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Gaslamp Quarter

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san diego gaslamp quarter

San Diego Gaslamp Quarter

Stained glass windows, moldings, carvings, columns and railings are just a part of the fantastic masterpieces that line the streets in the historic Gaslamp Quarter. Equipped with today’s gaslamps, brick sidewalks, landscaping, galleries, theaters, boutiques and shops, more than 100 restaurants, bars and nightclubs, the Gaslamp Quarter is where San Diego’s amazing history still thrives. Visited by millions of travelers each year, the area pulsates with activity from morning until the late night hours.

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Once home to San Diego’s most pioneering visionaries, the Gaslamp Quarter is considered to be the historic heart of San Diego. It is here where Alonzo Horton lived and worked, where many early town business deals were made and where people came from all over to make this “new town” their home.

Throughout its colorful history, the Gaslamp Quarter has been called many different names and seen many changes. Today’s Gaslamp Quarter offers a dazzling spectacle with 16 ½ blocks of buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Buildings.

Exquisite Victorian commercial buildings and many other architectural styles are a visual delight.

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