel like home… They were both very informative and personable. We hope to have them again as tour guides in the future.”


“My wife, son & I took advantage of the Old Town Trolley tour of Boston. Our second tour guide, Animal, made the tour. His vast knowledge of the city, coupled with his down-to-earth approach of relating the city’s history, made the entire experience phenomenal. As a former teacher, I applaud Animal for his unique ability to engage my eleven-year-old who couldn’t stop talking about how much he learned and how much he loved the tour. Animal is an asset to your organization and you should strive for more employees like him.”

J.B., Newburgh, IN:

“I just wanted to tell you how much I thoroughly enjoyed my tour over the past several days. I bought my first ticket for Mon-Tues, and I purchased another ticket for Th-Friday. I had the pleasure of listening to several of drivers/guides. They were all good. However, I must tell you that both Clark Kent and J were just fantastic! Clark Kent was courteous, entertaining (loved his impersonations), and had loads of information… He made everyone feel welcome, asking where we were from… J was sooo funny. I actually sat through almost all the stops because I wanted to hear everything she had to say. She delivered a lot of information & made us laugh throughout the tour. Your tour (along with J and Clark Kent) really made my visit to Boston thoroughly enjoyable. Thank you!”

L.Y., Naples, FL:

“Had the pleasure of taking a tour in Boston this July 4th weekend. My tour was exceptional with the narration of your professional Bostonian Giovanni. I boarded the tour with the intention of exiting the next stop. He was so captivating we stayed riding around the city and departed once his tour was complete. I’m retired Navy and have been in the customer service side of the Navy. Giovanni is OUTSTANDING; thank you very much for hiring such a great tour guide and making my Boston experience one I will never forget.”


“My family recently visited Boston on vacation. It was our first time traveling to Boston. We bought tickets for Trolley Tours and a Ghost Tour. The Ghost Tour was lots of fun, even our children thought so. We rode the trolley through town the next 2 days and our drivers Papa and Gonzo were wonderful! They are both funny and very knowledgeable about Boston. Thank you so much! We highly recommend your company for travelers especially families.”


“I just returned from a trip to Boston with my family. Marcie at OTT in Savannah had told me about the tour in Boston (I take student groups to Savannah and use OTT). I just wanted to let you know that Patti at the OTT location at the Marriott Copley Square was wonderful! She was so helpful – she gave us trolley advice and advice on navigating a city that we were not familiar with. Then we got on our first trolley to begin our tour – Warden from South Carolina was our driver. He was fabulous!! Knowledgeable with a personality. Two traits that are a must in the tourism business. I just wanted to say thanks to all that helped make our trip to Boston enjoyable!”

T.D., MO:

“I wanted to compliment two tour guides in Boston. Bubba and Mr. Christmas were absolutely wonderful! Their personalities were bigger than life and the information they shared along the route was outstanding. As a first time visitor to Boston, the trolley tour and these two guys made my experience memorable. Thanks!”

K.N., Scarborough:

“Not knowing what to do in Boston other than taking a tour of Fenway Park, I searched the web and found Old Town Trolley of Boston. Again, not knowing what I was getting myself into, I ordered tickets from their website before going on our trip hoping for the best. To say the very least, my husband and I were very impressed on how everyone connected with Old Town Trolley were professional, accommodating, friendly and well informed of their tours. We would like to pat Kyle on the back for being on his first tour and presenting as being a veteran conductor and special thanks to Bubba for taking us back to our hotel, out of his way. Great Job, the Fenway Couple from Toronto.”

B.F., Los Angeles, CA:

“Hi there, I just wanted to say that I had such a wonderful time during my Old Town Trolley Tour of Boston today. “The Duke” was absolutely delightful as my tour conductor for stops 1-9, which set a very positive tone for the rest of the tour. “Bubba” did a good job from stops 9-13 as well, and so did Mr. ? (I don’t remember his last name, but his first might be John) from stops 13-16. Anyway, thanks for the great tour. I am so glad I took the tour and had “The Duke” for the majority of it. 🙂 Best regards”

M. & L. S., Kingston, ON:

“My wife and I were trying to find some of the best ways to experience the culture and history of the city and we came across your tours. It gave us a perfect blend of experiencing the city and offering transportation as we didn’t want to drive in a city we are unfamiliar with. Your tour operators were fantastic and we found that everyone of them had their own unique personality and delivery. We used the service very often in our time there and found each operator had something new to tell us and put their own spin on the facts. Our drivers over the weekend were: Animal, Cannon, J, Giovanni, Boston Bob, The Duke and Peppermint Patty… We plan to recommend your service to anyone heading to Boston or the other cities you have these tours at. You should be very proud of the people you have at your company! A couple of very grateful Canadians.”


“Recently rode the trolley in Boston and had a fantastic tour guide, Dick. He was incredibly polite, knowledgeable, funny, and just all-around great. He even took extra time to help us return to our hotel in the seaport district at the end of his run. We truly enjoyed being on his tour!”

S.A., New Jersey:

“My girlfriend and I wanted to say how great Billy Ketch was. Not only was he extremely knowledgeable about your great city, his sense of humor and personality made this an unforgettable experience.”


“I wanted to say thank you – particularly to The Duke who looked after me at both ends of my journey and made sure I got the best experience possible in the only 5 hours of daylight I had spare in Boston. He fully advised me what to do and where to go and I really feel I got to see Boston, learned about the history and enjoyed myself. Thanks also to Irish and Miles for being great – but my prince was The Duke for his suggestions, helpfulness and all-round enthusiasm.”

W.B., Moncton New-Brunswick:

“We are tourists from Canada and arrived in Boston on December 27… Our first conductor was Mission Hill Mitch; we were very impressed with his professional but yet pleasant personality; we had him for most of the stops rite to Quincy Market; a very big thanks to him; then we had Bubba; he was also very good; thank you Bubba; the third fella we only had for one stop and did not get his name, but also friendly. The reason for being in Boston mainly was for the Boston Bruins Game that night; but we purchased our Trolley tour tickets online, and I had never been on a trolley tour ever; and this ended up being the highlight of our stay in Boston… a very big THANKS!!!! and will be recommending your tour to anyone I hear that is going to Boston.”

J.S., Napa, CA:

“At first, I was skeptical when my wife bought tickets to the Boston Trolley tour. It was the most fun we had in Boston. The versatility of getting on and off the trolley made our day. We enjoyed walking through the parks and seeing things we would have normally missed. All of the drivers provided an abundance of Boston history and interesting facts. We visited the Boston Tea Party Museum as part of our tour; it was put together very well! If you are considering this tour, start early. There is a lot to see in Boston. Take advantage of getting on and off at different stops and explore! If we return to Boston or other cities where Historic Tours of America operates, we will definitely book with you. Thanks for the great time!”

B.S., Litchfield, NH:

“VINNIE WAS THE BEST!!! Thank you for having him on the staff. My three girls talked about him the whole ride home and then tried to tell some of the jokes he told the next morning! He made a sightseeing tour the best time for all of us. GIVE THAT MAN A RAISE! Thank you Vinnie!”


“Four of us toured Boston using your company today. We were extremely pleased with everything. The guides are knowledgeable, entertaining and the trolleys arrived at the meeting places in a timely routine. We were especially impressed with our guide Giovanni. He was so funny and kept us very interested with some great stories while relating history. He helped make the whole experience more enjoyable & ended our tour on a great note!”

R.C., New Hartford, NY:

“Mata Jones was AMAZING!! We bring our 5th grade class from Marcy NY to Boston each year. We were there last Friday. I was fortunate that my class was escorted by Mata Jones. She made the trolley portion of our very rainy tour of Boston incredibly enjoyable!! I’ve been doing this trip for 17 years and she is, by far, the best Old Town Trolley Guide I’ve ever had!! The parents, students, and I had a ball! Thank you Mata!!!! She was engaging and energetic. We had a great time singing along with her. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I hope I get her again next year.”

L.R., Surrey, BC, CAN:

“This was our first visit to Boston from Canada and The Old Town Trolley was an excellent way to see the city and learn more about its history. I especially liked the fact that we could hop on and off as we wanted. I’ve done this kind of tour in the UK and I highly recommend it as an outstanding way to see any city! On our third bus, Cole was our conductor and he was fabulous! Informative, funny and helpful. By the time our tour was finished it was the end of the line time-wise and our connecting trolley bus was done for the day. Cole took us very close to our hotel so that we didn’t have to try and find our way back. Would certainly try the trolley ride again when I visit another US city!”

S.G., Round Rock, TX:

“Just wanted to drop you guys a quick note of “THANKS !!”. My husband and I spent last week in Boston, MA and purchased a 2-day trolley tour online. WOW !! Best money I have ever spent on any guided tour anywhere EVER ! Your conductors are not only impressive in their knowledge of the various sites along the route but also are extremely well versed on other interesting information all along the route and, most importantly, incredibly patient in their maneuvering through traffic throughout the city. They are also incredibly funny ! Riding on one of these trolleys is like riding a rolling infotainment mobile. It’s awesome !! Over the 2 days in Boston we rode the trolley we had the pleasure of being hauled around town and entertained by 3 conductors – – Wicker, Lil Bean and another gentleman who’s name I can’t remember but he was a broad built man who liked to wear his ball cap backwards… Again, thanks so much for educating and entertaining us. We could not have asked for a better experience!”

A.S, Tremonton, UT:

“I just wanted to say that our tour guide “J” was great! We were not the only ones that enjoyed her. There was another family that didn’t want to get off when we got back to stop one. We were all going to wait for J until we found out it was her break. I enjoyed the tour overall. It was nice to get on and off when we wanted. Over 2 days we rode a few sections more than once. We heard something new each time. Each conductOr gave it their own twist which was nice. Thanks for a great time!”


“I am a International Tour Director from Britain. I have just gotten my schedule and will be giving the heads up for the Old Town Trolley Tours which I hope all my pax will be taking while on their stay in Boston. I was given passes to go onto the other trolleys and NO COMPARISON to yours. Everyone is great and I have gotten to know most of the drivers from years past. They are the best and have the best tour. Looking forward in seeing everyone again this year. Cheers.”

M.N., Chicago, IL:

“I was in Boston last weekend with my husband for our first trip without kids in 10 years. Our hotel recommended the Old Town Trolley & purchased tickets for us. The trolley operator Mr. Kelley was fantastic. He had us laughing, singing, and had bits of info that really made the tour special. The ability to get on & off the trolley was great. We got off & had lunch and were able to meet trolley operator “the viking” and “sugar” who were both equally entertaining. Boston is so full of great stuff to do and I will recommend the trolley to anyone who goes to Boston!! Thanks for a great weekend!”

B., Sparta, NJ:

“I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how much my wife and I enjoyed our trip to boston and our ride with you. It was very informative and because of how nice and good the service and drivers where in Boston, I will be looking for your service in all other cities I go to. Two of the drivers I really liked was Buck and Friday. Thank you again for a very nice service.”


“I was in the Boston area. I researched the different trolley tours before I arrived and I had absolutely no hesitation with choosing Old Town Trolley. While there, I had the pleasure of riding the trolley Saturday and Sunday. Saturday – Nick was our tour guide, and he was excellent!… Nick made the ride VERY worth while. I completely enjoyed it! On Sunday – we started out with Peppermint Patty and she was just as great. She is very knowledgeable of the history of Boston. We ended our ride with her at the Boston Public Garden and later got back on at the original Cheers with Sean. Sean, too, was great! We rode with him back to stop one. I love the fact that all the tour guides have different facts they share with us that we maybe didn’t hear the first time around. I learned so much about the historic and present things going on in the city. There was not enough time to stop and see everything – which means there will have to be a next time! No doubt in my mind I would choose Old Town Trolley again! I will definitely recommend everyone visiting the area to do this tour! Thank you for an excellent time!!”

K.L, Chicago, IL:

“I was skeptical and have never done the hop on and off trolley stuff when I visit various cities but I am a convert. It was the best value in Boston and my mother and I loved our guides (Brownie, who took us from our hotel to the wharf, Scout and her wooden nickels she kept passing out as prizes, and Whit who was new but had his shtick down well). I went to yelp and gave you 5 stars and will recommend to anyone I know going to Boston. I tipped these drivers well and I don’t know if they get bonuses for doing a great job, but they should. They were a real highlight for my mom and since she loved the trip so much, that made it all the more special for me… never had to wait more than a few minutes for a trolley… whew!”


“I have used your services before, and have always been pleased. But this time I have been “awed”… My conductor was “J”, she is funny, energetic, and very informative. I liked it so much, I am buying tickets again tomorrow. Thank you for a great experience!”

R.V., South Amboy, NJ:

“…my girlfriend and I spent the day last week on the trolley. We were very happy with the service. Especially Dick. His guidance through the city and his knowledge, personality and his overall performance as a tour guide made the day extra special. We even stuck around with him to get the whole tour again from Dick. Please extend a huge thank you for us.”

C.L., Waxahachie, TX:

“My friends, husband and I were on the Trolley with Billy last week and had the BEST tour! Having been an American History teacher for 30 years, I was truly fascinated with Billy’s knowledge and experience with the tour! Even my friends who are not especially interested in History, thought that Billy was the greatest tour guide they had ever had.”

J.J., Tampa, FL:

“We have just taken a trolley tour of Boston with a group of 7 people. I just wanted to let you know that your service is excellent and very professional as well as informative and fun. I am very impressed with your company and want to compliment you for this service. Our favorite conductor was Marc; although we only were fortunate to have him for a short ride before changing trolleys. He was just great! Go Marc! Also, I would like to thank Jean for her communication with me as I planned this trip. Jean, you were very helpful. I am a graduate of Boston University, so one would think I know the city! Well… I saw many sites that I had not ventured into when I was a student. It was nostalgic and a lot of fun!”


“I have just arrived back in England after spending a wonderful week in Boston. One of the many highlights was the trolley tour we took on the first day. The sights were made even more special by the entertaining, informative and humorous commentary from our guide,’Paffy’. Please thank him, and I will look forward to visiting Boston again and taking a trolley tour.”

R.T., Mason, OH:

“Having had a very good time on your tour in Boston 3 weeks ago, we decided to try out one of your Savannah GA Tours. Once, again, a good time was had by our family. Drivers all were fun in some way. Singing a rousing rendition of the “Bohemian Rhapsody” in Boston was a LOT of fun!”

D.M., Michigan:

“My husband and I spent a day on the Boston trolley. All of the conductors were knowledgeable but Peppermint Patty really did a wonderful job. In fact, we had such a great time listening to her that we didn’t get off at the stops we had planned on. Just wanted to let you know that you made our Boston trip more enjoyable. Thank you. This was the second time we took an Old Town Trolley and if there is one in the next city we vacation, we will be on it!”

S.R., Goleta, CA:

“We took the Old Town Trolley Tour with Paul from Pennsylvania. It was one of the best tours I have ever taken. Paul was hilarious, entertaining, informative, and very welcoming to everyone aboard. He had us all laughing. I work for the Visitor Center in Santa Barbara, CA, so I have high expectations of tours. Your tour and tour guide greatly exceeded them! Thanks for a wonderful memory of Boston!”

T.Z., Mission Viejo, CA:

“Your tour of the city is everything you promise. All your drivers and staff are very well trained and versed in the system. They are very helpful which makes it easy for us out of towners. The tour was extremely well done. It allowed us to take the Harbor Cruise and walk a considerable amount of the Freedom Trail in the limited day we had in Boston. We will recommend you to anyone who we know that is heading your way. Thanks again.”

J.M., Peabody, MA:

“My mother, grandfather, and I went on one of your Boston tours … I thought I would take a minute to comment here. We had an absolutely wonderful tour. Even though we live in Massachusetts, we learned so much about the history of Boston, thanks to our guide. His extensive knowledge of local history, as well as his enthusiasm for it, made the tour both exciting and interesting. Thanks for an amazing experience!”

S.S., Bordentown, NJ:

“My mom and I enjoyed our trolley experience tremendously! It went off without a hitch! The guides were all very informative and really added to the sightseeing experience. We were able to see and do so much more because of the trolley. We were also pleased to see that you have wheelchair accessible options, as next time we will be traveling with a wheelchair user. We have already recommended you to several people. Old Town Trolley Tours really made our whole trip!”

L.D. Cedar Hill, TX:

“What a great and memorable method of seeing the entire city when you only have a day to devote to it! A true capsulated version of everything Boston has to offer wrapped up in a rollicking trolley ride narrated by a funny, entertaining tour guide! You literally feel as though you’ve stepped inside a giant history book and re-lived it, sound effects and all!!! One excellent advantage is the ability to hop on-hop off throughout the day!!!”

J.V. Fredericksburg, VA:

“Our driver was extremely knowledgeable on the sites and history of the city and pointed out interests that I, personally, didn’t see in the other brochures. The information he passed on during our ride has sparked a real interest in returning to your beautiful city to take in the sights. I will definitely repeat the trolley tour!!”

G.P. Downers Grove, IL:

“Finally had the opportunity to experience your product!! I was extremely impressed with the ease of ticket purchase on the web. We took the train into Boston and upon arrival – there you were!! Excellent way to tour Boston for the first time visitor!! Both drivers were very well versed and had tons of information about the best Boston attractions. Both had an excellent sense of humor and combined with their historic knowledge – it was the icing on the cake! Old Town Trolley is the only way to experience the city when time is short and destination knowledge is nil!!!”

S.B. Jamaica Plain, MA:

“I recently moved to Boston and had the family visiting from out of town. They ranged from 20 to 79 years old and EVERYONE enjoyed the tour. We especially liked The Professor.”

W.K. Alton, ME:

“The Old Town Trolley was an excellent way to see the city of Boston and learn more about its history. I especially liked the fact that we could hop on and off as we wanted. I highly recommend it as an outstanding way to see the city!”

V.K. Houston, TX:

“This was a great way to see the city. The two tour guides were both friendly and EXTREMELY knowledgeable. I would recommend this tour to anybody visiting Boston. I even dazzled my friends later in the week with all that I knew of the city. Thanks for an awesome visit!!!”

L.S. Somerville, MA:

“I was able to see a lot of places in Boston I didn’t know about and thanks for making my tour of Boston a great one! Russ was very funny and added extra spice to the tour! Ron was very knowledgeable as well and did a great job!”

R.K. Colbert, WA:

“This worked very well, especially for my husband who has difficulty walking at times. We were able to get a great overview and be selective about where to disembark so we could walk to points of interest.”

D.L. Casco, ME:

“My husband and I truly loved the Trolley…very, very interesting, very informative. All the trolley drivers were very nice, smart and once again, informative. We are so glad we had your tickets, for without them I don’t see how we could have learned so much. The ride was so convenient to our hotel and took us around the whole city. Everyplace I wanted to see was part of the tour. For sure we will do this again…Thank you so much for a great weekend getaway, and 1st anniversary for me and my husband.”

N & R Trumm, UK:

“We would like to thank lil bean for a wonderful tour around Boston. She made the day very enjoyable and we will not forget her smiley face and bubbly personality; trolley buses should be proud to have her working for them. thanks again!”

J.L., Palmdale, CA:

“I wanted to take a moment to commend one of your trolley drivers. My wife and I have taken your San Diego tours in the past and that positive experience led us to take the Boston Trolley tour when we were in town. Though we hopped on and off the trolley many times throughout the day, the hands down highlight of the on-trolley experience was having Nate for a guide. Nate took us from the U.S.S. Constitution stop until we got off a few stops down the way. He was hysterical and informative at the same time. Every time we got back on the trolley the rest of the day we were hoping it would be him again. We would have like to take the entire loop with him first, then do our hopping thereafter. Do whatever it takes to hold on to Nate, he is an asset and serves your company well.”

L.S., Orlando, FL:

“I just wanted to thank you for an amazing tour! I had lived in the area for 21 years and moved to Florida 5 years ago. We just recently brought my 7 year old step-daughter for a visit and we only had one day in the city. This tour had everything on it! She learned so much stuff it was wonderful. I even learned things I had no clue about! So thank you for an amazing day that will not soon be forgotten!”

G.C., Virginia Beach, VA:

“My husband and I were in Boston on a Royal Caribbean Cruise and booked a trolley tour in Boston. Much to our dismay we were there on June 19th the day of the duck parade for the Celtics. I thought we wouldn’t get to see very much but thanks to our tour operator Mr. Ballgame and our shuttle trolley operator “Sue”, we got a wonderful tour and it was amazing how they maneuvered around the traffic. I’m telling every one I know what a wonderful tour this is and look forward to doing it again when we revisit Boston. The operators were amazing! Nice, knowledgeable, and full of personality. They are certainly an asset to Boston and your organization.”

M.G., Jamison, PA:

“You have one of the Best websites we have encountered. It is easy to navigate and is not “clogged” with non-related information.”


“I was recently in Boston and took a trolley tour; all the tour guides were awesome but I am writing to you to say that scout was the most outstanding tour guide I have ever had; she was very funny and knowledgeable… great fun. Will definitely recommend this tour to a friend.”

M.L., Lake Oswego, OR:

“We bought the Salem package yesterday and went to Salem. I did not get the names of the guides, but there were only 2 trolleys running and we had interaction with both. I cannot say enough about how helpful they all were. We were stuck in a storm and the ferry was not running when we wanted to come back. They called to see if it was… they took us as close to the train station as they could get us and were in general VERY helpful. Thank you so much for your crew and their willingness to help out in unusual situations. My granddaughter goes to Harvard so I will be back in your fair city from time to time and will definitely try some of your other packages. I will also recommend you to anyone I know is coming to Boston You are the best!!!! Thank you.”


“Recently visited Boston and used Old Town Trolley Tours while there. One of the most positive experiences we’ve ever had while traveling. Each tour guide was excellent, very helpful and the narration was great! Enjoyed every moment, and the cost was reasonable! Will be recommending your company to our family and friends! Thanks for making our first trip to Boston so memorable!”

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