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Old Post Office Pavilion & Bell Tower

old post office in Washington DC

For a spectacular view of the city and a journey back to the early 1900’s, the Old Post Office and Bell Tower is a must see. It was Washington’s first skyscraper, measuring in at around 300 feet from the ground. In its day, it was the largest and tallest government building in the city and was used as the post office for several years before plans for a newer, more modern facility were implemented. Thanks to the Great Depression, the classic building was saved from destruction and today visitors can enjoy an exhilarating ride in a glass elevator all the way to the top.

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On the observation deck, some 270 feet above the ground, picturesque views of the city are a real treat.

The Bell Tower also delights guests with the Congress Bells that were given to the United States from Great Britain as a gift for our bicentennial. A food court, theaters and a variety of unique specialty shops are also inside and make the Old Post Office and Bell Tower a fun place to stop, shop and eat.

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