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Tolomato Cemetery

st augustine tolomato cemetery

Tolomato Cemetery

As with many of the significant sites in our nation’s oldest city, the Tolomato Cemetery offers visitors a glimpse into the diverse history of the people who lived and died in St. Augustine. It’s one of Florida’s oldest cemeteries, and is known to be the final resting place of many confederate soldiers. Before 1763, the Cemetery was the site of the Christian Indian Village of Tolomato.

When Great Britain acquired Florida, the village was abandoned, until 1777 when Father Pedro Camps, pastor of the Minorcan colonists, obtained permission from Governor Patrick Tonyn to establish this cemetery for his parishioners.

Father Camps was buried here in 1790; and the first bishop of St. Augustine, Augustin Verot is buried in the mortuary chapel at the rear of the cemetery. The last burial took place in 1892.

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