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Ghosts & Gravestones

ghosts & gravestones san diego ghost tour ghost hosts & trolley

Ghosts & Gravestones Frightseeing Tour

“Join us for a spirited & entertaining tour built on stories of history, mystery and legends of San Diego’s past & DARKER SIDE!” Dying to Take a Ride on the Dark Side?
 Travel back in time with us and learn of the spirits of the notorious wild characters like Gunslingers, Gamblers and Ladies of the Night who lived and died in San Diego. It is possible that their spirits live on in the dark recesses of our historic buildings and neighborhoods.

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Dying to Take a Ride on the Dark Side?
…Discover our San Diego Ghost Tours

Pioneer Park is perfect for picnics and for school children to play; indeed, it is a lovely place during the day. Located next to Grant School, hear stories of how the park changes to the darker side when the sun goes down and there is a different feeling in the air.
Journey through Old Town, walking through El Campo Santo Cemetery and ending at the Whaley House*, both sites of many reported paranormal occurrences.

According to the Travel Channel’s America’s Most Haunted, the Whaley House is the most haunted house in the United Sates.  Although we cannot state positively that the House is really haunted, the voluminous documentation of paranormal occurrences at the site makes a compelling case.  But, if there are ghosts at the Whaley House, who are they and why are they here?

*Tour includes outside of the Whaley House and grounds. Tour does not enter the house.


Tour begins at the Old Town Market: 
Old Town San Diego at 4010 Twiggs Street


Go to tour schedules.


With Whaley House included: Approximately 105 minutes

Without Whaley House: Approximately 90 minutes


This tour may not be suitable for children under 13 years of age. Please note that a significant amount of this tour requires traversing over uneven grounds and also includes historic sites and buildings with no wheelchair accessibility in poorly lit areas. Wear comfortable shoes or you will be dead on your feet.

For more information, go to our official San Diego Ghost Tours website.

Reservations are required. Guests must check in with our sales rep at the ticket booth 20 minutes prior to departure. Late check-in may result in forfeited reserved seat. Reservation based tickets are non-refundable. You may reschedule up to 24 hours in advance of tour time by calling 619-298-8687.

5 Reasons to Take a Ghost Tour in San Diego


See San Diego’s darker side on the Ghosts & Gravestones tour.


Pioneer Park - Use an electromagnetic field reader, a paranormal investigative device, and “go off the charts."


Walk through El Campo Santo Cemetery - Icy Chills - Even on a Warm Night - Located in Old Town, El Campo Santo Cemetery has a long history of chilling encounters.


Visit America’s #1 Most Haunted House: The Whaley House - Even poltergeists have been encountered within the walls of the Whaley House.


Gravedigger guides Take You on a Hauntingly Good Time - Along the tour, they’ll thrill you almost as much as the supernatural stories and paranormal activity you’ll be experiencing.

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