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Getting Around Washington DC

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washington dc trolley in front of the lincoln memorial

Getting Around Washington DC on Vacation

When heading to the nation’s capital, be ready to explore some of the most popular attractions, monuments, memorials and points of interest ever visited. Washington DC is one of the most interesting places in the world and offers an abundance of things to do and see. Plan ahead by making sure you know how you’re going to get around in the city. Read on for some of the top modes of transportation in DC.

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Old Town Trolley tour stop at Smithsonian American Art MuseumClimb Aboard the Old Town Trolley

Get MORE out of your summer in DC aboard the iconic Old Town Trolley and see the best first!

For a relaxing, scenic and fact filled journey through DC, hop on the Old Town Trolley Tour. You will be transported to more than 100 of the most significant sights in the city including most of the memorials and monuments, museums and historical attractions. You’ll also have the opportunity to hop-on and hop-off as often as you wish. You can even stretch your tour out over two days depending on your trip itinerary. See the sights without the hassle of renting a car, looking for parking or having to hail a taxi. The on-board conductors will share their knowledge of the area and many intriguing historical facts with you.

Catch the Metrorail

Washington DC’s subway system is a good way to get around as there are trains running from the wee-hours of the morning to midnight or later. Fare cards are available for purchase online to make the travel process faster. Be aware that fares are higher during rush hour and the crowds are bigger too. Grab a pocket guide at any of the stations to keep track of when and where you need to get off.

Ride the Metrobus

DC’s public bus system is another way to get around the city; but keep in mind that you’ll be riding in traffic along with everyone else so don’t be in a hurry. A good tip is to only ride the bus during off-peak hours, between 9:30am to 4pm or after 7pm.

Try the DC Circulator

Another bus to consider is the DC Circulator. These buses run every 10 minutes between several of the most popular locations around the city. If you’re visiting on the weekend, the bus system makes a loop around the National Mall on Saturday and Sunday. Information on fares can be found online.

Hop on the Georgetown Metro Connection

This shuttle is a privately run company that takes visitors from Dupont Circle and Rosslyn, Virginia Metro Stations. It makes several stops in Georgetown and the fares vary depending on where you hop-off.

Rent a Bike or Take Segway Tour

Numerous companies offer bike and Segway tours through Washington DC. For the bike tours, you can choose to go with a guide or explore the city on your own; most of the companies have bicycles for kids and adults. You’ll also be provided with helmets and detailed instructions if you choose to ride on your own. Segway tours are available but only with a guide; you also must be at least 16-years-old and weigh between 100 pounds and 260 pounds. These are city laws, so all companies have the same restrictions. There are a variety of Segway tours offered with different routes around DC, ranging from two to three hours. Advanced reservations are recommended.

Call a Cab or Use Ride Sharing Apps

It is not highly recommended that you rent a car while visiting Washington DC. The streets are confusing, there are many one-way roads and there’s tons of traffic. It is also difficult and expensive to park so you’re better off using alternative transportation. If you’re in need of a quick ride, call or hail a cab; there are always dozens of taxis making their way around the city ready to take you where you want to go. Fares can get expensive so it’s best to use taxis only where there’s no other option. And you can always use ride sharing apps.


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